Monday, December 30, 2013

Recreating the Natural Enviorement of Expression

For those who have no idea what I mean by "Natural Environment", what I mean by that is simply people expressing and offering the love enjoyment of a piece of media or any other kinds of thing they like.
That is a Natural Environment of Expression.
The "Natural Environment of Expression" is something I spiritually love for the world and beyond.

However, there is a threat among those kinds of things, ruining dreams of others who offer and feel free.
That my friends is those who like to ruin it, often coming from those who could NOT keep there selfish opinions to themselves. When an unnatural environment moment happens, it effects the Natural Environment of Expression, creating bad, unexpected negative energy, effecting the expression and of mostly offering.
When the rotten side of the environment (unnatural) effects, it starts to effect others around them, and then most likely create even yet another negative form to prevent offering to those who would enjoy that piece of media.

Of course, the same goes for the Natural side, effecting those around them and such. Which of course, is the thing we need to have.
Sadly, the main media environment is set more on the rotten side, which also means a form of control.

The biggest enemy is well, like some like to believe, is the "Haters".
A huge example is "Twilight", the environment regarding that is set in a very negative way. It gets to the point that It gets mention out of no where in negativity form a lot; I remember seeing a video of some guy using the word "garbage" over some thing he didn't like (I don't remember) but when he was listing pictures of the things he said was "garbage", the last one was just a picture of "Twilight", with the words "more garbage" or something. He was probably using that to be funny but in a spiritual view, it's not. If you wonder, you can sense how strong the negativity is among that book or movie. It probably started majorally because of "death threats" then the negative side became making it worse. Though, people probably doesn't have to "death threat" but that still doesn't change the fact that the "Haters" chose to not understand and made things much worse as a reaction. Clearly, they could of left them alone.

Death threats probably happened at the start of some world-view critics or something, fans worried in a worry sense or something, not sure though. Speaking of critics, I need to talk about it some time, and perhaps share some info I found on the Internet regarding this critic website.
Now regarding "Twilight", I remember seeing the movie once, I honestly thought it was "boring" to me, but do you see me going out in the public and saying that as a "fact?", nope and now since I am understanding how bad the negative environment is causing, hurting those who believe different for others, I cannot promote the negative side, I do not want to. Yet, I did share my opinion on Twilight, but I will declare that if others enjoyed it, it's a FACT to them as well, and they should embrace it to the public for others and even maybe re-offer to those who thought it was "boring" but that can totally be optional I think. Anyway, to mainly, openly mention this "forbidden" (By negativity side) movie, I just say "There were thousands who enjoyed this movie" not "There were thousands who enjoyed this boring movie". See the difference?

Also, when it comes to "Freedom of Speech", I don't think it would be fair to ban it to prevent it maybe, the natural way to fight back is well, arguing back I think.

Everyone Is Intended To There Opinions... Right?
Now let me make this clear, in a way, in a current time, yes, everyone is; It is OK to dislike a piece for any kind of biased reason or any other thought I think.
Should we at current moments respect these kind of opinions? In a way, "yes" but people with those "dislike" opinions should learn to keep it to them selves, whenever (Including news offering) someone expresses a love of something that they happen to like.
There are times, pretty much all the time we should leave the Natural Environment alone, because if we don't, we will be offering more hatred of others who like, and take people away from that good environment. Not only that, but whenever more negativity happens to appear, the environment feels more "controlled" like censorship, to a point that whenever someone once more, expresses there own interest to the world and suggest it, a person who can't control there unnatural opinion to them self, will just unreasonably stand up and say "No, your wrong, that is the worst thing ever".

That is something the "Natural Environment" does not want to hear, it's a pointless piece of hatred that should be kept to them selves.

The bad effects against the "Natural Environment of Expression" are:
⦁    Interrupting those around who enjoys
⦁    Preventing the share of interest for the future that others would like it
⦁    Promoting control
⦁    Spoiling people
⦁    Effects people to make them think they must join the "dark side"
⦁    Other
This is why I am AGAINST what we have now, it hurts the environment and one way to suggest to bring it back is for more people to stand up.
I also have a feeling, this is why certain "Fandoms" or other kinds of things are not huge at the moment.

Is this fair though, shouldn't haters have to stand up too?
The answer to that, is that if we let them, they would be causing a war on the natural environment, the ones who can't learn to keep things to there own self is the ones causing unfair problems. We only have two sides, not 3: The Natural Environment of Expression, and The Unnatural Environment of Negativity.
The Positive, the Negativity. In a way, the "Positive" side is "Expression" and the "Negative" side is "Censorship", it makes perfect sense because it has done nothing but effected (prevented) the Natural Environment from being, natural.
Since this is connected to the "Censorship" movement in a way, it would make valid sense to declare that a "hater's" opinion in the public to be offensive, because the purpose of expressing that publicly is to cause something to others based on it, and since it's pure negativity, the purpose is to 100 % prevent more natural movements. It's an offense against "growth" which is Life (Universe and Beyond) it's self.

Why This Movement is Fair
I'm talking about re-creating whatever environment effected by negativity to restore back to it's positive point.
We already got a thing for people who does have dislikes, and the main point is to:
1. Ignore what others like, and keep it to your self.
2. You have the freedom to express what you happen to like while you dislike the other
3. Realize that the thing others are expressing naturally is not purposly censoring your own interest.
4. When someone asked you, if you liked "name", please be honest and don't force it.
5. If someone does offer you to find a way to like it, respect his personal offer, feel free to say yes or no, but be honest, and don't say "never" or "always", please take the chance to be open maybe?

We live on the side of "Growth" which is basically just like life it's self; The Universe and Beyond. We are on the "Growing/expression" side. This is why the "Negative" side is viewed like censorship and should not be tolerated, because the only point of negative expression is to censor anything the natural environment like to cause. Like I said, there is only two: Positive and Negative.

Understanding Why There is Such Thing as Death Threats And Other
While it's all connecting, the simple truth is that, if the "haters" did not want "death threats and/or other" then none of this would have happen if people just learned to keep it to them selves in the first place. The "haters" in a way attack the environment.
The Natural sided people (Some can be called "Fanboys/girls") who have done that is based on the effect of the environment being attacked in theory.

A New Art Movement vs. Critics
This is sort of a bonus part of the article, but some of the hatred can be based off of what "Critics" think, it is unclear for sure by me if it connects to that. In case it does, I like to argue that the idea of a full vote declare by a number of "Critics" is a very offensive idea, as it's telling what is "good" or "bad" on any kind of things. Anything more different and sometimes not fit in so-called "modern" times is consider "bad".
A New Art Movement I would talk about is to realize that everyone is different and there are many joys over things that was consider "bad", it's to treat anything, even "lower" "quality" as a art, and not "bad" for it's own thing. It's to destroy "comparison" once and for all and other negativity.
The worse media side of criticism is movies. Gaming criticism isn't anywhere near as bad as movie critics, and who like to declare/force there opinions to the world, possibly creating an awful, unfair environment.
In my thoughts, movie "criticism" isn't being used right anymore, or should not exist maybe.

Because of what the negative side has caused, I think we need to restore the natural side of the environment and get rid of the negative side. The negative side has censored so much art possibilities and never seem to exist because of that, it also has hurt companies, especially Indie companies, it has "destroyed" a lot of dreams, promoted control, and gave a negative views against "Fans". This is not what I want for the world.
The reason why I suggest a new art movement was because thanks to old movements that declared new kinds of things as "art", the new kinds of art is not much in negative, people don't judge it, nor compare it to other types of art that much. I think one of them was called "Modern Movement" though, I hate it in a "old" stuff shouldn't be declared "old fashion", but I love it in a addition way. Everything is a "now" moment. Nothing is old-fashion.
I wonder if the "Modern Movement" connects to certain negativity? If so, then it may be abused. We should still respect traditional as something new.

So should stuff that still gets attacked for what it is.


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