Thursday, January 18, 2018

What a Bunch of Bullcrap

The only reason why I still continue this is because of a story which can be found here:

These days, I normally don't make sub pages of other people. If I needed to add something, I would just add it to a single page if the single page is more of a general post about such person.

Anyway, according to what this article tries to talk about, this is a bunch of lies.

If he wasn't such a hypocrite on that, his post should of probably said something like this:
"Don't get me wrong, I am all for the freedom in voicing ones opinion, unless you think certain thoughts, like fictional cub porn, has certain opinions that are controversial to me, and/or if the expression is fictional child porn that is protected by the first amendment of the USA according to the 18 USC 1466A writing of that Wikipedia section involving the USA..."
And that's only for what I know so far?

Don't pretend you respect people's rights, JettTheWolf696.

That is all.

Also strongly important: Do not go searching child porn of any kind. That can get you into big trouble. If you are found guilty, you may not only get some form of punishment, but also be added to the sex offender registry for either life, or less (depends).