Sunday, December 20, 2015

Exposing Channeleven Further

This is a copy and paste from Area's journal as he said he wanted to back it up, but still wanted the truth exposed somewhere, so I will take this request and put it out.

The man (Channeleven) tried and attempt to find "my" Facebook again. After seeing an updated URL, I went onto Facebook and warned the person about this just now.

The fact that you (Peter) are so obsessed with finding personal information about people like that shows why you always been causing trouble (So I decided to do this back to you).

The fact that he won't leave me alone with his stalking, then I'm just going to move accounts much sooner than I planned to.

And yes, trying to find someone's Facebook (especially for a second time) and showing a link after doing that, IS stalking AND harassment.

And to viewers, THIS FOLKS, is why I can't stop talking about my stalker here.
Again, thanks a lot you horrible monster (Channel), thanks for showing that you still support actual stalking and obviously harassment. How do you like it if someone found all your personal crap that you try to hide REM and shown it on an article getting thousands of views? How would you like it if a certain someone uploads a picture of your house, and say bullshit crap like "Someone seeing a picture of this isn'tz stalkinz" as if the person who said that isn't stalking?
Yes, he said that to that Facebook link and hiding the fact that he's the one that advocated a link based off his stalking.

The person replied: He said that he is very disgusted how this person tried to find his Facebook again, he may request Google to change the URL again and that he's very upset not only at this horrid stalker, but also to Google for failing to protect privacy settings to avoid people finding it.

I hope you go to jail for avoiding privacy protection, Peter.

Also, this isn't the first time I've talked about Facebook and Peter/Channeleven.
The only difference is that I had to replace this last part at the bottom due to the way it was linked. I replaced it with a normal link.

Also, in other news, I had another article request posted called "As far as I can go" and it had a picture of a random house, said to be 'by REM's house' but due to some second thoughts, I've decided to save it as draft for now.
I still have the image on here and I may share it with certain people.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

One Reason why 'wwwarea' won't let go of REM

 Of course, REM is the one that wouldn't let go of him in the first place.
Well after some research, I figured out that REM has yet, started another fight with 'wwwarea'. Seems he really has not let go of him in the end. Even though he said he would in a way at another area.

Oh REM, why do you have to start fights with me again as you usually do? (E.g. How he starts journals against me for making journals not even directed at him)

So anyway, seeing this:
Proves further as to why Channeleven start fights.
For anyone's information, another person started a fight with me in this thread by claiming I was a "heterophoboa" and said other bad things.
Granted, I find 'common' heterosexual gross, but I do NOT discriminate them.
After explaining myself, and after some days, Channel (of course) came along and started posting more slandering and other bullshit about me once again.
Oh and by the way, here is a snapshot of the main thing that started a fight.

Name censored due to that possibly being a real person, but out of misunderstanding. But it was meant to be directed at me in attempt.

Why do people have to make the world more shitty?

Also, there was a recent post about me explaining something against non-sense and stupidity that Channeleven claims.

And as usual, you will still stalk me and continue to post shit about me maybe.
When will people like you learn?

Request done
I wonder if REM is going to claim "stalking" over something that started fights with 'wwwarea'?

Sunday, December 6, 2015

More like 'you' Picked a Fight - RE: EXTREME Non-sense

Ah yes, the classic case of bigotry, and insane non-sense from that Channeleven guy, followed by some insane stupidity comments following along it too.

Request used:


Oh Channel, again with the non-sense and idiotic followers (At least some of them).

Found this here:
I haven't talked about wwwarea in ages, and now he decides to pick a fight with because I was trolling Sponge (that ROBLOX guy I talked about in past journals).
Picked a fight? Who's the guy who's been picking and starting fights with me about furry defending, spiritual beliefs, and so on?
And who's the guy who recently picked a fight and use "autism" as insulting names, and so on?
Me and Funnel have left wwwarea alone, yet he continues to obsess over the both of us.
Because of what you did before. You were the ones obsessed with me and starting fights with me (including others) in the first place.
I'm not going to say that it's "my fault", but in terms of 'focusing on users': Me, you, funnel, and some others are no different.
Since it no longer matters whether or not anyone leaves him alone, a response to the blog is possible.
Just like you with me, including with other people.
It'll be posted here, and it'll be posted on my blog in case he tries to report it, because we all know wwwarea is flag-happy.
And this justifies my claims about you with this 'possibility' you seem to put over me.

Oh, to wwwarea, I'll be waiting for you to stalk my page and respond to this.

The cringe is SO REAL.
You been stalking my blog, my profile, and possibly other places for weeks and months, and you even try to find my Facebook account.
Not only the cringe coming from you is so real, but you make people sheep and act like you're the "victim" after all the shit you did to me, my friend, and other people.
UPDATE: Still determining if I should respond. People claim he just wants attention, but even if I don't give it to him, he'll still whine. It won't matter what any of us do.
I feel like you are trying to act like me when I expose what you do.
How much stupidity and sadness does this world needs from you?


Request done.

My goodness, that was the most stupidest non-sense I've ever seen.
To help further prove 'wwwarea's points:


There is many more where this came from!

It's beyond insanity for him to act like 'wwwarea' is going to stalk him and so, considering he (Channeleven) is the one that has been monitoring 'wwwarea' and me for weeks and months before!
Including the fact that Channeleven has always been picking fights with 'wwwarea''s for some of his stamps and journals.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Oh Channeleven - Why do you have to Start Fights Again?

Request used:
Got some updates on that one guy who I question as to why he's even born?

Thanks to help, I've discovered REM has been harassing a user on Youtube because Channeleven/REM doesn't like this user and continue to post harassment comments to this poor guy.


Of course, why did I say harassment? Found more comments from Channeleven:


Meanwhile, he also posted this:
 Considering Channeleven doesn't have any skill himself. Can't draw, model, or do anything so great.

Let's see if there is any more videos with Channeleven's obsessed comments about this guy?

Said the guy who use 'autism' as an insult.

Well I don't know so much about the Youtube guy, but regardless, it's still sad and hilarious to see Channel's behavior in this form.
During the same time, he also posted a journal about it here on his Deviant"Art" profile:

The History page has also been updated to expose more of his immature behavior. Not only pretty bad, but advocates legal hate speech too. (Discrimination based off disability).

I figured out the Youtube owner is just an ass like Channeleven is. Well I don't know about being the same exact.
Some bigot who has a problem with bronies and certain bronies for something not causing harm on another. He could have more hatred.
Regardless of the bigotry the Youtube guy has, Channeleven's behavior is still no different.

End of request.