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Yes Zoobear (Aka Grubbs Grizzly), You're in the Wrong

AskPapaBear's owner has decided to respond on a journal somewhere which can be located here.
Here is my previous blog attempting to help certain furries who are just as important as anyone else.
Just in case, here is the website of "askpapabear":

At this point he's now depending on another "poll" (not actual, but you might understand where I'm coming from) (fallacy), to decide that he's acting good or not, which is another problem I've has had with him in the past, and as a victim of Papa Bear's attacks, and probably even discrimination, I'm going to stand up for myself and victims of certain discrimination and argue why AskPapaBear or Grubbs Grizzly isn't a good person, and as a victim of his hurtful comments that he has caused himself.

Remember, no popular opinion will ever change the truth.

I Am Not A Troll
To say I'm a troll is an insult. Grubbs shouldn't have a right to call me a troll for activity that isn't trolling.

Being sincere out of care legally, for the lives of every furry that is just as important as any human being isn't trolling. Saying it's a terrible thing to refuse forgiveness in a furcon is not trolling, and saying he's disgusting for saying so is also not trolling.

Criticism is not trolling.

A huge example of trolling is posting disgusting and hateful comments for the pure sake of entertainment. 
Here is the Wikipedia page of trolling: 
In Internet slang, a troll is a person who starts quarrels or upsets people on the Internet to distract and sow discord by posting inflammatory and digressive,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into displaying emotional responses[2] and normalizing tangential discussion,[3] whether for the troll's amusement or a specific gain. 
I don't think being on topic, and caring about victims of the sex offender registry for example, especially over crimes that has little to no victim in it, is a form of "trolling".

So Why Do I Call Him a Terrible Person?
No matter what anyone things, popular opinion will not change the likely fact that he's made mistakes.

A List of Some of His Mistakes
PapaBear supports not forgiving people who's changed at all furcons. 
Like it or not, every furry is a human being, and has every human right to be as happy and be part of a community. If you deny someone's who just trying to come back into a legal community, you're destroying the hope of being accepted.
This also likely promotes suicide, as suicide in many cases might be a hard to avoid choice.

PapaBear considers anyone who's made certain mistakes are less important than those who has a "perfect" past. 
I can see this the moment he considers it's a "waste" of work for a certain furcon to have a more trust system for the sake of still accepting those who's changed.

PapaBear thinks anyone standing for forgiveness because that person made a mistake is "selfish" or "just for oneself", and even consider that to not be a true form of caring for others.
 This was one of the most disgusting arguments I've experience. This was one of those terrible attacks he's caused, and it's even worse of him to completely out of nowhere state this on that Flayrah post.

PapaBear defends "consequences" like It's automatically justified.
Out of denying anyone who's truly sorry and for wanting to be accepted again. I'm actually not kidding. This was one of the most disgusting things he's ever said to anyone who's changed and shows remorse.

PapaBear is AGAINST many furries seeking forgiveness at furcons and probably more.
Here is a quote from him:

Forgiveness can be sought in the churches, temples, family homes, and therapist offices. A furry convention is not the place. If you seek redemption, Anon, go beg forgiveness from your victim. Then seek counseling.
PapaBear blames victims of certain non-forgiven behavior.
I argue ex-perpetrators can be victims too.  Anyway, he's blamed that not forgiving is only the fault of the person who's done a bad act in a past. This is disgusting because choosing to not forgive is a fault. It's a choice, PapaBear doesn't have a right to dictate against logic and blame the person who isn't the same person anymore. At this point, PapaBear has used another example that hurts the hope of those who changed.

Here his the quote pasting he's said, which also covers the "consequences" part:

Last point: Violent actions have consequences. In this case, one of the consequences might be that you are never accepted at a furcon again. Feel bad about that? Maybe you should have thought about consequences before you raped, beat up, or killed someone. The fact that you may be banned from a furry convention (really, the LEAST of your worries), is a reflection on you, not other furries. Don't blame them for the consequences you suffer.
 By the way, nobody actually said they did any of those three things.

PapaBear cuts into separate comments from me, and said that I'm "overreacting" and my reactions is "absurd".

Out of nowhere, PapaBear claims I suffer from autism (out of nowhere of that too) by replying to an anonymous person attacking me.
I'm not gonna say that's all he said. He talked about certain issues involving "insults", and so on.
From what I could understand the comment might not sound as bad as some people might think in the bold part, but what bothers me is the out of nowhere part, and the claim that he's said I said I had autism. I've tried to look for that on his website he claims I posted, but I cannot find it.

Note: I am not attacking "autism". I actually think some cases of autism can actually partly be a gift when it helps the person become more intelligent.

PapaBear claims I'm being irrational.

All of my experiences came from the page Grubbs Grizzly shared.

I wouldn't call him a terrible person just for the sake of it.

Putting certain mistakes aside, he has expressed enough evidence to show that he's against the idea of many furries seeking forgiveness, and supported furcons banning those which includes those who's changed at the same time. I went ahead and expressed how betraying he was to those who are changed and wants to move on legally, and then PapaBear consider even that as some form of attack likely.

He's claimed I'm "threatening" his PapaBear website, and claimed I was "insulting" him for posting my warning for those who's not perfect by suggesting them to avoid it because it's likely Papabear would deny hope of those seeking forgiveness.
I don't want many furries to get a feeling of suicide and/or depression or more of depression whenever PapaBear says what I fear he may say due to certain words he's said himself.

After some of that, and that he's calling me a "troll" for that, and some of his mistakes, this is why I said he's a terrible person likely.

The only apologize I have is for claiming he's worse than a child molester, but only because that was way too braod. But could I compare him in terms of harm to people's life? I might, and because there are actual good reasons why. Comparing him to certain harmful people because he has attacked many people, denied legal hope, and is against many legal furcons trying to have a better way at banning those who are still a threat, is not trolling, nor is it an attack.

But in the end, he's acting like I'm some "troll", even though I've had my legit concerns with him. That's just a terrible thing he's done, and no furry and/or non-furry can change that fact.

He's attacked many people, and he's in the wrong for that.

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