Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Realism Doesn't Mean Better #2 - Realism vs Fantasy

A board based off actual study.
This one is based of Canines Wolves/Dogs/Foxes/etc.

Feedback for asking for something is great! But not if it's about limiting something that other fans would love.
Feedback asking for more is good. Feedback by limiting and taking things out can be bad.

More is addition. Those who hates whatever that's added doesn't have to like it and can skip it.
But less if force.

So more on this: When you are trying to imitate 'realism', your mind can get into much limited things. Much of the creative possibilities are blocked because your imitation of 'realism' is not allowing you to do so.
If you were open about fantasy (Secretly another kind of real somewhere if you know what I mean) such as personification/anthropomorphism freedom, then those new creative ideas would not be blocked.
Thus, proving that less-realism is more or probably, can be most of the time.

Some realism things can work, but if everything was like it. It may die or at the very lease: Much of the stuff we loved now would not exist. Video games such as Donkey Kong Country, Banjo Kazooie, and more would be different, including TV Shows such as Spongebob Squarepants, Looney Tunes, etc, and Movies such as Bolt, Alpha and Omega, All Dogs Go to Heaven, etc.

"But haters hate personification!"
Yep, some do but that doesn't mean we should listen to them and let them get what they want. They have the choice to stop picking others. Blame the bully, not the victim's freedom of expression or the victim him/herself.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Law of Attraction - Do You Really Need Action?

Source: spiritscienceandmetaphysics.com?

There is a theory suggesting that "You create your own reality with your thoughts" and there is another one suggesting "You create your own reality with your beliefs".

When I study the idea of the Law of Attraction, I see suggestions that you must "visualize" something and you will get it. Then some say that you must do 'action' for it to work. Action?
I know that this sounds lazy but is action the only way for something to work?
If thoughts create reality, then isn't it possible to use your thoughts to create an event you want such as "Money coming to you?".

Why The Need of Action Makes no Sense

They say for the Law of Attraction to get what you want, you must take action. Some even believe that it's an "obvious" choice.

Debunking That Belief
Alright, what about the random events that I had no action involving? What about: murder, the Sun and Moon, random moments on the streets, seeing random people's opinions on the Internet, and any other event that I had no action for?

What about those stories I've heard where stuff has actually come to them without them doing any limited action?
What about my own experiences where SOME positive stuff actually came to me without limited action?

Is 'lack of action' to blame? Seriously LoA Action fans, think about this. Think about the above message.
If "I" or "You" created this reality with thoughts or beliefs, then this world would probably not exist if 'action' was a requirement.

However, action did help with other people, but it's not the confirming belief that proves that you NEED it.

Beliefs > Law of Attraction

Perhaps this is the true answer as to why some stuff work and why some stuff "doesn't".
It is your limited beliefs that create negativity results.
You can do action, and try to visualize, but when I tried that sometimes, it actually didn't work. I think. If it does always, then I think it does involve a better way of making things work, but at the same time, that was probably just a trick for your belief system. Remember what I said about the debunking section right?

It may in fact be true that visualizing only won't work, it may require more. It may require addressing the limited beliefs that create the lack of something.

The Conscious Mind and The Subconscious Mind
Source: http://thirdeyeactivation.com?

When I learned about this, it might of actually made a ton of sense! The subconscious mind is a place that your conscious mind can be unaware of. The Subconscious Mind might be higher than the conscious mind and it's much bigger. In the subconscious mind, you have stored beliefs in there, and forgot about them.

Yes, when you forget about a belief you long had, is it actually gone? No, it remains inside the subconscious mind unless you try to align yourself with it, and address the long lost belief you held for so long.

This could be why stuff always come to you randomly, and since it already does that by your beliefs, then it must be possible to trigger the beliefs to control the events around you.

In The End

From what I experience and the questions that some believers get to ask, I don't think the idea of "action" makes sense in terms of "creating your reality".

When I was little, I don't think I've had much negativity in my life. You know those huge fulfills (dream come trues) you used to get when you were younger?
The last time I've probably ever had that was (I think) when I figured out ROM hacking with games like Super Mario World and A Link to The Past or maybe some time after.
That was probably the last time I've ever got it. I guess the major negative fear beliefs started to get in my subconscious mind and ever since then, that huge feeling I've got, pretty much never happens.. It's often what I feared.
Oh and by the way, what kind of action did I do to get those tools I've never made, even though it was possible for me to create them my self?

If "I" or "You" got full control of the subconscious mind, then this reality would be like a full controlled lucid dream.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Realism Doesn't Mean Better

 Inspired by a "Little" Personal Journey I've Had
This focuses on one example of a major problem.

If they go more closer, or don't bring back all the elements from the first movie, then I hope they get rid of Lilly, and maybe the other two..

I've been browsing some huge hypocrisy and claims that I've seen no evidence on around a movie called Alpha and Omega, and the worst part was that it was some fan, or fans.

I been one of the guys serving feedback by wanting the next sequel to bring back some of the styles from the first movie, then some other guy completely attacked me by claiming that "Your bias" (Whatever it was) and then act as if "realism" is better as if the guy thinks that he or she wasn't bias. Obviously the other guy who claim bias was bias, and since the first movie was all about anthropomorphism, it would be bad and unfair to the fans to change it to something it's not.

Worse was that he or she blamed the style for haters (Yes, actually respecting the bias reviewers) and blamed that it was the "style's fault" for haters.

How much non-sense can this get? This message was so bad as it was a deep negative energy effect on me and makes me wants to hate critics more.. Now let's analyze this whole thing and teach that critique isn't supposed to be bias.


First: Critics and users can be extremely bias in there so-called "critique".
Second: The main unfair hatred towards this movie doesn't look like it's because of the animation, more like the plot and the lack of things.
Third: Calling an anthropomorphic movie a flaw because it has anthropomorphism in it is like calling an anime movie a flaw because it has anime.
Forth: Like the third, you cannot bring out a "style", or any other "style/art purpose" in critique, otherwise, what is critique?
Fifth: This movie is not supposed to imitate realism, it's supposed to be a cartoon/mix, the animation was meant to be like that, etc.. I could of also swear that Crest Animation Studios said this themselves. However, I am not so sure. Anyway, calling that a flaw, is the same thing as the "Third:" reason.

As I've said, even if this movie got attacked by some people because they didn't like the animation style, then I will also need to let people know that many other styles got attacked too by just some people and some selfish non-critics (What's the difference?)
  1. It's also gotten attacked for the Art Style/Design of the characters
  2. It's also gotten attacked just because it was a love story
  3. It's also gotten attacked because it has wolves in it
  4. It's also gotten attacked because it was a furry movie
  5. It's also gotten attacked because they hate the jokes
  6. It's also gotten attacked because the characters 'didn't have enough'

I also like to note that many people hates furries just because they are different. So this as a furry movie would probably get bashed by some bullies just because it's furry.

I was so offended (Not that way) how that user just decided to blame the amazing parts of that movie just because haters hated it. The user also hates the style, so I'm guessing the user is extremely selfish.


What is Realism?

From what I can study, realism is about taking away all the new creative ideas, and it's hyper generic, even though some movies with "realism" can be indeed good. (Is SciFi Realism?)

But what does it mean to take out the "less" realism in Alpha and Omega?
Getting rid of all anthropomorphism, including the effects that does indeed effect the story (log riding, certain objections, certain love scenes, no dancing, etc.) From what I can see, since adding anthropomorphism means more, all I can see is a huge downgrade as it takes all the other creative stuff away. Furry/Anthropomorphism effects is not a flaw, as it's another style in art, and in the end, it offers much more creative ideas.. Getting rid of that prevents that, and that's not a good thing.

Not only it means taking out all the human characteristics, it's also about getting rid of the art style/designs of the characters, and getting rid of personality.
Yes, even in the sequels, they still have human characteristics. The way they have personality, and the way they express there faces still counts as "human-characteristics" I think.

"Real Wolves"
Real wolves don't have "games", "tree climbing", "human expressions/personality", "holiday expressions", "rock paper scissors", "dancing", "log riding", "certain objections", etc.. Also, they don't have a "alternative language" to English.

What "real wolves" do is basically limited stuff: Run, Walk, Eat, Make Noises, Hunt, Sleep, Howl, and some more. That's it.

If Alpha and Omega was turned into that, it would indeed ruin what made the first movie and some effects of the sequels great. Yes, the sequels still had anthropomorphism, but not as much as the first.

Everything would just be the exact same but in different locations maybe. Though even in real life, there is some luck, but very limited luck, and a different kind of brain.

Turning Alpha and Omega into "Realism":
 My God, stop ruining Alpha and Omega.


In the end, that website is indeed sloppy. Well, actually it's an area inside the website, not the whole place.
I see members being rude to the guy who types a lot, and when I be careful and learn, I have to say, the active members of that area/group is actually being rude, even though I have seen other people "attack an opinion" as well.. I see the person re-criticizing that, and sadly some members are probably going to act as if the criticizer is the bad guy.
I see the guy trying to explain, then another, no wait the same member, goes in, and refuses to understand that person (once more) and comment like an ass.

I did try to explain and may have did some "too far" messages but at least I can understand that I'm not the only one who criticize another opinion, unlike whoever did post hypocritical crap like the bias idea that "realism" is "better".
Yet that person thinks that "getting rid of Lilly" is unfair but "getting rid of the main theme of the movie" isn't.

What the flying god damn f**k is wrong with people?
Let's change Alpha and Omega into something it's not! But they better not get rid of my favorite characters.
Seriously, ^^^^^^ is extremely bigoted.

Why can't everyone be happy and respect other people's styles that may get added into the future by some company? It's very selfish to take it away from others.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Evolution Isn't The Same as Gravity

What is my opinion on evolution? I am not clear, but I will say that my mind is for many theories of anything as possible, but sometimes I feel that in order to be free for a theory, I sometimes have to not believe in very popular beliefs like evolution, big bang, time, etc.

While my mind is strongly open for Science, I have to say is that, Evolution is in fact filled with many gaps, and almost as much as creationists has and that it's not even that close as observable to gravity.

To me, Science is about "facts" and "theories" for something. So while the popular book called Bible isn't exactly a "science book" it's self: It can contain claims of events, and other stuff that can be proven by science, because those claims are no different than any other claim around the world. The Bible doesn't make that subject different. Also, when you say "Science means that there is no God.", then you are being very hypocritical because the only thing I will say out of the name of science (I think) is that no man knows for sure. It's even hard to think how you could think of disproving an existing God: I could say that you must be in every universe, but then that is possibly infinite and you still don't know what contains outside, etc.

Anyway, back at evolution, I cannot 100% believe it's fact because I still have not receive 100% concrete observable experiences unlike gravity. There is obviously many good theories for evolution but that doesn't make it 100% concrete. It's alright to use evidence as faith though, I do things like that for trying to believe in a God.

Why Evolution Isn't The Same
Evolution has many gaps compared to gravity, and gravity doesn't (Or maybe 99%) exactly have any gaps to believe in what is called "gravity". You see events based off it, and you can feel it. Evolution is nothing like this, but with the strong theories of evolution: it feels similar, but more hollowed because it's not completely filled in unlike the gravity idea.

The Difference

Gravity can actually be "seen", but only in terms of "feel" and "events". When the name "gravity" came, this was based directly (Maybe) on something that actually happened and what we currently (still) feel. While you can't actually see the forces and source of gravity, you can already feel and see events of "it". Though we still seem to have theories about the "source" and here is a very interesting one.

Evolution on the other hand, isn't exactly the same. You can't exactly feel it, nor can you see events of it, at least with humans. One of the strong theories I heard was that you could see some transformation of small bugs, and if that actually happened, does it make it the same as gravity?
No, because the transformation of bugs could of been based off whole different things: It could of been part of the growth, it could of been based off a disease, it could of been based off interspecies breeding, and so on. If this is another form of evolution then yes, that type of evolution may just be as much as gravity but this wasn't the "type of evolution" I was talking about.
We also have yet another gap that things like this can happen to only some species. We also have an idea that if we came from bugs or not which is still just a theory is it not?

This is what I was talking about in terms of "gaps" I think. And as a science absorbing theory fan, I feel it's very important to suggest this and for the sake of a free mind along with it, rather than assumption and randomly calling it "fact" when we still don't really know for sure (I'm sure).

So before calling anyone "dumb" for not 100% believing in evolution, think who the real dumb person is.
The one who pretended that they 100% absorbed it that is.

Final Thoughts
Short article? Guess so, but because of this problem, I still believe that evolution is still a theory because of this. If I had 100% concrete proof, then I may have no other choice but since it looks like there are gaps and still further explanations, I can't 100% believe it because of so.
Another funny thing is that we have a gap of... everything that exist. Including part of it that suggest "time" being an illusion and that this is based off a "Beliefs Create Reality" theory. Which I'm still trying to experience I think.

Again, I don't think I 100% belief in evolution but I don't 100% belief in creationist or somehow other things either because all of it may still be a theory. Just like the "Beliefs Create Reality" theory.. I "believe" in that more, but mainly as theory and faith based off evidence and somehow other things.

I guess my mind gets attached to "needing evidence" a lot, to the point that "evidence" is probably my general faith for many things. Even for stuff I don't want I think.


Read the rules before commenting.. I wouldn't mind a good theory possibly against this I think but I really and I mean REALLY honestly wish it to be open minded as possible rather than claiming things without reason.
I also suggest READING the whole article before commenting too.

Critique is fine too.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Another Reason Why "Trolling" is Cyberbullying and Deadly

Well I don't know what the best thing I can say.. Trolling for fun in video games sometimes probably isn't that serious, but there are some trolling and other kinds of hatred that is.
It's not just some trolling, I think it's mainly any kind of hatred.

I was browsing around a website called DeviantArt and noticed this:
Note: This guy is pretty hypocritical about Animals Rights and other things but some stuff is not hypocritical I think.
And the claim of "offensive doesn't exist" is also not true either, I believe anything that hurts others is offensive.

If you read the info under it, you may find it shocking.. It's something similar as to what I warn. Maybe even exactly as examples.

What's this?
Remember when I yelled out that something was connected with suicide?
There is your god damn proof!

Hatred of any kind, will always be a problem, and always will be.
Also, by the way, Tuxxy is probably unaware that what he has been doing may be connected with this. Are you liking your own image Tuxxy?

Anyway, anyone who said negative speech (Mainly hatred of any kind) doesn't hurt anyone is wrong.
I have gotten a lot of anxiety because my own personality that's part of me has been struck. When I was threaten for what I liked, and others, I got anxiety.
All my fears and worries often comes true I think. It's a living hell.
Also, for anyone's information, "anxiety" is physical pain and trying to ruin someone's reputation (e.g. Trying to turn it all a joke based off bias feelings) is even more pain. Not just "anxiety" but can cause a lot of other destruction in real life.

I hate this world.
There are many reasons as to why I'm kind of a misanthropic and this is one of them.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Reaction to: Horse News Interviews: wwwarea

I remember this site.. It's very restricted on the comments that I can't turn them on.
I decided to add a new page on it.


Just to share and make people aware.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Consent and Permission - The Only Moral Thing

Intellectual Property doesn't count because it's an illusion.

This is sort of (almost) the same as the Golden Rule.

Usually I have a sense of this a lot. Of course, nobody is perfect, forgiveness is very important and needed to also not violate this.

Anyway, sadly, the USA, and a lot of other countries are not only for this, in fact, if they go for other things, then there are problems.

I believe that if someone in a person's home consents and the other person's agreed, then it's none of our business.. The same goes for solo privacy such as the right to do whatever you want with your body; hurt it, move any way you want, etc, etc. Technically, I believe people have (or should) the right to even damage it. Including suicide. Because of this simple "moral" factor, I have to believe in the right to suicide, and other (possibly) dangerous acts of your own. When you are alone, you own your own body, and for the Golden Rule, you cannot prevent the freedom's of someone Else's body. It's not property to someone Else's but yours.

The Lost Balance
The Golden Rule and the idea of "Consent and Permission" is very simple. When you are somehow originated to this idea or you accept it later on, you may discover a balance, and in this balance, there is a line that if it's crossed, then the whole thing collapses.

I might of discovered something shocking but it may be a theory though; which could be untrue or not all the time.

The "theory" is that if there is any form of another thing except the Consent and Permission, then Consent and Permission is violated! The Golden Rule gets violated.

Example: If it's illegal to, say, flip your own self off whether it's illegal based off prejudice morons or "not", then you are prevented from the natural right to do whatever you want with your own body, therefor; someone violates your natural right to your own body. Freedom if violated.

Another Example: Say two people consent and agreed to do something, but however, what they do was illegal (whether based on prejudice or "not" of course) and was stopped and probably punished. What the two people did was not violate consent and permission, so there was actually no issue in freedom it's self. However, when they were prevented off of a whole different group (or one person), then they violated there freedom of consent. It interfered with what they were agreeing to do! Therefor; The natural right to freedom (part of the Golden Rule) is violated!

This is the problem if there is more than just "Consent and Permission" laws, because if so, then the high law of the world gets violated.
That's probably why the Golden Rule is consider "Gold" because it's like the main ruler. So it must make sense.


If I ever wanted to live on a good world with a society. This is all we would have at least probably. People have every single right to do whatever they want with there bodies, including the right to have freedom with another as long if the person accepts.. If there is consent of a living person, then it's none of the government's business or any other person's business. Our world would have no taboos, or no other "moral idea".. It would only be based off that very freedom. Even people have the right to consent into acts that may still be taboo here.
Would the world have a government? Probably not, I believe there is a better way.

Heck, as a deep thinker, I don't scientifically believe that "morally" exist; no such thing as Right or Wrong. However, I just get feelings for something that may be consider "morally".

Monday, July 7, 2014

Yes, I Believe I Can Change or Help Change The World

I've been argued that "I can't change anything", "Not possible to", etc

Really? History said "Hi, Hahahahahahahaaah what?!"

Anyone who claims that are so delusional or perhaps wanting me to stop effecting something.. I don't know for sure but wow... None of this makes any sense and it's very easy to debunk.

I'll like to point out that people who stood up, debated, etc, etc... whether it's through the Internet, or not, has changed lot's of things.

Saying "You can't change anything" is not only offensive to me, but offensive to the people who died, fighting for a new world (which has worked), and the ones that are currently still alive (succeeding on some things too).

Thanks to people standing up, racism isn't accepted much anymore, anti-gay isn't that much, and much more.
Thanks to more of the Internet side, some acceptance has came, some might be more respected too, some awareness is effected, etc, etc.
Thanks to the other part of the Internet side, some laws are declared unconstitutional and such.

Anyone who tries arguing and suggesting things, has a chance for some effect to take place. It has often been working.

Another awareness on things is the idea of originality. Thanks to some very deep truth seekers of that, more and more people has started to spread awareness of that. It needs more of course, I think, so I've decided to help spread the idea in my own words and helped spread links to it as-well.

There are many problems of this world that still remains and I will fairly bring out the fact that, it's possible to make better things happen. Yes, this is argued based off a strong theory.

There are also some negative changes that has helped make this world worse and it's also caused physical damages; which is connected with hatred, bullying, bigots, real offensive stuff, etc, etc..

So anyone who claims my own take on standing up "won't ever effect" anything must educate themselves more. Seriously.

To anyone who has similar or same thoughts I brought out to argue:
Stop being a naysayer and open up your tiny minds!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Why Critics Are Wrong on Alpha and Omega

English isn't that good in terms of writing, but I believe it's good enough.
I've been understood a lot before and also been consider helpful to many kinds of things I think.

Critics are consider "important" for media pieces. Generally reviews can be very important for feedback, and suggestions to help find true flaws and fix them.

However, there are times when critics can be argued, and the fact that they can also be so abusive in terms of "critique" which serves no value to any kind of "importance". One of the major issues in "criticism" is apparently "movies" and one of the movies I like to point out as a big example is "Alpha and Omega".

Don't expect this as a review, it's more like "criticizing the "critics"". It might sound a bit like a final review a little though.

Do you think that a person giving a very negative score, based off of bias feeling serve any real value to the "importance" of criticism? The answer is no, it doesn't because if it "does", then "criticism" isn't important.
In other words: Critics that bash art-styles, story-designs, humor designs, and more, serves no real value to the "importance", nor does it serve any value to target and suggest the wrong audience or compare it to movies (whether they want it to be like another or suggest avoidance of it) unless the purpose of the main movie has something to do with them. Basically I don't think Critics exist to do that. They must exist for important things by suggesting that possibly, a purpose can fail to offer it's value, and also suggest more things. E.g. I take food critics more seriously because they often find any flaws for it's main design, taste, etc, etc.

Since it's consider important in terms of critique and other proper suggestions, then I will explain why the main area of critics are overly, and embarrassingly wrong over this film.

Reason #1
One of the "large criticism" of this film is that it's used ideas from other movies and then suggest that adults may get bored, which somehow "confirms" that a movie (for a whole different audience) means that it's a "flaw".

The problem with this is that the main purpose of this whole movie was generally targeted at kids, not adults.
Since it's very much suggested and proven that young people can like this movie, then guess what? This movie did a fine job for what they purposely did. Also, I must mention that it's what they did on purpose and it's a story style. Styles are never a flaw on it's self, no matter how you compare them with other things.

Comparing it to the wrong audience and then claiming the movie to be "bad" when yet, many people (probably the young ones) liked it serves no value into this kind of criticism.
It's as if it doesn't have blood in it, it's somehow bad because some adults who expected "R-Rated" films got disappointed because it was a PG-rated film.
The major possible problem is that if we both made it enjoyable for both, then we may delete something that many other people (from kids or certain adults?) would of liked.. Proving that purpose should be more of the judge.

It's kind of true that "certain people" got bored so I can't argue that part it's self, but I can argue that the story was it's purpose, and the style (as I've said before), and for kids and those who like the stories. It was also proven to work, thus making the story of the film good for what it is. I will show why it worked later on this article.

I've found this review:
I do disagree with certain claims because it does kind of bring out the "using element" thing as a "flaw" I think, and I also disagree with the scoring but it seems to show that this guy enjoys the main "love style" of people. Some people might claim that "love stories" like this can be "boring", but once again, maybe this isn't your type?

Reason #2
Another kind of criticism (May not be as much) was that it copied ideas from other movies. Because of so, it somehow means that the movie as a whole or in bits, somehow means that it's a "flaw" now.

Once they realize that originality doesn't exist, maybe they will think different?
The point is that using a similar idea doesn't make a movie bad because of the fact that kids and other types of audience can enjoy similar ideas. Even if it was used a lot.

The biggest fact is that every movie has done this. E.g. Toy Story 2 has used an element from Star Wars, and what they did with it was actually pretty clever and funny.
It's copied from Star Wars, but it seems good on it's own as some creativity with the same idea or something.
Here is something very interesting too:

Alpha and Omega has done similar things and from what I can see, they have used creative ideas under some ideas already being used, just like Toy Story 2, and many, and I mean many other films as well. Some people may not be a fan of this but since there are a lot of people that enjoys similar ideas being used and that this is also a main purpose of the film, then it's not exactly a flaw. Otherwise it's like calling a work a flaw just because it's different.
Kids and even some Adults love things like this. If I want to see a movie used a good legendary idea like say, the train scene, then I'm glad they did!

Reason #3
There are some "critics" that declare the art-style of Alpha and Omega are somehow a "problem". Some thinks they are "ugly", some compares it to real-life, etc, etc.

The simple truth is that a "Art-Style" or "Design" can never be consider a flaw, unless maybe it's a failed attempt of a different purpose and currently still trying to imitate something else. However, according to some info I've found online, the designs of the mid-anthropomorphic wolves are actually done on purpose.

I've also like to bring this out.
As I've said, it's not possible for a "Art Style" or "Design" to ever be a flaw. Anyone who said they are either dislikes it personality or are comparing them to the things they avoided (e.g. "this world's wolves"), doesn't properly bring any value to actual critique.

Reason #4
Some people seem to bring out "sex jokes" as a "flaw". Though, I'll have to say that many PG-rated movies have done this before. Even on TV-Shows. If it's too much, then another point may be good but simply just because it has a "sex joke" doesn't make it a bad movie. Slight, tamed down jokes or non-jokes involving sexuality seems to fit well with "PG". It's not a G-rated movie, it's a PG-rated movie. If it seems too much that it can dangerously effects kids or violates the PG rating, then you may make a good point in terms of "sex jokes" or other sexual contents.

Since some say that "kids won't get it" but "adults will", then it's probably not much of a problem.

Other Type of Reasons
Some say this film is a "failure" but since that's so absurd and to why I think so, then I would like to point out the fact that a lot of people actually loved the film and according to Wikipedia:
 "The film ended its run on December 2, 2010 after grossing $25 million domestically and $25 million in other territories.[2] Produced on a $20 million budget, the film had been declared a financial success, and is Lionsgate's highest-grossing animated feature, as well as Crest Animation's highest."
I also want to say that for some reason, the wikipedia of this page keeps changing. Not sure why though.

I've also heard it's gotten a "cult following" fan base but now it's not at wikipedia anymore? This is strange and I just noticed the reason why it isn't there now was because it "wasn't source" or something, however, it's true that there is a fandom going around that involves this movie and it's sequels.

There has also been a couple of videos on Youtube that were very biased against the film and when I went to one of the videos, it was disliked a lot and lot's of people were pissed off at the guy. I can understand why because it's very biased and all wrong not only because the review arguments were so weak and very biased, but there was a general amount of dislike of this review, proving that they as audiences, loved it.

Meanwhile, there are some "haters of this film" that pretends "wolf fans" "furries", or for any sake, "fans" don't count. Now that does not for any reason whatsoever make any sense! Movies are made for the purpose of interest and they can be made for a certain audience target. Since this movie is focused on wolves, and the fact that it seems good as a mid-anthropomorphic type of style, then those people liking that obviously count. Otherwise it's like going into an Anime film and pretending that anime fans don't count as feedback.
I will also say that "fans" are direct feedback, as it's part of the main point as to why media entertainment exist. Fans are people that already prove that the film was enjoyed because they are already the ones that enjoyed the film.
Pretending that "non-fans" only count is not only hypocritical, but very bigoted.

From what I can study, the film Alpha and Omega actually did a near-perfect job as it's own film and coming from a small company.

For my own reason, I can't tell on everything of the film for now but I may say that it's NOT a perfect film, but it's not even bad. The story is enough for what it is to be enjoyed for certain audience and the main purpose of the film is directed at those. It also doesn't matter if certain ideas were "already used" or not. Some criticism of this film is actually biased and serves no real feed-back as they suggest things the original makers avoided. It's fair to say that those kinds of critics are wrong for there scoring because they failed to prove that somehow "films" must make the "wrong audience" happy in order for it to be good. The predictions of "failure" were already disproved as well.

What happened was that this film went good for certain audiences (Not 100% but it has enough) and the general haters who complain are often the ones who expected a whole different style that the makers didn't even do, and pretended that there "opinions" were superior or counted for a score. Though, the main target was kids and for certain fans and that's been kind of proven successfully.

For "Not 100%", this goes to any other movie in the world. I personality didn't like the movie Frozen that much and I wasn't a big fan of singing but I will never consider it a flaw because it's the style.

It's impossible for a movie to be liked by everyone in this entire world. There will probably always be a time that one person will not like it. We have gens, and different audiences and if we need "criticism", we need to use them for the main purposes. Not suggest "flaws" because some people hated the style of any film.

Not only certain criticism of this film offends the culture of those who enjoys remixing, but it can make others feel bad for there "own things" who wanted to be inspired by yet, another similar idea.

Anyway, some criticism might make some good points, but the general hatred of this film by some are really absurd.
Go on, and embrace Alpha and Omega if you want, even if it somehow had a lot of "flaws". 

A real good critique shall never compare a purpose to another purpose that has nothing to do with the original's purpose.  -Remember these words.


I would like to ask for critique suggestions for my writing on here.
Copyright - Republish is allowed as long if people don't re-edit this other than the purpose of better writing of it's main point.

I do not claim Copyright to the links or the first picture nor some of the content in the "Art Style" pictures.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Tuxxy - One of Worst "Brony's" Ever

Not a very serious attempt of an edit

I feel sorry for those who live with this guy.. There is a "scientifically possible" chance that he has at least lied to ALL of his "friends" or family members once.

I'm honestly kind of getting tired of talking about him I think, but what he said to me, and getting away with a pathetic highly immature excuse, just made me want to continue..
This is especially for him defending his excuses of taking things out of private and claiming that chatting on Skype "isn't" private.

Since he gives no craps about taking stuff out of private chatting (Possibly lie about it too), then I guess I will just talk about this:

I talked to him that his recent article on Horse "News" was a made up title, to get attention.. I said that to him on Skype.. All he said was something of: "I stopped bothering you", and then possibly blocked me on there for a while (Edit: No he told me on Skype that he didn't" Edit done). Honestly man, you can't simply say "I stopped bothering you" right after posting a stupid immature article about me on a popular website. I think he said that because he feels fulfilled/accomplishing his mission.

It's as he thinks it's "fair" when it's really not. If he were to stop bothering me, and wanted me to fairly "leave" him alone, then he would of not made that article and leave it there.. He would also apologize to what he did in the past, and with other people and also delete that other article.

No Tuxxy, all you did was get upset, and whine EVERYTIME you get criticized for how badly selfish you were. You censor other people's arguments, because you worry you will be "wrong" or at least be known that you are a horrible selfish bias prick to others, including to me.

If you were to be more loved by more bronies, then you wouldn't be doing stuff like this to other people.

No really people, he basically, sadistically enjoy lying about others, for attention, and fun.
He's completely intolerance about other people's interest, projects, etc. I've also been told that Tuxxy lied about someone for someone kindly asking him to be non-hateful over someone's project, and of course you know what happens next.

This is why I god damn hate this prick. Since no one knows his horrible ego self, then all I could do is help spread the word. Not only to suggest people going for better, matured people, but to also keep private information safe, and true.
I'll also like to note that he'd also lied about a reason as to why I flagged someone's comment on his site, and lied about how I reviewed his site bad.

I'm not trying to be mean to this guy, all I'm doing is reacting to real world problems that he's been causing to others. I'm not some guy who just likes "talking bad" about this guy. I'm the type of guy who reacts based off hateful, selfish, unfair crap that's been happening to this world and honestly, he's been causing those kinds of things and he made it worse to what he's been immaturely doing to me, and to others possibly.

For all he did, I only see him as a "popufur/brony" who seeks nothing but attention, without a care of lying about others and causing hatred to feed off a bigoted opinion about other people.
I'm picturing him in his chair, leaning back and smiling because of how popular this sadistic is. Mainly because of his own site (or blog site for that matter) having over 1-million views.

I am so glad that I'm not a Brony anymore and I have my own reasons on why!


The Little Deal
If you were to AT LEAST reverse your hatred,  unfairness, and lies (e.g. Made up "interview") about me off of that website, by deleting those articles, then maybe I will stop talking about you!

Seriously, have an open mind and understand what I'm god damn saying.
Will you react more honest, and open or just make another unfunny (possibly lying) article on that website again?

Friday, June 20, 2014

Updating The Comments

I've decided to replace the old comments system with another system.

I think it's for the better anyway.

Yet, the reply system on the new one should be better.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

This is Why I'm For Regulating Hate Speech

-bobbie - From a comment somewhere.
For the above picture, it can be found here:
The above picture is from the very first comment. It's not the whole comment from the snapshot though. 
I'll also like to note that bobbie's comment doesn't have that great English I think, but it's good enough to understand.

There are a lot of other comments that disagree for actually, possibly, good reasons I think.
Negative speech has been proven to cause pain, suffering, and other problems to many kinds of people.
If people are allowed to bash others for who they are, then that would be promoting censorship, because it causes those to hide, not speak up, and possibly censor themselves for the rest of there lives, thanks to discrimination, and any other forms of hatred. It's not just censorship.

It's not just what's legally consider "Hate Speech", it's also any form of negative/hatred speech. Such as a lifestyle for example or other things you couldn't control (At least what's not consider Sexual Orientation (Though should be) for example). Also, the Law shouldn't define that "Hate Speech" only includes what's some US law meanings mean. Hate speech should be consider any message that's pretty much "hatred": I.e. Speech base off hating anyone or anything from the person. Or anything for that matter.

The legal meaning is based off "opinion" (Yet, partly right). Yet, there are those who don't include "Religion" and there are those who do include "Religion". Yet again, these are just names some people decided to add, so therefor, it would be legit to include "lifestyle" and more things..

Either way, negativity of any kind against a person's interest or lifestyle has caused many issues, and suffering; which is another form of pain.

Many people suffered due to bigoted, ignorance, and other hatred ideas. This is why I'm for regulating it.
If we had much more negativity in our history, then lot's of people who would already express themselves in this Universe, would of been hidden in the other Universe where the history was worse. There would also be more suicide, pain, and suffering.

Thanks to fighting back, it's not as bad to the vision I just had, but our current one still needs work.


For the belief that "Freedom of Speech" means to say anything you want:
If I had to believe that Hate Speech should be banned (I.e. Somehow shouldn't count for the US constitution), then I would include regulations on other speeches that some people don't define "Hate Speech".

Why? For the SAME reasons.

So I've Been Wrong on Fair Use Maybe

Believe it or not, Tuxxy who argued for his claims might be right. Including if a "parody" purpose article had little Satire in it.

So what now? Unnecessarily make fun of me just because I've made a mistake? Go ahead, go right ahead.
At least I do something very rare and actually admit that I've made a possibly longing mistake.

Even though that article may be "Fair Use" after all, that doesn't change the god damn fact that the beliefs while making that article can still be wrong. Nor does it make Tuxxy look "good". Even if he got popularity as popularity doesn't count. In fact, most of the fandom is closed minded, and seeing a popular brony site doing nothing but damaging others, and hurting others with there negativity just further proves my point.
If you want to argue, THEN TRY. Go ahead.

Also, that article isn't funny. The only ones who laugh are pretty much the sheep them selves.

He failed to argue his points directly at all. He just goes out and say "bullshit". Though, only one of them is right when it comes to Fair Use.

At least I'm not giving up on MLPcritic's article... Info (A little edited too) from a article currently in Draft:

There is another article on that horse news site that's even worse, and even more confusing but it's from a different person.  The person tried plagiarizing the images, by claiming them as there own. I'll list out the problems for that one... Yikes:
  1. First picture was completely mostly edited and lacked the main point of the original picture. *Note - Image is removed thanks to a DMCA request through imgur I think.
  2. Purpose is to make fun of the artist (or writer for that matter) than to make fun of the work it's self.
  3. Article might be for "Parody" and "Criticism" but having both may no longer be consider Fair Use, since it's confusing and that I think you can only choose one.
  4. I think someone claimed to be for "Criticism" but the person does nothing but act all bias rather than finding much of any real flaws. Critics are supposed to be less bias, and for finding real errors, not used it as an excuse for hate. There is a reason why people can actually argue critics and why there is a label for "bad criticism" and "good criticism".
  5. Another picture was edited just a tiny bit but the person claimed that the picture is "there's now" or something. Which is plagiarism, even if that was a joke.
  6. Did not give out ANY source links
  7. Probably more
Though, I'm still unsure if you can really use more than one purpose.

The same person also did claim that I somehow am "violating" Freedom of Expression.. When honestly, I will claim I'm not because for example, Anti-Gay messages also counts as some form of expression, but since it promotes negativity to many others (Trigger for bullying too), then I think making "laws" "rules" or other regulations doesn't violate it because of the fact that the trigger promotes censorship, not allowing. The point of "Golden Rule" "laws" is to help protect each other, including Freedom of Expression. Though the US government isn't perfect at that. Then again, I'm more about "suggestion" rather than "force/just/laws" I think.

He also claim something like "Oh that's all your opinion, made up, etc"
Well sir, the Laws, we already had, is made up. If we had no enforcement by any opinion (Protecting rights is an opinion probably), then we wouldn't have any Government, Laws, Police, or anything. Everyone would be free to use any free will, including the "abusive types" that violate others free will.
The only "enforcement" would be using Free Will to fight back naturally.. Meaning no Law, or any Rules.. Just "hitting back with your fist" ways.

RIGHT AND WRONG is an opinion too. Yet, Golden Rule takes a big part in that belief and since many people have different views on it. I'm the guy who wants to help change the world, and it's not anything different from what people already did like regulating anti-gay messages for example.
*Note* Me suggesting Gold Rule being some law or something isn't anything different from the main laws we already have. Get it?

Anyway, happy now? Are you happy that you may be correct about the fair use part? Yes, I'm talking to Tuxxy, the same man who claimed bullshit over my other theories that he still failed to argue. The same guy who takes private info out and twist words. The same guy who recently claimed that "private chats" are "not" private.
*Note, I think he admitted his mistake on one not true statement, but I don't see him fixing that in the public. His comment that lies about me is still there.

Listen man, just because you proved one point about Copyright, doesn't make you right on the embarrassments you did in the past. Nor does it make you look good.


If I were to make up with you and never talk "bad about you", then it would be awesome to delete those two hateful articles about me, and never speak of this again somehow.

Copyright - wwwarea
If use, then it must somehow be Fair Use. >_>
Already allowed to spread this for the purpose of info spreading, like what I talked about of Right or Wrong.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Importing Info #1 - About a Very Flawed Website

Since "Important Info" on the pages section  isn't getting much views on this blog, I've decided to put this on the front page for at this time...

Important Info!
For future viewers mainly.

I'll also paste the main info from that page:

"What Horse-News.net did to me was very unpleasant. There actions were very hurtful, hypocritical, and in poor taste. Anyone who gets linked here from that website should not listen to what the website has said about me. What they tried to do, was ruin my reputation of it, trying to turn it all into a "joke".

There purpose, and insults are very biased and failed to prove any of there points about me.
Any educated person shall know that science, knowledge, etc, etc will always be more important than "biased opinions". Unless your opinions is just plain, harmless interests.

I will say, they only made SOME "good" points, such as my spelling mistake about how I spelled "retarded" wrong, but them just pointing one spelling error out and putting it out for the public to laugh at (I already corrected the word), isn't necessary.

I will say, them being very closed about other people just proves more of my main, general point about the fandom though. I am not against the fandom, I'm just bringing out how big of a lie "tolerance" is these days.

I highly suggest being very open, and focus on the idea of a better, loving tolerated world."

CC - No-Derivatives Attribution
None of this can be modified, including deleting part of it when republishing it.
*Note: I sadly always feel the need to put these licenses up because I have a feeling if I don't, some troll will then put them on a website to cause trouble.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

This is Mainly Why I Gave Equestria Gaming a Bad Score

Sometime recently, I decided to send a "fake report" of a comment just so I can comment to Tuxxy about how silly his move was for disabling comment ratings or something. Notice now there will never be ratings ever again because one guy used a proxy to "cheat" the ratings. He also should just turn off the whole comments because there are also people bypassing bans. Hehehe
*Note: What is the point of disabling ratings? Ratings can be abused simply by using them based of bias hate.

Anyway, remember when I reported that Tuxxy would take private messages outside of the private zone, and then possibly, twist the words? One person on Youtube told me a story about this, and now after what happened, it turns out to be more true after all. Guess I wasn't overreacting after all!

He did the same thing to me..

He published a comment, not only abusing his responsibility as an Admin, but also lied about my message I sent through the report. Claiming I did for (and in quotes): "This comment is discriminating hate speech".
Of course, I would probably report hatred comments, but for this one, I didn't do it for that reason.

I had to once again, find a way to comment on that blog post and suggest that Tuxxy was lying again, and say something like "I did not do that". Of course though, he deleted/censored me after successfully finding a way.

Before, I even commented, I sent him another report message asking him to send me of what I said in the original report, and I still have not got the email. After that and the comment, I decided to just send him an email through Hotmail, and ask him for the message. Did I get a response? No sir I didn't!

See kids? This is one of the strong reasons as to why I hate this horrible Brony and this is why I have to warn people of this huge embarrassment. Someone else should run that gamer blog. I don't even think this person is old enough to handle a popular site. The worst part in that case is that I might be more younger than him, and I already know more responsibility.

Also, the reason why I still even bother with that possible troll is that he's been acting like an ass to me, and to some others through Twitter, and other places.

As I been saying: Stay away from him!

Copyright - wwwarea
None of this can be republish on the following websites:

For other sites, please ask and if I give permission, you must provide the whole thing, and give a link to the original page, which is this.

For the purpose of making people aware of this problem, you may re post, as a whole with credit.

I will not claim legal claims to ideas: You are of course free to help spread this idea.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Proud to be an Introvert

Being an Introvert has made me smart a lot. It made me analyze the way society has been acting to many different kinds of people. E.g. I realize that the term "Normal", "Weird", "Disorder", etc, etc.. is all but an illusion.
I would have fear, that if I was an Extrovert, then I would also be a sheep.. Why is that I say? It's because if I was more social (i.e. Being a loud-mouth and being active without thinking about my self once), then I probably would never have time to question the corruption this world has, nor would I realize that being who you are is the only good thing. I would only follow lies and the only "smart thing" I would have is computers.

I hate Society, but I don't hate a society it's self. I have my reasons on why.
I believe the way our current society is, is disgusting.. In society, violence in some ways (e.g. hunting other animals) is accepted while a small talk of something completely natural (i.e. sexuality) isn't. Society also uses the term "Normal" and "Weird" in the worst way as possible. It puts things in taboos, and more.

I am free. I have woken up, I once, been a bigot just like the main part of the world.
I used to hate something just because it was liked by certain people or something, then, after finding my self more, that is no more. When I started thinking for my self, I studied so much, it woke me up from this world, that is similar to "Hell".

Oh My God, You Are Anti-Social!
Please, just please, stop comparing me to the same people who enjoys violating rights of others. Please don't compare me to Murderers, Rapist, etc. Yet, comparing things of this type was another reason why I AM an Asocial.

There is a difference by being an Introvert or a Asocial than to "anti-social".
An Introvert is similar to asocial, where I avoid talking to others sometimes or all the time, where "anti-social" may include serious crimes like "Murder" for example. It's often about careless people that involves others.
Yet, society them selves is careless in different kinds of ways.

Does simply questioning the way society has been acting in some parts, makes me an "anti-social"?

If me choosing my differences in life makes you think I'm "anti-social", then you are disgusting.

If me criticizing the way society's been acting makes you think I'm "anti-social", then you are disgusting.
In other words, if believing in change for a better world makes you think I'm "anti-social", then not only you are "disgusting", you are sheep.

Apparently, anyone who is consider "weird" or "disturbing" may be consider "anti-social".
In fact, anyone who doesn't want to be social, doesn't want to make friends, always enjoy being alone, etc, etc. might make people think they are "anti-social" when really, it does NOT make them anti-social, instead, it's Asocial: To avoid socially talking to anyone.

I my self, do make friends sometimes, but I don't want to be any part of that "cool" zone crap. Never have, never will. Though, I have friends who might be part of it, but at least they may respect me who hates being part of it.
So I may not be 100% Asocial, but I have my reasons why I mostly am.

I want a world where people can express themselves for being different, even if some people consider themselves "weird". Just because the person expresses something that current society hates, doesn't automatically mean they are "Anti-Social", they are just different.


I love being different, it makes me feel more creative, it's interesting, it's fun, it's spiritual, it's god damn awesome!

If society calls that a "disorder" by them claiming that it's "Anti-Social", or not, then this is one of the strong reasons on why (Sort of) I am an Asocial and an Introvert.. Introvert might be something I can't control though, but I do have reasons on why I have hatred towards our current world and this problem I'm addressing now is one of them.

Note: Even non-social people can do horrible things just like parts of society.


I found this picture on a website somewhere...


CC: Attribution - No Derivatives
I do not claim legal ownership over any pictures I share through links.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Importing Info #2 - Horse News Think I'm a "World Issue"

Perhaps they are "butt-hurt" (A troll term) just because I reviewed the site and there friend, bad, based off actual reasons.

They claim that I'm an "issue" to the world now.

Where is the proof of that?

If the meaning has to mean that I'm an issue to there bigoted, pathetic, ignorant beliefs, then "sure" I am. Sure...

However, the real "World Issues/Problems" is really Society. It's very proven that being hateful over someone's likes, life-style, sexuality types, etc. etc. is the real issue. It has caused pain, suicide, etc.
Calling me an "issue" or "problem" for honestly revealing the truth about the idiotic crap of society is honestly disgusting. The ones who call me that are just wanting to put people back to sleep and continue causing the real problems...
They may also be calling me an issue for saying that hurtful, hatred, etc. to be bad. Which is also sick and horrible.

Perhaps, Horse-"news" (Some of it's members like Tuxxy and MLP"critic") is a "world issue".
I have asked them for proof of there ignorant claims over me. I asked them when I argued like 3 -5 times through email, and in comments. After, did I mainly get any evidence that debunks my claims?

The answer: Nothing

Both of those idiots (One of them can't even draw) has made no real criticism of any sort (Besides ONE tiny mistake that they brought out of me). It's nothing but immaturely name-calling, immaturely biased, poor taste, delusional, and more. All they do is use people for humor as an "answer".
Worst of all I think: They think popularity is more important than words.
They really need to educate them-selves.

This is one hell of an example of a "World Issue" and always will be.

Biggest World Issues I know so far:
  • Biased > Facts
  • Biased > Evidence
  • Popularity > Facts or Evidence
  • Judging other likes but not there own
  • Judging other likes either way
  • Lying about others is alright
  • Comparing Plagiarism to "Fair" use
  • Copying means "theft"
  • Biased hatred
I mainly bring these out.

One main purpose of my writing for this blog is for the purpose of:
For the purpose of promoting Free Speech, Free Culture and Expression. (All may be same) Sometimes to promote to legalize stuff, have more chances, and speak against limited believes. 
All for the purpose of our natural freedom.

Note: I'm not very perfect though I think.

Calling me a World Issue for criticizing people who tries to ruin reputation of others, or using them for "humor" or "cringe" (Same?) IS a world issue/problem. Always has, and always will be.
Doing so also causes negative effects to "Free Speech, Free Culture, and Expression".

Like I said, stay away from that site and go out and be yourself. Stand up! Whatever your freedom says.

There is also those who will make fun of the term "Freedom".. Ignore those sheep.


CC: Attribution - No Derivatives

I also would ask for some critique criticism, for making this post look more attractive! Please be honest, and mature though.
Of course, bringing out spelling errors or other possible errors is also fine. I suggest once more, be honest about it.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The "Normal" Religion

There is no such thing as "Normality". It's all a big lie, it does nothing but destroy you by turning you into something your not.

What is The "Normal" Religion?
It's not something found on the Internet (i.e. "Normal Religion"), this term is something I made up, but I do believe it's a good one. Of course, the term "Normal" it's self is used and already exist.

""Normal" Religion" is a cult of a popular belief that there is such thing as a "Normal" life.
It's one of the grand beliefs that caused people to hurt them-selves, causes hatred, pain, self-guilt (Which is also pain), etc..

Anyone who is part of this "Normal" religion will often use a bunch of unscientific phrases like "weird" (Over something that they belief violates there religion), "creepy", "odd", and so on.

Suicide may be connected with this belief too.
-Link is an example-

Everyone is Different
The Spread
The effects of "Normality" has spread to many kinds of things of this world. All from Culture belief, life styles, to the sexuality of others.

The source is currently unknown of this dreaded Evil. However, it seemed to come from the phrase "norm", which is a "rule" idea to other people, to follow a cult (Society).

In the "now age", there are many people who will make fun of Cultures just because of how different they are. Say, Amercia, making fun of China culture for example. Anyone who violates the "rule of society" will be consider "bad" by them.

It's also spread to lifestyles of others, including to Freedom of Expression. One of the worst parts of this is that it's even been used as a negative in so-called "criticism". e.g. When an art-work is different to the man, he may complain about it just because it was "weird" or different to him.

The Effect
The effect is so negative, that maybe if you like something slightly different, you are consider "bad".
One effectual example is that some people on here, decided to make fun of what I liked, just because of how different it was. Coming from people who also liked something different. e.g. My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic.

Hate is very connected with the term "Normal". It's often around in "Freedom of Expression".
The hate is so bad that even people who hated others for who they are, actually wanted to pass laws against there Freedom of Expression, just because they hated what was different.

The idea of a "Normal" lifestyle is so unscientific. It's never been a success in Science, and never will. However, the only time when just the term "Normal" works is when we use that on certain objects like machines (e.g. "This machine is not acting the way it's supposed too!")

Effects of the term "Normal":
  • Causing Those to Remain in "Closets"
  • Having to Deny What You Love in Life in Order to "Fit"
  • Changes of Your Own Lifestyle
  • Avoid Your Own Childhood
  • Altering Lifestyles That May be Consider "Normal" - e.g. Gaming
  • Hiding Many of Your Things in Your Own Home When "Normal Friends" Come Over
  • Hiding Your Own Sexuality - Just Because Yours is Consider a "Fetish"
  • Being Called Names Just Because You Had a Different Belief of Something Society Has - e.g. Right and Wrong
  • Stereotypes
  • More
This term is so dangerous, that even people causes suicide because of it.
Because of this horrible term, many people always have to censor themselves in fear of having there lives mocked at just because of how different they are.

It makes life completely pointless to survive because why would I want to work my ass off to live in a life similar to "Hell"?

Mainly because of this big problem, I became less of a fan of the idea of "surviving". I pretty much feel sorry for those who are born on this horrible world. To me, I call this planet the "Forbidden Planet". Yet, it's not just because of the term "Normal" I think.

I also think the sexual terms like "Fetish" and "Paraphilia" came from the same belief.
Warning: Link may not be SFW, and I didn't read the whole articles.

"The term "fetish" should be rejected not only because of its suggestion of disorder, but because of its pejorative connotation — the implication that the possessor of a fetish is somehow bizarre, that their sexuality is atypical, strange, outside the norm." - http://www.psychologytoday.com

There are so many different things that actually makes them happy (Healthy), but they get bashed on, possibly causing them to change themselves that were never really bad. What is bad, however, is changing yourself for others.

It's Time to be Smart
It's time, and always been the time, to face reality. Face the fact that everyone is different, and that there is no such thing as "Normality" ("Normal lifestyle"). Face the fact that your not anything different than any other person to exist. Stop using man-made beliefs as an excuse.

It's also time to start accepting people for who they are. It's time to make life, actually good!

Stop creating man-made terms, because all your doing is creating inequallity, and more negativity this world does not need.

Stop being bigots, stop being hateful, and realize what you are causing with this horrible religion.

Some people are actually realizing the truth that "Normality" is nothing but an illusion.
This offensive terms needs to die once and for all.

Very Interesting Links:


CC: Attribution - No Derivatives
I do not claim ownership over the first picture in the post.
Nor do I claim ownership to any links, or quotes I used from other websites.

I also would ask for some critique criticism, for making this post look more attractive! Please be honest, and mature though.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Hasbro Claims "Trademark"(?) Over The Word "Brony"

 Edit 7/15/2014
Some website posted a tag about this and claimed it was drama? I don't see how it's drama, unless I'm not understanding the term, but this is just news reporting, copyright facts (I.e. Telling people that they can't Copyright names), etc.
Edit done

You do know, the reason why I did (A while back) check up on certain brony sites while being an EX-Brony was to check if the "Freedom of the Fandom" was in "good shape". I still did not like Cease & Desist letters, as I think it's censorship. Laws can be unconstitutional or at least "Censorship", or both these days.

Now, for all the disaster issues I been through? I just don't care anymore. Or at least maybe the term "Brony" isn't a big issue.

The worst part of this was that I heard this was from "Horse-News". That's right, the place worst than Fox News, actually did for once, had news.


While these idiots claim I have no understand of what Copyright law is, I will try to study this...
First, let's take a look at the Trademark area:

Though, does this make it clear that what they claim is "valid"?
First: I do not think Trademark laws are meant to stop people from expressing it in there own way. It was originally meant to stop fraud. It was also not meant to belong in "Intellectual Property" as I heard.

Second: From that "news" website, they are suggesting that Hasbro claim Copyright over the word "Brony".
Wait what?

Image found on "Horse-news.net"

It seems this looks nothing like a Cease and Desist after all, though, I didn't read the full news report.
However, I like to say: You cannot Copyright a name and also, however, even though it originated from "4chan", it's possible for a company to register the word I think.


Well then, at this time, no end times, but I could be wrong.
Yeah, this post isn't big, I'm just not feeling my self at this time... So excuse me for that. >_>

Thursday, May 22, 2014

According to Some Anonymous, I Have no Right to be Offended

The white border around this image, makes the guy look like a cut-off.
So there is this Anonymous user, who claims I cannot be offended.. No really! He used "freedom examples" to somehow prove that point...

Let's look at the meaning of "offensive":

He was saying that to me, on a post that directly attacked me, abuse critique against me, and possibly made lies about me.

I think I will say this:
I have every right to be offended from what that original poster did to me. Since this post involves me, and that it pretty much does what the meaning of "offensive" is.

I think that Anonymous user is nothing but a hypocrite.

Hey, Americas... Your culture smells... YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE OFFENDED.
Nah, just kidding, and I live in America but do you get the point?

*sigh* I wish I lived on a more intellectual planet, followed by open, loving tolerance.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wow, Just Wow...

You know when someone gets so mad at you, that they try to find random stuff this person likes, then bring it out as a "flaw"? Probably to piss the guy off?

We have the failure of the world, "MLPcritic" and other people, making fun of me for liking wolves...


Coming from people who like ponies.


-One example of a selfish ignorant failure.
Edit: Also, thinks that liking "CGI, pictures, etc" is "perverted". Honestly, there is no "normal" nor that anyone wants to actually fall in-love with 2D pictures, because those 2D pictures form, "living creatures" in the person's head.. Edit done.

We also have this thing down here, which the person always fail to follow:
"One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself."

This is one of the reasons why I take that Golden Rule thing very seriously.
Maybe it should be an actual Law everywhere. Offending others for who they are, is offensive.
One idiot thought "I had no right to be offended" (I obviously do when it comes to attacking others) or something... Yeah, I vote for the Law.

Edit: 5/21/2014

Edit 7/13/2014: Yeah of course, Tuxxy reacts to this too. Edit done

So we got an update from the "greatest "critic" of the world"!
He thinks that if I am offended, then my info doesn't count.
He also thinks that he was never "butthurt" (A really stupid man-made term) when he first wrote his pathetic article.

So there you have it, if I do something similar, the "amazing "critic"" would say: "I'm butthurtz" and acts like:
  1. He's never did the same thing
  2. Somehow, my information "doesn't" count and thinks me being offended "debunks" my claims
  3. Calls himself a "critic".
 I think this guy is one hell of a troll. And trust me, trolls always love using "butthurt" as an excuse.

Also, look here.

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Unless, they follow a clear example of Fair Use. Posting without any purpose attached, doesn't fall under fair use, nor does biased/critique-abuse posts count.

I do not claim Copyright over certain content stuff like Twitter, and some content within the snapshot-edit.