Friday, September 12, 2014

Evolution Isn't The Same as Gravity

What is my opinion on evolution? I am not clear, but I will say that my mind is for many theories of anything as possible, but sometimes I feel that in order to be free for a theory, I sometimes have to not believe in very popular beliefs like evolution, big bang, time, etc.

While my mind is strongly open for Science, I have to say is that, Evolution is in fact filled with many gaps, and almost as much as creationists has and that it's not even that close as observable to gravity.

To me, Science is about "facts" and "theories" for something. So while the popular book called Bible isn't exactly a "science book" it's self: It can contain claims of events, and other stuff that can be proven by science, because those claims are no different than any other claim around the world. The Bible doesn't make that subject different. Also, when you say "Science means that there is no God.", then you are being very hypocritical because the only thing I will say out of the name of science (I think) is that no man knows for sure. It's even hard to think how you could think of disproving an existing God: I could say that you must be in every universe, but then that is possibly infinite and you still don't know what contains outside, etc.

Anyway, back at evolution, I cannot 100% believe it's fact because I still have not receive 100% concrete observable experiences unlike gravity. There is obviously many good theories for evolution but that doesn't make it 100% concrete. It's alright to use evidence as faith though, I do things like that for trying to believe in a God.

Why Evolution Isn't The Same
Evolution has many gaps compared to gravity, and gravity doesn't (Or maybe 99%) exactly have any gaps to believe in what is called "gravity". You see events based off it, and you can feel it. Evolution is nothing like this, but with the strong theories of evolution: it feels similar, but more hollowed because it's not completely filled in unlike the gravity idea.

The Difference

Gravity can actually be "seen", but only in terms of "feel" and "events". When the name "gravity" came, this was based directly (Maybe) on something that actually happened and what we currently (still) feel. While you can't actually see the forces and source of gravity, you can already feel and see events of "it". Though we still seem to have theories about the "source" and here is a very interesting one.

Evolution on the other hand, isn't exactly the same. You can't exactly feel it, nor can you see events of it, at least with humans. One of the strong theories I heard was that you could see some transformation of small bugs, and if that actually happened, does it make it the same as gravity?
No, because the transformation of bugs could of been based off whole different things: It could of been part of the growth, it could of been based off a disease, it could of been based off interspecies breeding, and so on. If this is another form of evolution then yes, that type of evolution may just be as much as gravity but this wasn't the "type of evolution" I was talking about.
We also have yet another gap that things like this can happen to only some species. We also have an idea that if we came from bugs or not which is still just a theory is it not?

This is what I was talking about in terms of "gaps" I think. And as a science absorbing theory fan, I feel it's very important to suggest this and for the sake of a free mind along with it, rather than assumption and randomly calling it "fact" when we still don't really know for sure (I'm sure).

So before calling anyone "dumb" for not 100% believing in evolution, think who the real dumb person is.
The one who pretended that they 100% absorbed it that is.

Final Thoughts
Short article? Guess so, but because of this problem, I still believe that evolution is still a theory because of this. If I had 100% concrete proof, then I may have no other choice but since it looks like there are gaps and still further explanations, I can't 100% believe it because of so.
Another funny thing is that we have a gap of... everything that exist. Including part of it that suggest "time" being an illusion and that this is based off a "Beliefs Create Reality" theory. Which I'm still trying to experience I think.

Again, I don't think I 100% belief in evolution but I don't 100% belief in creationist or somehow other things either because all of it may still be a theory. Just like the "Beliefs Create Reality" theory.. I "believe" in that more, but mainly as theory and faith based off evidence and somehow other things.

I guess my mind gets attached to "needing evidence" a lot, to the point that "evidence" is probably my general faith for many things. Even for stuff I don't want I think.


Read the rules before commenting.. I wouldn't mind a good theory possibly against this I think but I really and I mean REALLY honestly wish it to be open minded as possible rather than claiming things without reason.
I also suggest READING the whole article before commenting too.

Critique is fine too.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Another Reason Why "Trolling" is Cyberbullying and Deadly

Well I don't know what the best thing I can say.. Trolling for fun in video games sometimes probably isn't that serious, but there are some trolling and other kinds of hatred that is.
It's not just some trolling, I think it's mainly any kind of hatred.

I was browsing around a website called DeviantArt and noticed this:
Note: This guy is pretty hypocritical about Animals Rights and other things but some stuff is not hypocritical I think.
And the claim of "offensive doesn't exist" is also not true either, I believe anything that hurts others is offensive.

If you read the info under it, you may find it shocking.. It's something similar as to what I warn. Maybe even exactly as examples.

What's this?
Remember when I yelled out that something was connected with suicide?
There is your god damn proof!

Hatred of any kind, will always be a problem, and always will be.
Also, by the way, Tuxxy is probably unaware that what he has been doing may be connected with this. Are you liking your own image Tuxxy?

Anyway, anyone who said negative speech (Mainly hatred of any kind) doesn't hurt anyone is wrong.
I have gotten a lot of anxiety because my own personality that's part of me has been struck. When I was threaten for what I liked, and others, I got anxiety.
All my fears and worries often comes true I think. It's a living hell.
Also, for anyone's information, "anxiety" is physical pain and trying to ruin someone's reputation (e.g. Trying to turn it all a joke based off bias feelings) is even more pain. Not just "anxiety" but can cause a lot of other destruction in real life.

I hate this world.
There are many reasons as to why I'm kind of a misanthropic and this is one of them.