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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Flayrah is a Terrible Furry Site - Review

Don't know what happened to it's unique design. It used to have a style for it's title.

Flayrah is a site that delivers news, opinion, reviews, fiction, artwork, and "original" work.
The general motto is "furry food for thought", which is based off "food for thought".

Is Flayrah really an interesting furry site that considers "food for thought" to a lot of people though? Is it a healthy site for communities to be treated as welcoming people? Does it have a fair system for debate? And is the news usually about interesting furry stuff?

No, no, no, and... kinda? For the "kinda" part, it's not exactly what you would expect.

Some Is Interesting, Many Aren't
Many parts of the website does indeed talk a lot about furry stuff, after all, it's a furry focused site, which includes four-legged anthropomorphic characters.
However, I do not agree that just showing a furry art piece is itself interesting, and the sad problem about the site is that most of the posts are usually reviews, news of random crime, and possibly other things with little to no interesting information.
Perhaps maybe at least most of the reviews can have interesting content in them?

Sadly I so far failed to find any interesting criticism in a review I think.
One of the worst reviews I've seen was an Alpha and Omega review (the first movie's) which clearly stifles creativity by trying to call out the designs because it's not the person's thing. One of the worst parts about such review is this:
"Most characters don't stand out on their own in any way; the exceptions are sometimes for the wrong reasons. Eve (Kate's mother), for example, stands out for having a nose at least twice the size of anyone else in the film."
Even though, many movies has always had "wacky" designs on different characters of the same species before. The reason is likely because if you make them look too similar, they won't look as unique.

Many parts of the review does nothing but insult the creator's creativity and then suggesting a message which stifles creativity instead. There is nothing "food for thought" about the review, it's just a person who is being biased and unfair.

Speaking of "biased", another person made another review with a title in reaction to me talking about the subject of "biased" here. Was that one an interesting message? Well, it sounded nothing new, that argument is based upon what most people would think.

I think this should be considered food for thought for example:
Even though it's my article, I still argue it's a good argument despite me not being that good at writing. The article (or journal) linked argues a main belief that has barely been addressed and attempts to show something a lot of people may have never thought of before. It's *ahem*... something to think about, isn't it?

There are some articles that at least try to give criticism, but does that automatically make it food for thought? Are they alone interesting?

The Main Community
What counts as the main community? That would be anyone who comments and has an account. Guests might however count too especially if they have an account already. On here though, we may depend on the majority for this one and who is more known and is active. It's really impossible for a website to have everyone who is part of the community to behave the same. There may always be that one person who does disruptive behavior.

When it comes to many active and more known people commenting, it's not so good. Most of the time, it's one sided, and anyone who attempts to criticize a point may cause emotional uproar just like an average social media site where a questionable opinion is more popular than the other and anyone who disagrees will get bashed. In fact maybe, some people act like I wasn't allowed to disagree with a point in a review because they think reviews can't be questioned maybe. This emotional problem can cause drama, and if there is such system, some may attempt to rate comments to a low score out of an irrational mindset instead of an rational one. Some systems can have a "hide" system within it, and many good interesting comments can be hidden while irrational garbage comments gets praised instead. This tries ruins a good healthy relationship within the community.
Another problem is that some members are clearly assholes, as some are more for personal insults.

Yet, another problem is that the site tries to give this illusion of "reputation" and possibly another sense, making many users feel scared of possibly posting interesting criticism. This is perhaps one of the most depressing feelings to ever have on this site, and the main issue here is that some of the major problems mentioned in this sub section of the article may cause such bad feeling.

It's also possible some furries have left the site due to the community problems.

Some Pictures

A user leaving due to Flayrah's problems. I do not want to mention who, and I ask anyone else to not speak of the person's name as I assume the person doesn't want that due to a post I've seen. I do not want to drag this person into drama, thanks.
According to the user (2cross2affliction), I've somehow been rude for... having my own criticism?
Also, to be safe, here is a comment from me regarding that porn:
"And it's not that I "defended" child porn, I was making arguments more around it and some that MIGHT sound a little for it, but I never blatantly defended it.
I just wanted to question stuff like "It creates a demand", "it hurts the victim" and/or that it's treated like it's "rape", all in terms of possession alone. Why? Because those arguments can be bad and compared to a LOT of things that may be legal. Those arguments are horrible and dangerous alone. And hell, I even said I hope the person doesn't possess child porn again."
My comment on top, insulting comment below my comment.
Reaction (bottom comment) to my comment.
Telling me to leave. Possible hypocrisy in comment.
2cross2affliction being a complete dick now on another thread.
Part of one of 2cross2affliction's comments.
Speaking of this person (2cross2affliction), he's admitted he's rude, but I don't know if I'm wrong but to me it's as if he gets to be rude, but I can't... While that's stupid, I still argue many of the things he said is "rude" isn't rude. Anyway, this guy is seriously causing a lot of problems. He even said I'm "no victim" as if that's always the case for his mistakes just because of a mistake I could of done on there for example.

Bottom comment.
Insulting me as a writer.
Again, another insult. Coming from a Pokemon fan who gives direct links to Pokemon pornography on Deviantart.

The Rating System and Why It's Flawed
In some snapshots here on this article, you may noticed a row of stars in the count of 5. It's the rating system, a system that allows members and even guests to vote on a comment and/or article. One star is considered the poorest, and five stars is considered "Awesome".

The problem with this system is that it usually allows others to consider interesting criticism to be considered "poor" while terrible comments get praised. When it comes to emotional subjects, it gets rather abused heavily. If someone for example tried to question the popular belief among the majority of the site, the comment will likely be rated as "poor" (one star), even if you give out good links to studies. When it comes to pages like that, a lot of people there seem to be more irrational than rational. That type of behavior attempts to bash anyone who dares question some beliefs, not only reacting badly, and rating the comments down, but when a comment is rated very down, the comment will be "hidden", and you would have to click on it to actually see it, making it easier to miss the comment.

Here is a snapshot I already posted to show something that's kinda an example:
Note: I probably voted my own comment because of how unfair it was.

"Poor" votes can also happen due to just hatred for the person and I might be a victim of that too.

Why do we even have a rating system in the first place? It's unfair, and by unfair, I mean in this general problem I'm already trying to address. This rating system can also cause others to be scared to post their opinions and/or good solid points. It's mainly a tool to hide others, a tool that causes fear, and a tool that gets used in an attempt to abuse good points, and/or things that may be interesting in a good way.
The only good thing about it, is that it can also be used as a way to recommend good comments and/or comments not good or bad.

I suggest either one of these improvements for the system:
  • Ditched the "low ratings" and make a "like" system instead: Have comments have a "liked", or similar function instead.
  • Ditched any rating system.
  • Allow others to disable the ratings on their comments and article, publicly. Youtube does this for videos, by the way.
Of course, the only time I'm for deleting a comment entirely is if it was illegal.

Here is something GreenReaper (owner of website) partly said in a comment to me:
"It is also not a zero-sum game: in my experience everyone is able to post comments which are considered good enough not to be folded; but often they choose not to. The rating system provides a consequence to that choice."
Yes, a consequence which causes multiple problems. Fear is one of those things. There can be some pretty bad arguments that is emotionally supported on the site, but due to ratings, some people are afraid to address it. Backlash can also be an issue.
For example, there is an argument claiming something of "Possession of certain porn creates a demand!" and that argument alone is itself a problem. I could say something like:
"That argument is based upon fear, and if merely possessing such porn "creates" a demand, then what about violence in video games? Doesn't that "create" a demand too? What about fictional certain porn? Won't that "create" a demand as well? What if the person possessed it for crime report? After all, the person DID view it after all, which must of effected the view count, "creating" a demand. I find that demand claim to be a poor argument. Demand should be literally mean what it means if I'm thinking right, not fear."
And what happens then? The comment will likely get 1-stared, then folded, and some making empty claims will get praised. I'm also sure 2cross2affliction will call that "wrong" and "evil" because that's what he does. He doesn't respect free speech (or rather naturally since the website may have legal rights to censor it), and he calls that type of disagreements "evil" and "wrong".

There wasn't really any attempt to make any interesting points back in such likelihood example.

The News
The news is perhaps slightly interesting. Though is that an excuse to judge it, though?
Well, first many news don't seem to offer any interesting points I think.

But at usual, it does it's job at reporting some furry related stuff. The odd part is that I often see crime reports involving children and I'm not so sure if reporting someone for possessing certain porn because the person is a furry does it's job right.

I also think certain news can rather promote harm to the individuals who need help. It's almost as if Flayrah is expecting a furry to be "perfect" and if not, they expose it like it's breaking news.

It's not a healthy furry site. It's more rotten in general. The community in general is poor, especially how part of the community acts to those who disagree with popular opinion, many "food" in some articles is more rotten, the ratings are unfair, and creates an unhealthy sense by causing fear. The news is perhaps the only slightly thing useful, but even that has problems sometimes.

The worst part about the site is probably the community. Not everyone is doing bad behavior, of course.


Also I don't think I'm so good at article editing. However I hope my article comes out clear enough. Article may get updated and has already been updated at times.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Why JettTheWolf696 is an Online Bully + History

This article may get edited in the future.
There is a possible glitch forcing some text to be small. I suggest using the zoom tool if there is one.
Hello, I am a victim of the abuse this person did to me in the past.
The person has continued making mentions in the past, lied, and actually sent a disturbing comment toward me before. I am also a witness of the abuse this person has done to several other people. 

 Why I'm Doing This
Well I already explained kinda above this smaller title, but I think another reason why this needed to be made was because I am filled with so much weird pain and past abuse he's done to me and possibly another guy. Recently, this person couldn't stop mentioning me with crap, refused to change for the better, then I found a bigoted post from him complaining about other people being happy with what he finds "disturbing" and started dictating that it's wrong for others to express harmless "disturbing" stuff because of what haters think. Note that "haters" who hate on furries don't have a good reason.

I just don't really know how to say this so well, but from my own experience, he's just a terrible, lying, hypocritical, a nut and a cyberbully I've met in the past.
Sadly, this is also complicated because it's a big type of history type of post too.

 Main Info About JettTheWolf696
Also known as: RedPyramid206, JettAshfeild, JettAshfield, ValtielWolf, and possibly more.
According to an old comment found, his real name might be Chris Ashton but I'm not sure.
JettTheWolf696's farthest history I believe is that he used to use a name called "RedPyramid206" and I believe he was a fan of Silent Hill. Today, he generally loves BlackBlood Alliance (best credit?) but also according to stories, he's also had a trolling history of trolling an entirely different wolf character area having nothing to do with BlackBlood Alliance. He's also known for enjoying cyber abuse sites that has the word "dramatica" in the title.
His possible main profile is located here at

At this time (8/28/2017?), he doesn't know very much skill on how to draw, and the stuff he uses are not his but were possibly requested drawings from him.

He also doesn't tolerate freedom of expression as the moment someone expresses something harmless and is considered "disturbing", he will try to make the person look bad, and publicly attempt to shame anyone who uploads anything he consider "disturbing" or "offended".
Why he's a Bad Person
While he should still be respected as a person, he shouldn't be viewed as a good one.

JettTheWolf696 (Chris Ashton) has had a major diseased past involving other people in the past. He's trolled other groups because he hated the groups for whatever reason he's had, he's posted so much crap not being true, he's also acts like he would be "nice" to other artists but bashes some other artists because it's not his thing, he's lied, he's played as other accounts and lied about it, he's promoted harassment, possible libel, started drama with other people, attempted to dictate a group, and teamed up with other jerks against people like me.

Will this article just be left like this? Of course not! There will be sections.


He's Trolled Another Wolf Group in 2011
Sadly it's very hard to find evidence but I remember hearing something that he was part of a troll attack toward an Alpha and Omega group somewhere. I may need to do further research on this later.

He's Lied and Trolled and/or Promoted Trolling   
I'm afraid to say I don't know everything he's done on the internet. However I've been experiencing some problems with him on some years. He's trolled the Alpha and Omega Fanpop fan club with several accounts and usually in those times he's used other account names and attempt to hide his identity.
One of his trolling was under an account name called Sound_Wave_. Though he never directly admit it from his main account except this one time:
(Comment is now hidden by JettTheWolf696 (also the same JettAshfeild account).
About a year later, it was discovered that "JettAshfield" has posted a comment on Reddit:
Sadly though Kishin_Kira (JettTheWolf696) apparently claimed this person isn't him. He claimed he was a stalker of his... even though it's very questionable as to why this person believed a certain user was "wwwarea" and how similar the behavior was. He claimed he wasn't him when the same "certain user" just went on and said that he founded something on Google (The Reddit post) without even mentioning him.


Sometime (months?) later there was another troll in the name of  MRMCPANCAKE69 on the same fan club trolling the place. When the hero "certain user" went in and said another Google comment without being specific again, out of nowhere Kishin_Kira (JettTheWolf696) complaint to the comment and acting like he's not the troll or a similar comment maybe and also acted like a jerk.

What was found in Google?
A disqus account of Jett Ashfeild with a very similar icon.

The snapshot is showing two different accounts but put together to show how silly this became and the comparison.

It's not 100% proof according to the snapshot but just look at it and you tell me!

As of recently, it's very possible he came into the "wwwarea" account on DeviantArt disguised as an Alpha and Omega 7 (or 8) sequel fan to defend himself against the criticism calling out a mention I think. The account had favorites filled with pictures of wolves from BBA (A thing JettTheWolf696 is a very big fan of) in favorites, has commented on journals randomly defending JettTheWolf696, and acting hypocritical with the whole "opinion" thing like JettTheWolf696 often acts on. Then soon after, the account was closed.
Problem though is that it's still not very strong evidence to me... but I just wanted to put this out there.

He Doesn't Respect Personal Opinion
The trolling can of course, be part of this. But I wanted to show a bit more of this title and have it as a main focus in this section of the article.
 He usually claims he "respects opinions" or in a similar title. Here is a snapshot of him claiming he "respects" opinions:

An example too. So anyway as he often acts like he "respects" opinions. He doesn't and plus the moment someone slightly disagrees with his argument, he goes out and complain to the person disagreeing with the person. I might show an example of that in a little bit.

Examples of his Hypocrisy and bad Behavior with no Order:
Him complaining about a victimless fictional legal fan fiction because he finds it disturbing.

The same guy complaining about the victimless fictional because he's offended.

Agreeing to others complaining about the same creator's opinion of the fanfiction.

All because HumphreyWolfMan disagreed nicely and had an opinion by defending a completely victimless fictional story.
Recently too, just showing more anything he's offended and disturbed by, he refuses to tolerance other's personal opinion that are different than his.

He's Hypocritical
I've already shown some examples above this title.
He generally acts like he "respects" opinions but then doesn't.
Another example of this is that he goes on and accuses me of not respecting him because I didn't tolerate his opinions that is already intolerant to others, yet when I say my opinions as to what he believes, he doesn't tolerate it. 

He goes out against anything he finds super disturbing to him and makes up a reason against so-called "pedophilia" stories because (correct me if I'm wrong) he has children of his own and wants to become a father, but yet he makes fan stories about wolves and humans in loving relationship ways.
So he minds what he believes to be pedophilia against cubs that don't look like humans out of fear, yet he's fine with Zoophilia like things when people like me can have a fear of him raping animals?
And uhhhhh...

He also goes on accusing someone like me of mentioning him and say he hasn't talked to me in months.. Yet, he make mentions about me just like how the journals are mentioning him. He basically is acting that he can make mentions but I can't. Not sure if this is exactly hypocritical but still pretty sad.

Also did I mention that when HumphreyWolfMan talks bad about a certain fanfiction of JettTheWolf696's, he goes on and attempt to directly contact the person and complain?

He Might Discriminate and Personally Attack Others
Already mentioned some discrimination and personal attacks above somewhere.
If he knows anyone who's even slightly attractive to fictional cubs that don't look like humans, he might harass you, attempt to publically call it out, and/or personally attack you by saying "get help", "that's wrong", and/or other forms of discrimination. Even to people who are not attractive to children at all, and/or has a main attraction to adult things.

He Wants People in Prison for Having Certain Thoughts
Along with personal attacks and false lies.
The fact that he wants to hurt people by desiring non-consensual imprisonment for a victimless act such as thought is disgusting.

He Wants to Throw People in Prison for Just Attraction
He has expressed several hints of this and one comment was very clear, but however, I cannot show that commit as it was found under a post that encourage unlawful killing. Which I reported to the site.
Other comment(s):
 Along with personal attacks.

He Spreads False Information About me
Kinda did show some snapshots showing. But generally I found a comment from him and I could of swear it claimed that I said "Children consent" when I never said that. If he's talking about the post where I researched and heard a child might say "yes", he's still wrong I argue because I thought I argued that it's not enough to consent? I cannot show snapshot because it's under a terrible post I don't want to share. Here is this however:


The irony. I know this isn't the section... but while he's worried about someone raping children over a fanfiction involving fictional cubs looking nothing like children, I'm worried about his life when it comes to his love for wolves, and these comments.
Of course, I'm not saying I don't tolerate his personal likes for fictional characters and other things legal, but I mainly wanted to expose how bias he is and compared mine as the same in general which he doesn't tolerate maybe.


There you have it. I've suffered from his delusions and hypocrisy before. He's a cyberbully, he's a liar, he's hypocritical, he doesn't take criticism, he may depend on popular haters, he's clearly an asshole (probably connected with some of the things I've said on here), and he's possibly bigoted.

Research Stuff

This article is probably protected by the First Amendment:

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Channeleven or REMRadioheadfan96 - His Bio and Online Profiles Coming Soon? - Updated

This is an update:
Apparently, he claims that the Facebook found was 'accidental' (Is that even possible?), but either way, Channeleven posting it on that article isn't an accident, or a 'random' accidental thing.
Since it's posted, it's fair to consider that action 'stalking'.
Funny too, this bigot (who thinks he's right about wwwarea just because) always whine about "There is nothing on it!" as an "excuse" to attempt to stalk and while it's not an excuse, I bet if there was anything on it, he would still post it.
Oh, and hi Channel/Stalker.
Updated info done.

Well it's been a while now. He's been doing some evil things (And recently I was suggested to not talk about a certain area to avoid fueling the trolls, but this is just sad.) to 'wwwarea' lately.

REMRadioheadfan96/Channeleven (DA profile here.) has always been trying to stalk many people and just loves to stalk 'wwwarea' online all the time.
And I mean.. all the time.

According to some info, Most of that is directly against 'wwwarea' Including  some of the ones without 'wwwarea' in it.

Some time recently he tried to stalk and find his Facebook according to this journal and in the history.
Kinda creepy...
And of course! All the other stalking around it.

Channel seems to stalk so much, to the point that he now tries to look up 'wwwarea' in an archive for old unnecessary profiles that are not only unnecessary, but are probably not even his (Just like many of the links already in the External Links section on that snapshot..)
Also recently he's also very butthurt about admin action on DeviantArt about the removal of disturbing post purposes on DeviantArt

What the hell is wrong with this guy?
He always started drama with people, but I never knew he goes this insane with people like this!
Remember the words that's said: "Abusers don't deserve respect."

Oh yeah, this history is found here.

So yeah, that's that. I wonder how he likes it if someone fights and does this back to him?
According to info, his online and RL life is known so much, that the home of where he lives is known too (somehow..?). However from a talk, I do not want to go to the house part.
Though, it's remembered that his RL girl (Or that's his sister or friend) was found on a photo site.
I mean, I would not harass him or her, but just like Channel would do to, I would just link to it because it connects to his life somehow.
I wonder if I should actually link it? I know Channel would do that if he knew one of his RL friends (As he tried to find before).

Monday, August 31, 2015

REMRadioheadfan96 or Channeleven - The History

Channeleven and REMRadioheadfan96 is the same guy.
deenapeter and Channeleven on Youtube is the same. Name was probably changed to Channeleven after that name.

In a Nutshell
REMRadioheadfan96/Channeleven is a highly delusional selfish cyberbully who always create drama with people, war, and etc.
In real life, he doesn't have much of a skill. He is a photographer, but alas, he isn't very good at it.

He cyberbullies people with any 'fetish' he finds disturbing, posts snapshots about it, videos, and etc.
He also attacks people whenever someone disagrees and judge them back.
He's very obsessed with people who likes to defend what he hates (e.g. Alpha and Omega) and will possibly make up more lies about it and the fans.

Considering he expresses his "I have a right to express my views" type of text (Somewhere he did that) but whenever someone does the 'same thing' to him back, he freaks out about it, claim "attack", etc.
Anyone who calls him out for his cyberbullying will most likely lead to REM uploading his content in reaction or directly to the criticizer with a possible rotten side of slander for his white knights.

Did I also tell you that he doesn't believe cyberbullying exist?
Probably as a reaction to something that mostly does nothing but quoting (researching stuff).

He will also twist the meanings up and most likely blame the wrong people.
Just like the time he claims I'm a "stalker" for checking content directed at me in reaction to the real fact that he's the stalker himself for looking up my activity and constantly update the article about me.

Anyway, it's time to reveal his history with people online.
Note though that some of it won't have links of proof. But if I find proof to one, I may update it.

The First Time I've Met Him in Drama I Think.
It was when he made a journal about some of my content; he called me personality insulting names like 'Wolfaboo', etc, etc. Because of my freedom of speech for criticism.

That's the first time he's started a fight with me.

Now then. Beyond 0.

  1. He has uploaded snapshots about people's fetishes of humiliation or mock purposes. Example of him going to humiliate or mock one guy:
  2. Uploaded a snapshot about someone liking some fictional thing from a show called Kid's Next Door - Leading to so many white knights to attack him to the point of suicidal thoughts.
  3. Made hate videos about people because of expressing 'fetishes' (Check out channeleven's youtube videos if you dare want to see them) (deenapeter is his channel url.)
  4. While all that creates fights, apparently he starts fights with 'journals' (On his DA page), and blog posts.
  5. Has agreed to people to find out where 'wwwarea' lived and I think attempted to post (maybe) personal identifiable information. PROOF: Here, maybe here, and here. - On Maybe here, DA told me that the comment had 'my name' and 'city'.
  6.  Clearly has no respect to anyone who used Freedom of Speech to criticize his rude behavior toward people - Look here too
  7. Started fights with 'SpaceOmega5000' on Youtube by going in a random review and talking shit about 'SpaceOmega5000 in connection with 'wwwarea'.
  8. Always complain about 'fetishes' so many times (check some of this history too and look at some of his journals)
  9. Went into a fan group (On a site) and started yet another fight (This was before the SpaceOmega5000 thing) with a 'Are you fucking kidding me' meme face. (Somewhere here, but he hid the comment)
  10. Forcing his hatred to Alpha and Omega fans (Kinda like the meme face). Examples One, and Two
  11. Personality insult fans of a movie by calling them: "Autistic Wolfaboos"
    Might of been on a review involving a movie called Alpha and Omega.
  12. Posted snapshots for the purposes of mock, humiliate, harassment, etc. (Either one or two, etc. of those) of people's and their criticism toward him. Example maybe:*/ This could help, but I am having trouble checking some snapshots because the Internet here is very bad. Sadly I looked at more, I guess archive can't save pictures very good, but here is this admit before the admins took down nearly every snapshot and banned him for a while:
  13. Has made an ED article against 'wwwarea', for cyberbullying purposes, and has possibly attempted illegal action by doxing on there (I think). - He is also serious about 'wwwarea', showing the article is no joke.
  14. Stalks 'wwwarea' many times and constantly updating that ED article about 'wwwarea'.

  15. Twist the meaning of stalking and blamed 'wwwarea' for "stalking" an article that is directed at 'wwwarea'.
  16. Makes hate posts involving that wolf movie he never watched because of 'wwwarea'.
  17. Blames his victims after what he did to them.
  18. Insults misanthropic people because 'wwwarea' is a misanthropic
  19. Makes fun of 'wwwarea' for making commentary journals in self-defense even though he does it too.
  20.  Admits to being a bigot about people's own differences:
  21. Expresses something like "I have the right to express my views" but attacks anyone else who "expresses his views" on him (While he was expressing his views on others in the first place
  22. Recently insulted the whole Alpha and Omega fanbase again.
  23. Admitted to call the dictionary 'my bible' and claim I attack people for not believing in science, possibly admitting that REM himself is actually denying the dictionary, and science, fighting for stupidity and bigotry.
  24. Attacks me for standing up with a lot of speech, probably because he hates it when I stand up and fight for myself.
  25. Slander people - Example, that anti-Alpha and Omega post that slanders fans claiming they "attack" people for not liking art-styles when in reality, it's just defending.
  26. Has no meaning of what 'Wolfaboo' means and continuously calls me one even though I'm not. He only calls me that for defending wolves, loving, wolves, etc. Even though I don't go 'over-obsessed' with them nor do I treat them as superior in morality.
  27. Even though he claims I "attack" him by talking bad about him and his review, or am "immature" for that, (or both), he talks bad about Nostalgia Critic for his attempt of what he thinks is legit (just like mine). < This mistake is about hypocrisy. Heck, I only argued his claim and talked bad about him for mainly other reasons, and since he possibly attacked defenders in his review.
  28. Attacks spirituality by attacking others for having spiritual believes, possibly with the mixes of religion, etc. - They attack me for having them, etc. Pretended they know everything about it, etc.
  29.  Even though he abused me several times, but now he's attacking my friend by promoting an article against my friend:

  30.  Goes even more insane. Stalks at least one Facebook account of someone:
  31. Continues to stalk more people. To the point that he tries to look up 'wwwarea' in an archive.
  32. Started a fight with a random ROBLOX fan and continue to harass the person even with offensive hate speech based off disability:

  33.  Has made more ED articles against other people.
  34. Attempted to find this person's Facebook again. 
  35. Has no idea what Fair Use is: 

    I'm not defending the idea of Copyright. Just exposing the stupidity of Channeleven for this one.
  36.  Posted this:
  37.  Posted doxxed information.

    I saved a video too.
  38. Obviously treating his opinions as fact by what he prefers:

  39. Possibly More
I may feel like I didn't list it out so well. But I'll keep it updated if I find more mainly.

In a nutshell: He's a cyberbully who attacks people for expressing their fetishes, attacks people for disagreeing and defending, attacks people for self-defense toward him, etc.
Either by emotional abuse, (Could be part of cyberbullying), cyberbulling, etc. He will post content about other people for his 'white knights' to possibly attack them or to see many assholes agree to him. Obviously he posts stuff about others for other people to see.
He depends on popularity, and not logic.

Admits in many ways to be a bigot as he possibly denies the dictionary, possibly science, ignores the law, etc.
Proving he admits to make things up about others and expresses his feelings as a "fact" over others.
And of course, anyone who judges him back for that, will get abused by REMRadioheadfan96/Channeleven.

He's also an emotional abuser and for all the things I've said about him, he will blame his victims and not himself for the mistakes he's done.

And his non-sense "I can express my views" (but others can't according to him), he's a possible hypocrite.

Also Safety Suggestion:
It's best to not even try to argue this bigot. He will never listen, nor listen to his links (He may rarely give out links that are either (out-dated, with new discoveries updating over them) or links that miss the point.
But at all times (or very, VERY mostly. He won't be open to listen to any links you send him, because he can't stand any open criticism, he won't listen to the dictionary, etc. He's just a bigot as history tried to prove and probably proved it.
Now for your own safety, I highly suggest to STAY away from this guy or else you may:
  • Get a cyberbullying article on ED
  • Get mocked by snapshots with slander
  • Slander you
  • Have his white knights attack you
  • May post hate art
  • Support (Such as faving hate pictures about you)
  • May agree to people to find out where you live
  •  Personality insult you
  • Make cyberbullying journals
  • and probably more.
Possible exception: If you are a sheep of him, and listens to everything he said, he probably won't do that.
Also be warned he is also a possible hypocrite. If you are inspired by his speech with 'I share my own views' but you post your own against his claims, he may do what I listed.