Sunday, April 2, 2017

TimberHumphrey AKA Niko Zguri - Bullying and Other Problems

This is not Humphrey or maybe this is Humphrey making a face reaction to the other person.
 Some of his profiles:
Disclaimer: I do not approve of some things of what he does.

Timber Humphrey is named Niko Zguri and usually likes to give thoughts about movies and favorites his kind of things.
Usually he's not very popular and apparently has a belly button fetish which is fine.
Back then he believed in the free speech to disagree with anyone attempting to call out his favorite movie "Alpha and Omega" but then he thinks he doesn't and always seem to claim that others are allowed to have "opinions". (Note: Disagreeing alone doesn't violate free speech)

Sadly, he's two-faced. I mean, he's hypocritical, and he's also done other bad things and he's became so bad that words cannot describe him anymore. He has severally attacked ANYONE who disagrees with him. And lied to several people like me about him so called "respecting" the idea of people having their own opinions.

He's used multiple accounts to attack Norm of the North fans on Youtube and failed to admit his mistakes whenever someone like me calls him out on that.
He attacks me whenever I speak with my opinion on many problems.
He literally, and I mean literally became so bad that he threatened a person called Tom Kane to write his name on the Death Note if it was real because he hates it when an artist does something he doesn't like with Alpha and Omega.

He always thinks that "hate on A&O" is A-OK.. But in the end, he's only for hate. And I mean hate.
Anytime someone defends something, someone standing up for themselves, and so on, he acts like they aren't allowed to do that.. Anything for the positive agenda is a crime in his eyes.

Examples of his Online Bullying and Threats

He threats violence

 He death wishes and would try to cause death if death note was real

xNickTheBestx is TimberHumphrey and that picture is a "death note".
He has severally and openly attacked me online

He's completely hypocritical
He often accuses me of being some form of "attacker" just because I stated why I don't agree with a critic's viewpoint, and he's always claim he "respects" opinions.

Yet, he supports the same thing toward critics:

And yet, kinda like what I've already shown, he does not respect anyone who defends anything he doesn't like.

Uses "Mentally Retarded" as Insult to Some Critics for Praising of "The Star"
Also hypocritical.

There is plenty more, and I mean it.
For now, let's just leave this out.

Timber Humphrey is officially the worst Alpha and Omega fan I've ever met in my life and hope to god I don't ever meet him. The fact that he's threatened the worst of the worst to a creator for a movie shows that he's a major threat.
He blames victims, attacks fanfiction creators, attacks anyone who likes a film he doesn't like, he threats major problems, he thinks everything (except my speech and everything else he hates) is criticism (he disguises bullying as just "calling out"), he's a HUGE hypocrite, and with everything I said, he's an online bully, and a threat.
And yes, he calls me out for calling him out for legitimate reasons I have.

  • Timber will likely hide the accusations toward him calling him out and likely pick a random possible mistake (or so-called mistake) of the other person instead.
  • He will likely NEVER take criticism unless a large group sends amount of criticism toward him maybe
  • He will call everything he said and/or other forms of insults, attacks, and so on "criticism" and treat it the same as ACTUAL criticism.
  •  He attacks people for other fetishes not his own.
  • He attacks people's existence (worse than homophobia).
  • He believes in the worst of the worst. 
  • He will likely lie to you.
  • He will likely comment on this article page. 
  • Without arguments, he will likely insult you, attack you and other forms... unless you agree to him.
Want me to add more? OK. But please note there will be some comments I cannot show.

And yes, this article of history is protected by the First Amendment unless it's legally not allowed: