Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sitting is Not A Disease It’s A Way of Life.

You have no idea how mad I was when I been seeing all these news from this so called Study claiming that Sitting puts you at risk, it makes your life shorter, etc.

Now it’s pretty much being spread and this could lead to a lot of control this way.
People are suggesting, Stand Desks, and more suggestions to avoid sitting.

I will say that I think this move is really stupid because everything we do is most likely going to cause a “Short Life”.

And why I think this is very bad is because well, sitting is one of the most simple things we do everyday, not only Human creatures does this, even other creatures also. It’s a natural part of your life. But sadly, many people now believe that sitting is not natural because it would “Shorten your life”. And this really pisses me off... Look, if sitting is not Natural, then Life it’s self isn’t because guess what, everyone dies.  Every life you get here on this Planet would die. Also, when it comes to sitting, we need to rest sometimes also.

Having to exercise every day and not sit once or at least 5 hours is insane.. What’s going to happen if more people believe this anyway? And then laws start to come? This will probably happen:

  • Everyone will now have to use Standing Desks to work or do other stuff.
  • Everyone will now have to stand up when they are in a conversation.
  • Everyone will somehow have to stand up while driving.
  • Everyone will now need to stand up when resting.
  • If sleeping counts: Everyone will have to keep walking or standing to “Sleep”.

Insane right? Now of course, it probably won’t be like that, you may still be allowed to sit, but you will probably have so many restrictions while doing so and I think having that much effecting your own lifestyle or something is very unnatural. Look, everyone dies, and sitting causing you to make your life a little shorter doesn’t mean it’s unnatural… If it was again, then life is unnatural. But since everyone including the other Animals does this, I think it’s natural. Smoking on the other hand is a different story and it’s sad to see people think that “Sitting is worse than Smoking”.

Also, as another thing, there is not even 100 % proof that sitting is even linked to loosing life. The Study is just based on a random survey I think, and it would “look” like it would be because of sitting, but there is no explanation.

Like some say, I think this Study is a waste of time. Plus when it comes to people who has a short life and they sit most of the time in that Survey, other things could of happen that caused it. Also, I heard a lot of overweight people and other type is most likely to sit.

Perhaps it’s not the sitting that caused it, its people being overweight. Maybe in the survey, most people were really overweight. Even more possible proof that sitting isn’t the cause is that I heard a lot of people been able to live past 80 and they have sit most of the time. Remember, we have sit a lot for thousands of years, and a lot of people has been able to age even past 100.

I think these are one of the articles I saw: