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Sunday, June 15, 2014

This is Mainly Why I Gave Equestria Gaming a Bad Score

Sometime recently, I decided to send a "fake report" of a comment just so I can comment to Tuxxy about how silly his move was for disabling comment ratings or something. Notice now there will never be ratings ever again because one guy used a proxy to "cheat" the ratings. He also should just turn off the whole comments because there are also people bypassing bans. Hehehe
*Note: What is the point of disabling ratings? Ratings can be abused simply by using them based of bias hate.

Anyway, remember when I reported that Tuxxy would take private messages outside of the private zone, and then possibly, twist the words? One person on Youtube told me a story about this, and now after what happened, it turns out to be more true after all. Guess I wasn't overreacting after all!

He did the same thing to me..

He published a comment, not only abusing his responsibility as an Admin, but also lied about my message I sent through the report. Claiming I did for (and in quotes): "This comment is discriminating hate speech".
Of course, I would probably report hatred comments, but for this one, I didn't do it for that reason.

I had to once again, find a way to comment on that blog post and suggest that Tuxxy was lying again, and say something like "I did not do that". Of course though, he deleted/censored me after successfully finding a way.

Before, I even commented, I sent him another report message asking him to send me of what I said in the original report, and I still have not got the email. After that and the comment, I decided to just send him an email through Hotmail, and ask him for the message. Did I get a response? No sir I didn't!

See kids? This is one of the strong reasons as to why I hate this horrible Brony and this is why I have to warn people of this huge embarrassment. Someone else should run that gamer blog. I don't even think this person is old enough to handle a popular site. The worst part in that case is that I might be more younger than him, and I already know more responsibility.

Also, the reason why I still even bother with that possible troll is that he's been acting like an ass to me, and to some others through Twitter, and other places.

As I been saying: Stay away from him!

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For other sites, please ask and if I give permission, you must provide the whole thing, and give a link to the original page, which is this.

For the purpose of making people aware of this problem, you may re post, as a whole with credit.

I will not claim legal claims to ideas: You are of course free to help spread this idea.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Hasbro Claims "Trademark"(?) Over The Word "Brony"

 Edit 7/15/2014
Some website posted a tag about this and claimed it was drama? I don't see how it's drama, unless I'm not understanding the term, but this is just news reporting, copyright facts (I.e. Telling people that they can't Copyright names), etc.
Edit done

You do know, the reason why I did (A while back) check up on certain brony sites while being an EX-Brony was to check if the "Freedom of the Fandom" was in "good shape". I still did not like Cease & Desist letters, as I think it's censorship. Laws can be unconstitutional or at least "Censorship", or both these days.

Now, for all the disaster issues I been through? I just don't care anymore. Or at least maybe the term "Brony" isn't a big issue.

The worst part of this was that I heard this was from "Horse-News". That's right, the place worst than Fox News, actually did for once, had news.


While these idiots claim I have no understand of what Copyright law is, I will try to study this...
First, let's take a look at the Trademark area:
Though, does this make it clear that what they claim is "valid"?
First: I do not think Trademark laws are meant to stop people from expressing it in there own way. It was originally meant to stop fraud. It was also not meant to belong in "Intellectual Property" as I heard.

Second: From that "news" website, they are suggesting that Hasbro claim Copyright over the word "Brony".
Wait what?

Image found on ""

It seems this looks nothing like a Cease and Desist after all, though, I didn't read the full news report.
However, I like to say: You cannot Copyright a name and also, however, even though it originated from "4chan", it's possible for a company to register the word I think.


Well then, at this time, no end times, but I could be wrong.
Yeah, this post isn't big, I'm just not feeling my self at this time... So excuse me for that. >_>

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Equestria Gaming - Review

Interesting Gaming Info
Horrible Admin - And Privacy Abuser
Bonus: Bullies People's Sexuality

I remember looking at this site at times, and one time I saw a really cool mod for Super Mario 64. It was wonderful to have all that freedom and such.
The website seemed to be a great place for gaming and such.
But I need to warn, this website doesn't have much freedom at all, it's actually biased. If you are a different person, and has a interesting Pony Mod, Fan game, etc. I suggest to go somewhere else.

One Horrible Admin - Plus Evidence
The Admin (Tuxxy) is a horrible person who has no idea how creativity or even proper criticism works (Edit: Yes, the lack of knowing what creativity works is part of the reason if he bashes fan projects based off that, which he did. Edit done). He reviews games only based off his biased opinions. If he sees a game He hates, he will most likely make fun of it, use misleading tags, bring a purpose out and compare it to something the project isn't. He does this only because He dislikes it.
It was also reported that He takes info from private chats and post them in public without the person's permission. Also heard that He took private chats out and altered it(It might of been the same person).
Info about this can be found here in the comments section:

This was also one of the projects that's been bashed for what it was.
I don't know the exact reasons why, but I could guess he bashed it just because it was similar to Mario (When a game is meant to be similar to Mario, then it's wrong to bring that out as a critique response).

I could also guess it was because it was a "self-insert" (Not to be confused with Mary-sue) when yet, a self-insert isn't even bad as if one person does that on purpose, that's the style of the game, and if one didn't like it, they don't have to play it. Bringing "self-insert" out just because it's a "self-insert" should be consider "rude" and "offensive".
Here is a link to that offensive article:
Note: The misleading tags of "creepypasta" and "survival horror".

I have also argued why it was offensive for him to review games like these in a very biased way, and also argued that what he does is "critique abuse", bringing out purposes for what it is instead of bringing out flaws that lacks the purpose or goes against the purpose.


Other evidence proving Intolerance

Yet, what he said in there "isn't" safe for work, but actually it is, because well, this is what babies creatures with diapers actually look like. Something tells me He thinks it's unsafe because of the person's interest. Even though, there is nothing wrong with a possible interest nor is it anymore extreme than kissing, etc.
Anyway, we now see corrupted bronies joining Tuxxy's dark side.
Edit: He said it was from a public chat, but the way he's doing this to the guy in front of everyone is still bullying. -I said earlier saying something like: It looks like he violated the person's privacy.- Edit done.

Edit: Did the guy delete my comment on that link? I remember him claiming that my so-called "off-topic" comments were to get deleted I think, but this comment on the other hand was 100 % on-topic (Off-topic talking isn't always a problem). Edit done


Bad and a unsafe website.
If you want your own fan-game submitted, maybe try another site.
If you want your privacy protected as well, I highly suggest to never talk to this guy in private.

If your brave enough to not care, judging that so called "critic" or other things may mean he will talk bad about you on his Twitter... And I do know, good Admins don't act like that.

CC - No-Derivatives Attribution
None of this can be modified, including deleting part of it, then republishing it.
I have caught someone (The same Admin - Tuxxy) making up a lie about my article. Assuming I rated "Him" bad only because of one small sided reason. And lied to everyone claiming that's what my article only said. That is not the case, if they were to read the whole thing, it's "different" as in, it's not just the reason or something.
Credit is Due, he needs to link to this article if he continues making up my reason.

Edit once more: I have told him to remove his lie..
Here is what he said to me:
Since he doesn't mind abusing privacy, guess I don't mind if I post this then.
Note: The big black text with the arrows and in this box was added text from the snapshots.
I also had to put two snapshots together due to the email being too big to fit.
This reply just makes him look even more bad. And because of that, I think I feel just a tiny bit better.


Edit: 5/17/2014
He also told people to boycott someone who posted a NSFW picture on a optional twitter somewhere, because he hated it (He also thought it was something "illegal" - has no understanding with law).

Soooo... yeah. Stay FAR away from him, and focus on people's rights, instead of bigoted hate.
It is said that it's very hard to change people, and that may be true. He may not change for a long time, so just stay away from him, have faith of the next life, or something.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Why I Left The Brony Fandom

Don't expect this as a hatred article.
I remember being a part of it, it was cool to have freedom ideas with the characters and such.
I had a lot of faith about tolerance too, as what it was said, and made it feel "friendly".
But when I started to see very selfish rules and opinions off popular websites, (The ones that tries to force people to feel bad about them-selves.) I been concern, and while the negative and lies grew stronger, it was time for me to leave, and ever since I did, my energy of wanting to go back got smaller, and smaller to a point that it's zero. The magic element that tried to make me join has actually died.
I was also proud that I was one of the lost secret seekers where I feel out-side of the box, and looks at society as a whole and notice the errors they have become. I always have to take that idea for my own safety so I won't go back into delusional beliefs.


Cult of Originality/Lacks of How Culture Works
They basically judge a lot of Fan-Fictions, and tell how a Fan-Fiction should be; possibly going against "Self-inserts" (Often comforts), claiming it's not original JUST because of the main idea...
Yeah it's not like I seen a "Pony", "using Mane Six", "Love Story", "Video Game", etc... idea before eh? -Sarcasm-
Judging "Self-insert" is basically hatred, and offensive to judge when yet, a "Self-insert" can have a unique story in it like any other story. Yet, some stories are meant to be more safe for the purpose of certain audiences. They act like every story needs to be "wide audience" what the heck?
Also, people on a blog called "Equestria Gaming" abuses critique; instead of finding flaws for the purpose of a work, they attack it for what it is. It's not just "Equestria Gaming" I'm sure.

Ooo look at me, I LOVE minding my own damn business on other harmless businesses that isn't mine! Let's bash them just because I hate it, and ignore real harm issues such as violence!
Eh, a tolerance.... what the flying f__k?!

The Marry Twilight Sparkle Hate

Ah yes, I think this was the final straw on what made me leave.
There was a story about a guy who believed He/She was getting married to some pony called "Twilight" (Twilight Sparkle - Full Name?), then he wrote this letter to some guy who made some "Erotic Pictures" of her. Then some guy (I'm sure it was a Brony) shared that letter to Imgur.
Then many people mainly from Society, (And also bronies) made fun of him, freaked out, etc.. Not mainly because of letter telling them to stop drawing "Erotic Pictures", but just because he had a relationship with a "imaginary" creature.
As a rare tolerance person who accepts people for what they believe, etc, I am shocked about the hate.
I see even Bronies bashing it, claiming it's "Unhealthy", "Needs to go a mental home", "Wrong", and much more hatred. They mainly attacked Him/Her, for the selfish delusional beliefs about this 3rd dimension reality too (Edit - 3/14/2014): I mean the selfish delusional beliefs from society of the 3rd dimension reality being forced on Him/Her. Edit Done). (Yes, I'm known to the fact that this world may be an illusion, something created by thoughts).

Truth be told: Many people don't really know the fact that "feelings" are created by beliefs; feelings with thoughts/imaginary is not any different when having them with a so-called "real-life" person in this illusion world.

Truth be told 2: Many people don't know how the higher-dimensions work. From the Multiverse theory to spiritual experiences, it is possible that there could of been a person that was "Twilight" in the higher realm with him, and it's clearly a fact that we have not disprove that. In faith, it could be true.

Not respecting a person's personal beliefs is highly offensive and pure hatred. It's a corrupt, delusional belief to force it on others.

Bashing Even The Whole Fandom in Ways
I remember seeing hatred comments saying "Don't bring the fandom into canon", and honestly, there isn't anything wrong with that. I think fans helping a show to make fans happy is a great thing.
Sadly some moronic bronies bash that, probably due to a possible "Plot Hole" when really, it wouldn't ruin it. Also, if one doesn't like the episode, just don't watch it.
This idea of "sense" has gone too far.
Worse is that they even use that same hatred to spin-off stuff like a video game. So people can't add them in spin-offs now? That's horrible. And yes, I remember seeing a comment telling people to not add "fandom" to this possible video game.
I remember in earlier times, I think the fandom was more tolerance, they did add fanon stuff into the show before and lot's of people liked it.
Now it's nothing but a horrible, limited fandom probably. Not that limited but probably worse than what it was before, from open, to closed.

I remember one brony claiming hopelessness over an IP law argument, pretending there is no other way to help revive some fan project, and then made more bull-crap statements.
One blogger said it violated there so-called "Trade-dress" when that's honestly bull-shit, I never seen this before... I think Trademark issues are meant to be an official business issue, not a non-profit issue.

And More
I'm sure there is more types of intolerance.

No Interest of Coming Back Now

When I was leaving, I still felt like I wanted to come back, even created a "fantasy" story of me leaving with some expectations, but later, my sadness of leaving dried out, to a point that my Interest of still wanting to come back has died. Probably mainly because a small fandom I call "Alpha and Omega" prevented me (Not sure), and I'm proud of that now. (Edit: 3/14/2014: I'm not saying "Alpha and Omega" is bad, it's good actually. ;) - Edit done)
One funny thing is that, often every time I see someone use a "Pony icon", it's always negative... In fact, when I was writing this article, I saw one just now... Ha ha!
It would be awesome of this "Brony Fandom" learned it's lesson about what there doing to other people is selfishly negative and horrible!
Note: Notice how this article isn't one of those "Negative" articles who complaint about people's own interest and do stupid moves based off that? It's one of those rare articles who did moves because people who are different gets bashed... And talking like this is sadly rare these days. Which shows how corrupt this world has became.
Goodbye, and good riddance. Well I ever come back? That's very hard to tell but it does seem unlikely.


CC - 3.0 Attribution only
Link is required according to the info from the Creative Commons website

Thursday, July 25, 2013

My Little Pony - Fighting is Magic And How it Could Make It

Note: I'm not much of a very hard expert I think and I could be wrong on some things. I also know the project is trying to get around the Cease & Desist by trying to add new characters and a new name. Also again, I may keep this article here for a while, and might post this on another website if I can, and it could be months old later, but it shouldn't matter how old this is.

You know the fan made game called "My Little Pony - Fighting is Magic"? It was being worked on, and everyone was so happy that it was, well at least those who wanted to play it and there was lots.
But then a anti-fandom/culture movement happened called "Cease & Desist" came along and ruined the dream that Mane6 wanted to create. However I probably wouldn't see "ruined" for many kinds of reasons.
But yeah, a very bad thing that should be declared unconstitutional has happened. Which is what I explain above. Although it's not very recent now.. But I still wanted to make this article, for the hopes of those who still want this, but it probably would be no luck under law but for those who still want to fight it, even if it were illegal (Maybe "violate" copyright, which is what we did to make culture in the first place).

First and I mean first, the Myths.

Myths And A Possible Myth

First and thereof, the Myths and a possible Myth:
Some people has claimed that if "Hasbro" did not do this, they would "lose" "there Copyright". But where did that myth come from? Are they right that you would somehow lose Copyright if someone were to deny taking it down? I don't think there is any law saying that "if you don't take something down from a report, you would lose your Copyright." Where is it? If this was true, won't Copyright be taken from the companies already?
However I don't think that's the case because Copyright under legal, is supposed to be rights to a person, or maybe a company, if a company chose not to take anything down, then they are allowing it, they do not lose it. Copyright (under current law) is supposed to be "All Rights Reserved" not force to always take something down.
What if I wanted to keep someone's work based on mine up? And my work that He/She is using was copyrighted by me? If someone reported me "This is infringing your work!", but I allowed it because I love culture and freedom, do I lose my Copyright? There is no legal thing saying that I would, especially if it's unofficial. As for rights of Copyright, you have the right to allow copying, and usage. But also the "right" to take it down.

Also, look at this link:

I don't really like this website but I think it's sometimes useful.
For the case of Copyright, it is clearly Hasbro's fault.

Now for the other Myth but possible, as I'm not so sure about this, is the Trademarks.
Now under law, you do lose a Trademark if some other business use it as officially in another business I think. But do you lose a Trademark if it was use unofficial and for free? If that was the case, then wouldn't tons and tons of fan sites been taken down already? Or if the company sees one that uses the title? That would be messed up would it?
If unofficial does not fit in the case of losing a Trademark, then that is also Hasbro's fault.

Also, how to lose a Trademark:

Not sure if this is very clear. But this is the myth that I'm not very sure still but kind of am sure.
So the whole thing, is pretty much there fault. They could of allowed it and still be able to make the show. People need to stand up more against what they been doing to the fandom, abusing it.

The Legal Hopes of This Project Coming Back

As I am sick of people claiming "Get over it", well I am not going to get over something that violates Freedom of expressing, like Internet Freedom.

Anyway, there might be hopes to get around the C&D. And here they are!
Note: It can be at least one, for it to come back I think. Also, some of these are ideas too.

1.  Wait for the show to go into the public domain.
This is that thing where I mainly said, this wouldn't help very soon, ha ha but there could be possible ways for it to make it happen soon but that's hard, or maybe force them to lose Copyright (That would be better) but as a lot of information about legal Copyright, that is very hard.
2. After transferring the Intellectual Property
I'm not so sure on this but, I think if another company would "take over the rights", the letter may not be valid anymore, but I am not very sure of this.
3. Go to another country, where it's fine.
You do know, Copyright law isn't the whole world (Nor outside, thank God) and there are many countries who use different versions of Copyright law. In fact, if you were just to move to any country, maybe it won't be valid, not sure though. Should do more research. But if still valid, go to one where it doesn't have much of Copyright law at all.
Odly though, I heard from Mane6 saying something about "Forbidden impossible" about this if I could remember, not sure what that means but I still believe it is still.. Since the company can't sue in a different county like China. Maybe he just means he doesn't want to move. I understand if so. Also, the company won't lose the Copyright once again.
4. Possibly more legally.
It's possible for the company to let go of the C&D and such. Maybe keep asking, and maybe put more information. Keep demanding!

The Other Way, Maybe Illegal

Well this is the other way, it can be an alternative or both. For those who wants to fight for Internet Freedom, even doing it risky, go for it. But I could recommend to make sure the possible sue does not effect you, or if you had a lot of money and the sue wasn't much.
1. Ignore the letter
I could suggest to just ignore it, fight for it, some people has done this and it worked. Maybe secretly let another person upload it or something.
2. Force Them to Change it, badly
You know, I think I just wrote that one because I think "1." is basically the main known thing when it comes to ignoring such a bad law like Intellectual Property. So I just wanted to think of this, I guess you know, the unlawful way. But I don't really think it's a well suggestion at all. Just wanted to put this in just so I could have more than 1 suggestion.

One of The Big Worries

There is one large worry I often have, what about other non-profit fan made projects? I find it very bad, to see a unoffical, non-profit project to be effected, so it made me think of all the other fan made stuff, which is what we have. If Hasbro decides to go against them too, then what a terrible idea. And I think they shouldn't do that legally, nor should be a right and what about Fair Use? I believe they have the right to express fan made stuff, and the company won't lose "there IP" when they do.. Also goes for this project as I explained why.
Also makes me wonder if many unofficial things are somehow illegal now. You know? I really hope at least maybe this project was because of donates, not sure. But it's bad still.  

Final Thoughts

Honestly, even though there is already new ideas of kind of restoring the project without violating the C&D. I wanted to target the current IP thoughts about this and also hope for the project to still make a come back for those who still want it. So I tried to put in possibilities in. I also thought of how bad Hasbro was doing so far, it wasn't just this project that got badly hurt in this low world. But other kinds of things of My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic.

People need to start standing up. It all started with the fandom (or sub-culture, if you want to believe it) growing, and had the freedom to make all kinds of projects, ever since the main director of the show left, they been trying to shrink it often now. And I find it very offensive more than "business money" reasons to stop projects if it was others like just because some parents may not like it. It's a fan thing that people can always ignore if they want.

Also, there is nothing wrong with giving up on this project or any free expression, anyone who thinks that it's dumb to think this is stupid, and possibly saying "Get over it." is a moron. And needs to just focus on there own lives.

Also, just in case, I think this article can be a necessary thing for people to stand up against other lack of freedom acts too. Unfortunately, if Hasbro doesn't change for the better of these cursed C&D, then either the fandom will be very boring, where some people can barely have the sense of freedom anymore, or maybe just ignore the new letters for the heck of it.. Ignoring it may be risky but it's not bad morally. Anyone who suggest that a "brony shouldn't act like this" needs to stop judging other peoples.

I'm the type of guy who tries to fight for all kinds of expressions and had studied about how IP movements like C&D can hurt culture, hurt fans, and I like to try to fight for fans and even non-fans. In fact, I mainly was going to also say that IP laws has been hurting many cultures and fandoms. Not just this one. I'm the type of guy who doesn't like to give up, on nearly everything.

Also, for those who wanted some hopes, I tried my best to give you some! Mainly to just let you have them in your heads, even if it wasn't soon. Besides, another fan can try to make it if they want I think.

Also, please share this article! I think it may be useful. Also here, CC-By -wwwarea or Jesse
Yet, it may still be "Copyrighted" but if someone shares it and I allow it, even if it was reported to me, but I still allowed it, I won't lose the Copyright. I'm sure.

Monday, February 25, 2013

My Little Pony Fandom is Not Just About Liking The Show Anymore

You may not know what "My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic" is, it's a show that involves Ponies. It's often on a TV channel called "The Hub"... Ah hub, I love it when video games has that... Well um, anyway I would like to talk about addressing some very bigoted and hateful messages that tries to limit the "Fandom" and tell what Brony is and isn't. Oh and yeah, Brony is often considered being a fan of My Little Pony and yeah it is I think.

I was reading about some Cease & Desist news and I came across some offensive messages that claim that the Fandom is only about liking the show and denied people who believe that it's more and special, (And it is special like how every "group" is). And they told what Brony is and isn't with other bull crap messages... Here is a very lying bigoted twisted message I found that actually is prejudice too: 

"Bronies never represented anything other than a huge group of friends who like the same show. There's always been prejudice and lying in our community. Heck, Cloppers have been outcasts pretty much the entire time. Speaking of which, our community pumps out a lot of things - music, video games, and oh yeah, porn. Graphic visual or literary porn. We don't represent the elements of harmony here.

Bronies aren't special, man. We're just a group, a bit more friendly than others. We have good points, and negatives; in the end we're just another fandom"

And it's stereotype. And it seems this idiot is claiming that it's "Prejudice" and "Lying" to believe the fandom is more special. Now he or she doesn't seem to realize that the message him self posted is Prejudice and Lying because of the fact that the Fandom, IS more special.. Why?

Because a Fandom (Or culture) is controlled by the people them selves, and since this Fandom is controlled by so many different people and what they did... They changed it from what was once simple to more than just simple.. Naturally  it's now big and it's own unique due to how many people there are. Fandoms can change it's definition to be more than just the basic seed and it's a right from The People.

If I believe that I am a Brony because I focus on something else that wasn't the show (Like a fan game) but it did involved "My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic", then it's a fact that I am.. You people have no right to tell and push what Brony is and isn't and forcing the belief system about the Fandom to be limited.

The Fandom or Culture is special and unique, get over it, and leave others alone.

And the reason why I posted this often was because people abused what was lying and the meaning of prejudice to the false people, and hide there prejudiced beliefs. So I decided to expose the real prejudiced and lying people. And I wanted to post this to get rid of bigot bull crap. Once again, the Fandom is more than just simple. Deal with it.

- wwwarea - Out