Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The "Normal" Religion

There is no such thing as "Normality". It's all a big lie, it does nothing but destroy you by turning you into something your not.

What is The "Normal" Religion?
It's not something found on the Internet (i.e. "Normal Religion"), this term is something I made up, but I do believe it's a good one. Of course, the term "Normal" it's self is used and already exist.

""Normal" Religion" is a cult of a popular belief that there is such thing as a "Normal" life.
It's one of the grand beliefs that caused people to hurt them-selves, causes hatred, pain, self-guilt (Which is also pain), etc..

Anyone who is part of this "Normal" religion will often use a bunch of unscientific phrases like "weird" (Over something that they belief violates there religion), "creepy", "odd", and so on.

Suicide may be connected with this belief too.
-Link is an example-

Everyone is Different
The Spread
The effects of "Normality" has spread to many kinds of things of this world. All from Culture belief, life styles, to the sexuality of others.

The source is currently unknown of this dreaded Evil. However, it seemed to come from the phrase "norm", which is a "rule" idea to other people, to follow a cult (Society).

In the "now age", there are many people who will make fun of Cultures just because of how different they are. Say, Amercia, making fun of China culture for example. Anyone who violates the "rule of society" will be consider "bad" by them.

It's also spread to lifestyles of others, including to Freedom of Expression. One of the worst parts of this is that it's even been used as a negative in so-called "criticism". e.g. When an art-work is different to the man, he may complain about it just because it was "weird" or different to him.

The Effect
The effect is so negative, that maybe if you like something slightly different, you are consider "bad".
One effectual example is that some people on here, decided to make fun of what I liked, just because of how different it was. Coming from people who also liked something different. e.g. My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic.

Hate is very connected with the term "Normal". It's often around in "Freedom of Expression".
The hate is so bad that even people who hated others for who they are, actually wanted to pass laws against there Freedom of Expression, just because they hated what was different.

The idea of a "Normal" lifestyle is so unscientific. It's never been a success in Science, and never will. However, the only time when just the term "Normal" works is when we use that on certain objects like machines (e.g. "This machine is not acting the way it's supposed too!")

Effects of the term "Normal":
  • Causing Those to Remain in "Closets"
  • Having to Deny What You Love in Life in Order to "Fit"
  • Changes of Your Own Lifestyle
  • Avoid Your Own Childhood
  • Altering Lifestyles That May be Consider "Normal" - e.g. Gaming
  • Hiding Many of Your Things in Your Own Home When "Normal Friends" Come Over
  • Hiding Your Own Sexuality - Just Because Yours is Consider a "Fetish"
  • Being Called Names Just Because You Had a Different Belief of Something Society Has - e.g. Right and Wrong
  • Stereotypes
  • More
This term is so dangerous, that even people causes suicide because of it.
Because of this horrible term, many people always have to censor themselves in fear of having there lives mocked at just because of how different they are.

It makes life completely pointless to survive because why would I want to work my ass off to live in a life similar to "Hell"?

Mainly because of this big problem, I became less of a fan of the idea of "surviving". I pretty much feel sorry for those who are born on this horrible world. To me, I call this planet the "Forbidden Planet". Yet, it's not just because of the term "Normal" I think.

I also think the sexual terms like "Fetish" and "Paraphilia" came from the same belief.
Warning: Link may not be SFW, and I didn't read the whole articles.

"The term "fetish" should be rejected not only because of its suggestion of disorder, but because of its pejorative connotation — the implication that the possessor of a fetish is somehow bizarre, that their sexuality is atypical, strange, outside the norm." -

There are so many different things that actually makes them happy (Healthy), but they get bashed on, possibly causing them to change themselves that were never really bad. What is bad, however, is changing yourself for others.

It's Time to be Smart
It's time, and always been the time, to face reality. Face the fact that everyone is different, and that there is no such thing as "Normality" ("Normal lifestyle"). Face the fact that your not anything different than any other person to exist. Stop using man-made beliefs as an excuse.

It's also time to start accepting people for who they are. It's time to make life, actually good!

Stop creating man-made terms, because all your doing is creating inequallity, and more negativity this world does not need.

Stop being bigots, stop being hateful, and realize what you are causing with this horrible religion.

Some people are actually realizing the truth that "Normality" is nothing but an illusion.
This offensive terms needs to die once and for all.

Very Interesting Links:


CC: Attribution - No Derivatives
I do not claim ownership over the first picture in the post.
Nor do I claim ownership to any links, or quotes I used from other websites.

I also would ask for some critique criticism, for making this post look more attractive! Please be honest, and mature though.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Hasbro Claims "Trademark"(?) Over The Word "Brony"

 Edit 7/15/2014
Some website posted a tag about this and claimed it was drama? I don't see how it's drama, unless I'm not understanding the term, but this is just news reporting, copyright facts (I.e. Telling people that they can't Copyright names), etc.
Edit done

You do know, the reason why I did (A while back) check up on certain brony sites while being an EX-Brony was to check if the "Freedom of the Fandom" was in "good shape". I still did not like Cease & Desist letters, as I think it's censorship. Laws can be unconstitutional or at least "Censorship", or both these days.

Now, for all the disaster issues I been through? I just don't care anymore. Or at least maybe the term "Brony" isn't a big issue.

The worst part of this was that I heard this was from "Horse-News". That's right, the place worst than Fox News, actually did for once, had news.


While these idiots claim I have no understand of what Copyright law is, I will try to study this...
First, let's take a look at the Trademark area:
Though, does this make it clear that what they claim is "valid"?
First: I do not think Trademark laws are meant to stop people from expressing it in there own way. It was originally meant to stop fraud. It was also not meant to belong in "Intellectual Property" as I heard.

Second: From that "news" website, they are suggesting that Hasbro claim Copyright over the word "Brony".
Wait what?

Image found on ""

It seems this looks nothing like a Cease and Desist after all, though, I didn't read the full news report.
However, I like to say: You cannot Copyright a name and also, however, even though it originated from "4chan", it's possible for a company to register the word I think.


Well then, at this time, no end times, but I could be wrong.
Yeah, this post isn't big, I'm just not feeling my self at this time... So excuse me for that. >_>

Thursday, May 22, 2014

According to Some Anonymous, I Have no Right to be Offended

The white border around this image, makes the guy look like a cut-off.
So there is this Anonymous user, who claims I cannot be offended.. No really! He used "freedom examples" to somehow prove that point...

Let's look at the meaning of "offensive":

He was saying that to me, on a post that directly attacked me, abuse critique against me, and possibly made lies about me.

I think I will say this:
I have every right to be offended from what that original poster did to me. Since this post involves me, and that it pretty much does what the meaning of "offensive" is.

I think that Anonymous user is nothing but a hypocrite.

Hey, Americas... Your culture smells... YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE OFFENDED.
Nah, just kidding, and I live in America but do you get the point?

*sigh* I wish I lived on a more intellectual planet, followed by open, loving tolerance.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wow, Just Wow...

You know when someone gets so mad at you, that they try to find random stuff this person likes, then bring it out as a "flaw"? Probably to piss the guy off?

We have the failure of the world, "MLPcritic" and other people, making fun of me for liking wolves...


Coming from people who like ponies.


-One example of a selfish ignorant failure.
Edit: Also, thinks that liking "CGI, pictures, etc" is "perverted". Honestly, there is no "normal" nor that anyone wants to actually fall in-love with 2D pictures, because those 2D pictures form, "living creatures" in the person's head.. Edit done.

We also have this thing down here, which the person always fail to follow:
"One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself."

This is one of the reasons why I take that Golden Rule thing very seriously.
Maybe it should be an actual Law everywhere. Offending others for who they are, is offensive.
One idiot thought "I had no right to be offended" (I obviously do when it comes to attacking others) or something... Yeah, I vote for the Law.

Edit: 5/21/2014

Edit 7/13/2014: Yeah of course, Tuxxy reacts to this too. Edit done

So we got an update from the "greatest "critic" of the world"!
He thinks that if I am offended, then my info doesn't count.
He also thinks that he was never "butthurt" (A really stupid man-made term) when he first wrote his pathetic article.

So there you have it, if I do something similar, the "amazing "critic"" would say: "I'm butthurtz" and acts like:
  1. He's never did the same thing
  2. Somehow, my information "doesn't" count and thinks me being offended "debunks" my claims
  3. Calls himself a "critic".
 I think this guy is one hell of a troll. And trust me, trolls always love using "butthurt" as an excuse.

Also, look here.

Copyright - wwwarea
You are not allowed to re-publish this on the following sites:
For other sites, please ask.

Unless, they follow a clear example of Fair Use. Posting without any purpose attached, doesn't fall under fair use, nor does biased/critique-abuse posts count.

I do not claim Copyright over certain content stuff like Twitter, and some content within the snapshot-edit.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Little Story

Well, I guess I can write this now, even though, I'm not sure if the little war is even over.

Apparently, there is a guy who always "quick assumes" me, and always complain about my criticism, who will always seek to find one small error I made to even humiliate me even more. This is coming from a sad, troll who thinks that his own popularity owns my criticism, and uses it as some tool to "debunk" my own claims.

Anyway, it all kind of started when I noticed some hate post on the following:
Even though I left this dying fandom, I was still interested into Fandom freedom, and checked for any Cease and Desists anywhere. Don't remember though. Also, tolerance was still my interest.

All I did was stand up against some hatred and suggested "lack of tolerance". So then some guy decided to reply suggesting that "Tuxxy" (Site Owner) was having some bad day, so I replied in some "maybe" suggestion. That wasn't the case.
You can see the comments reply I think.

After trying to teach how to be a good, non-biased reviewer, he disabled the comments. Then that's where this small one problem ended... Rest in peace..?


Weeks Later

Weeks later, I was kind of bored and wanted to check in with some comments on that fan video, then I heard some people having there lives kind of ruined by the same Admin, and such.. Suggesting privacy plagiarism, etc, etc..

While I was furious about the intolerance there was these days, I decided to just go on another post, to suggest an anti-bullying joke, that was not expecting any replies. (Hell, why would I care after to what He did?). Then the owner got "offended", and freaked out. He deleted the comments, and suggested "Comment on a "more topic" thing" (While the original post disabled the comments.)

While I tried to criticize him for what he did to me. He then once again, deleted me, then banned me. I don't remember for sure.

So while he was acting like an ass, I will be honest and say: I did use a proxy thing, only for the purpose of more arguing. I wasn't trying to do anything else, but that I think...

After some commenting, I suggested emailing, then after some arguments there, it all ended....

Maybe he gave up, maybe He just wouldn't admit it, I don't know...


About a Week Later

About a week later, I could of guess that was it. Perhaps, really it.

...But wait.. I decided to check my blog ratings one day, and I noticed a strange boost of views, and then wondered what the source was? ""
"What the hell is that" I kind of said - don't remember

After clicking on it, I noticed it was some kind of offensive post by Tuxxy.
I did wonder if He was going to get better, but that's not the case. He's actually gotten worse, and decided to join a satire website, that often makes fun of people.

Anyway, on that offensive post, I noticed near the bottom of that post, there was a link to my blog. The reason was because he wanted to make fun of my on my faith of Freedom to the fact, that people has the right to express them selves. No really, when he sees people standing up for Freedom of Expression, He will furiously, go against it, sadly.. -Correct me if I'm wrong here.

Anyway, this guy suggested boycotting to some random stranger on Twitter somewhere just because He/She posted some NSFW picture. Worst (I think), he compared it to something illegal in some states.

After that, I decided to criticize his post for him suggesting bullying, and false comparison from fictional, anthropomorphic characters, to "real", (sometimes) rape.

This is where the "major" side of the little war happened

After some time, and after criticizing the guy, some other guy came to my blog, and suggested that it was a joke. However, I do NOT think that is the case. Also, some other people came in, and posted some very immature name-calling, and other kinds of biased reactions.

After some talking, and stuff, Tuxxy, decided to talk about my blog, and a blog post that was sort of a joke (At the same time, "sort of real").
From here, it's gotten kind of worse. After some fights on Twitter, some horrible Brony (MLP Critic), also decided to post another post, about my blog.
On the blog, there was a horrible edit of one of my pictures, and the same person (I think) claimed it as there own. Same with one of the pictures of part of my posts.

Most of the post was completely biased, and did not contain fair, non-biased arguments that would even debunk any of my claims. The same person also used names like "Autistic", "Retarded", and "Faggot" as an insult. Also, acted as being in "Canada" is bad. -Note: The person actually thought I was a Canadian.

The person also insulted me as being an Alpha and Omega fan, and I never even once threat them for being My Little Pony fans. Maybe the guy just quick assumed me that I was, or the guy is even more of an ignorant bigot.

Is this how you be a "critic"? No wonder people hate "critics".

Not only that post was there and the offensive twitter posts about me, there was an offensive "ad-like" thing making fun of "Autism" and it was a link to my blog.

That's Kind of The Story
Sad honestly.

Known facts:
  1. "Tuxxy", actually thought (Or still thinks) that his website was private
  2. "MLP Critic" thinks that if he modifies a Copyrighted image, it's there's now.
  3. "Tuxxy", always quick assume things of me - ended up always being wrong.
  4. I, my self do make actual mistakes (Such as spelling error, SOME small assumes, etc) but I do at least be honest.
  5. Thinks every claim I make is wrong, but failing to prove any of there points.
  6. "MLP Critic" claims that modifying an image, then claiming as there own, is protected as "Fair Use".
  7. "Tuxxy", will often take non-public chatting or email pieces and put them out into the public. Sometimes twist them.
  8. MLPcritic, never honest. Tuxxy, sometimes.
  9. Will NEVER (At this time?) listen to your complaints in email, most likely a short, immature reply, possibly a picture or video.
  10. Whenever an error comes from either of them, they won't admit it.
  11. They may think that I threaten there website for no reason, when honestly, all I did was criticize some arguments and criticize the fact that they make fun of others in a bad way. 
  12. "Tuxxy" thinks it's OK to lie about other people.
  13. I have nothing against the My Little Pony fandom it's self. Some people might of thought I was.
Two of those users are a clear example of what this world needs to clean out.
Also, look at the Hall of Shame.
Any suggestion to make my post look more pretty, of my purpose is welcomed. I suggest doing so in a more, matured manner. Thank you.

CC - No-Derivatives Attribution
None of this can be modified, including deleting part of it when republishing it.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Glitch, Not Gone!

If you see something like this under some of my posts:
+327563   Recommend this on Google

Then I suggest not believing this, some of my posts keeps getting these numbers, and I don't know the cause of it. May need to contact Google about this. Not only I get numbers like this, but it keeps going up!

If anyone knows what this is, I would love to know.
Thank you.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Originality Isn't Real

I remember writing all the time about how Originality was nothing but an overused lie.

Every idea that exist in this world, has always came from another.

What is Original?
To be purely original, you must make something out of something that no-one has seen before and guess what? That isn't even possible. Not even in the mind! In fact, even if you try to think of "nothing", you will probably picture a complete dark image, or a complete white image, and guess what? That isn't original either!

Everything we used, is made of something we already had. Like for instance: this post I made isn't purely original, it's made up of pixels that people already used. It's also made up of existing symbols, and so are the words on this blog.

Even this idea here, obviously not original. However, I love to spread the word into my own words!

You want to know the most "unoriginal" thing ever used on the Internet? Here is a picture of it:
Look around you, nothing is original! Haha!!
Psst, maybe I should Copyright the pixel, now no one can make anything for the Internet... Nah, just kidding, but doing so would prove that Copyright laws steal creative rights of others.

We all copy, every single second. Not only we always copy ideas, but even physical nature does too.
It's perfectly natural, we do it all the time.

It's possible to combine stuff and form it to something "new" as a result, but yet, that doesn't make it original and it's not anything different than when you create very similar results. While it's kind of possible to create "new" results, I see nothing wrong with making exact results either.
Yet, you need to have similar results to create cultures, gens, etc.

Everyone is always desiring to wanting to use something they love from somewhere else, so they can combine them into there own new stories. Also, this is why we have fans making new works of existing things, say Fan Fiction for example. Yet, everyone always makes a "Fan Fiction" of something. Public Domain or "not".

We always Copy, Transform, and Combine.
One of my personal favorites is this amazing video.
Edit: Another one of my favorites is this too. Edit done

Originality ≠ Creativity

CC - No-Derivatives Attribution
None of this can be modified, including deleting part of it when republishing it.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ice Age Now - Preview

There is a chilly website that seemed to judge the idea of "Global Warming". As looking at the website, it's mainly a news website about the possible upcoming ice age.
The main theme of the website seems to be about "Debunking Global Warming". "Global Warming is consider a "Man-made lie" there.

It's actually very good, they seemed to have shocking graphs (The less part-joke graphs!), about the far past of "warmth" and "freezing".

The picture on here had trouble loading, so I decided to just give a link instead. Now this post isn't as fancy. :( Edit 5/21/2014 : Seems linking to a picture may not be allowed, so I decided to link to the article that has the picture instead. Edit done

Other good example articles:

There is much more!

They also have books that talks about the climate change, and how long ago, we were in a much warmer phrase. Well, I'm no expert, I'm not so sure if the books talk about it but I did heard about it somewhere...

For it's purpose, I think it's doing a pretty good job. Not every post is about a graph, and a study that directly talks about the name of "Global Warming", some are just "Chilly" news, such as record snow reports for example. However, I can understand on possibly why they post that.

The only possible problem is that they probably don't try to cover everything though, and there could be some other kinds of problems too, but those are probably minor. Though, this website isn't rude, or offensive.

Even though, this isn't a review (It was originally), I would so give it a 9/10.


On a couple of my posts, there seemed to be some kind of glitch, I got over 200,000 Google recommendations. And it kept going up! I don't think this site is that popular (Not even close, like 1/100,0000,00). So I had to revert those two blog posts as Draft.

I don't really want to cheat! xD But I find it funny that the "Cheat Codes" one was effected!

Edit 5/18/2014: Looks like the glitch is gone! It started to spread to my other articles, but now checking, they are gone for good.. right? I don't know but I don't see those strange numbers anymore.
Edit again: Umm, on my actual blog, I still see the numbers, and still rising?

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Any Further Posts About Offensive Biased Articles

Note: Notice the image url (Shitty info), that's because I hate Copyright but since my blog is being abused by a "news" website, I had no other choice.

They copied my images, plagiarize them, falsely criticize me (No real critique), etc etc.

Remember when I said that the Gold Rule gets violated (I'm not saying Copyright Infringement violates it, because IP is an illusion)? They had no respect of other people equally, which further proves my theory about whatever.

Anyway, any website using ANY part of my own posts, should stop.
Unless it's a real, honest, and open sharing website.
I can say this because Copyright protects work from unauthorized work. When I don't allow a certain way, then it's consider unauthorized, but if they do from my own wishes, then it's authorized and allowed. Though, for Horse News, I don't allow them to use any part of my images, in any way.

However, it's questionable when it comes to "Fair Use".

I have the legal right to update my posts with more notices.
Hell, it could fucking be legal to to consider there posts "Privacy Violations" if I turn my blog private.
I DON'T KNOW FOR SURE THOUGH, but hey, we will see.

Oh and by the way, Fox News is better than Horse "news".

Horse News - Review

This one guy decided to ask me if He can repost this, and even edit it.. I said, yes, I can.

By the way man, nice picture!

-The original one no longer exist here on this page. It's hidden in another draft now.

Extra Notice: What did to me was very unpleasant. There actions were very hurtful, hypocritical, and in poor taste. Anyone who gets linked here from that website should not listen to it. I highly suggest being very open, and focus on the idea of a better, loving tolerated world.

There purpose, and insults are very biased and failed to prove any of there points about me.
Any educated person shall know that science, knowledge, etc, etc will always be more important than "biased opinions". Unless your opinions is just plain, harmless interests.

I will say, they only made SOME good points, such as my spelling mistake about how I spelled "retarded" wrong, but them just pointing one spelling error out and putting it out for the public to laugh at (I already corrected the word), isn't necessary.

I will say, them being very closed about other people just proves more of my main, general point about the fandom though. I am not against the fandom, I'm just bringing out how big of a lie "tolerance" is these days.

CC - No-Derivatives Attribution
None of this can be modified, including deleting part of it, then republishing it.

This Term "Autistic"

This is just bloody amazing, we now have some bronies using "Autistic" as an insult now.
Followed by "Retarded".

That my friends is one of the grand reasons why Society is in fact, corrupted, and in-tolerated

This just proves my point, even more about how right I was from when I talked crap about a lot of people on this planet.
It also makes me feel better that I avoided this forbidden fandom. Oh and one guy said I am "anti-brony". Nope, just avoided it.

Oh and they also use stereotypes for it.

Anyway, Educate Yourself:

Just a man-made term, or something you can't control
Not a disease
Not a disorder, a way of life
Not the same as each other

I am glad I'm not the type of guys who uses people's terms as a "threat" or say it's "bad".
I'm more smart than that.

One guy claim I somehow "dictate" autistics when I say it shouldn't be brought out as an insult. What the, I don't even know...
I'm somehow dictating someone when I say it's bad to use a name people are possibly born (Or possibly diagnoses later) as an insult?

Dictation is when I tell people what they can and cannot do
And all I said that it's fucked up to use someone's identity as a "insult"...
Not anything different from saying "That's Gay! Don't effect me with Gay!" because that's just as bad as there is nothing wrong with it.

Edit again: Yet, some other guy complained that somehow they are not using the term "Autism" in a bad way... That, is bullshit. Using someone's identity like that on the site isn't very "tolerated", "fair", or any other form of "good". It's still rude and offensive. Just like how the term "Retard", and "Gay" is. - About the "retard" word.
Like I said, no matter where the site came from, no matter on what so called "humor" (It's not funny), it is, etc. Them using it this way makes them very hypocritical.

Of course, those idiotic trolls are probably going to ignore this and yet, make a even more un-funny post about this.

CC - No-Derivatives - Attributation
Could re post, but use the whole article. This includes snapshots of it.
Please understand that I have the legal right to update this notice.

Important Tip About Commenting

It seems the commenting system sucks on here.
It might be true that you cannot reply to a reply, so you may have to reply to the original post I think.

And since it looks like you could be replying to the wrong comment, I highly suggest to use "@" symbol by any user-name or guest names when you are replying to a reply.


Wow, that was a interesting theory!"


That way, people can know who you are talking to specifically.
So that's my tip! I suggest to try to use it to make things easier.

What Does it Mean to Have a "World Issue" Tag on my Blog?

Some (Or it's just this one guy) people are thinking that some of my blog posts "doesn't" belong in the "World Issue" tag (Or whatever it was).

I disagree, what do I mean by "World Issue"?
Issues that happen on this world.

So if I bring out a problem that society on this world has, that is a "World Issue".
When I talk about some large fandom in this world, possibly connected to a larger issue like "hatred", that is a "World Issue".

It often is based off a possible large problem on this world.

That is all. Now ignorance virus, begone!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Maybe This Universe is All a Dream

It was said that everything is created by thoughts, and by beliefs.

When Dreams Effect Reality
NOTE: This is based off my own personality often too. Some might think this is "weird" even though everyone is normal for who they are.

Diddy Kong Racing

Some of my dreams seem to look as if they have predicted some kind of "Future", but what if I was creating it with the power of dreams?

So long ago, I had a dream about Diddy Kong Racing DS, in my dream, there were new areas (While I only had some possible flaws). One was set to be an area behind the Wizpig rock face, in the main Hub world. In that area, there seemed to be some kind of small area with grass, a small pond, a giant door, and a small yellow bridge. The area was small, and there was a yellow bridge over the water, leading right to a door, a big door.

In the other part of the same dream, there was some snow valley, with water, and a strange hole in the wall (Might of been a picture frame forming a hole) and I might of thought it was some kind of race area, but more of a special race.

In one other part, I could of swear I was in a completely different kind of Dragon Forest lobby, with a river with water falls, with doors leading to each course.

Perhaps years after having the dream, one of my friends showed me a video that was hard to find of an early version of Diddy Kong Racing for the N64. I have a feeling I might of see the video so long ago before the dream, but I don't remember, if so, then this could be why I had them, but I must be wrong...

 Matching very well... And in my dream, I could of known I saw small pathways (2 ways?) but it never shown expect for the map.

 This area... But with no painting/hole on the wall. I did say special race right? Your racing Taz or whatever his name is. As for the hole on the wall, according to a theory about this extended Hub area, there was a cave going through here, somewhere behind the wall I think.

Sadly, there was no footage of the third area, but there was a lost beta map found about a lost race map that had a river leading to an area with waterfalls, but it may have not matched that well.

Alpha and Omega 2

I remember having a dream that there was a trailer to a movie "Alpha and Omega 2".
In the movie, Kate was black colored, and I had no idea why. Later in the same dream, something was very wrong with there models, they were much more blocky, like they had downgraded the graphics!

 I had to use the range, because the second movie came out somewhere at the end of 2013, giving me different results... But before it came out, somewhere, I got these results before it did. It was a fan-made video. I sadly may have seen this before I dreamed about a "black Kate".
When the movie actually came out, the quality was down-graded! Somewhat similar to a downgrade I saw in the dream, or was the blocky models the "pups", they were more blocky.


I may have had more dreams that effected the future, but it's a little tricky to remember.

When The Awake Effects Reality

New Super Mario Bros U

When I used to be a Brony, I remember visualizing Mario secretly finding an exit on the New Super Mario Bros U game, at the secret world.

In the secret world, I imagine it as Equestria, colorful, etc. As some fan, I think I might of made it feel like some sort of "creepy"pasta story or something...

Anyway, many days have passed since that and then Nintendo announced a more colorful world, for Luigi to explore. Only thing mainly is that the world map was the same.
Also, the same level (Or near it) there was a strange path leading upwards (I secretly imagin the secret exit as taking a hidden pipe very high somewhere before I noticed this) but led no-where...
Anyway, Nintendo announced a new adventure sort of for Luigi! And the levels had colorful, new graphics, etc. Isn't that similar?

Meh, this isn't that good of an example I think.
Perhaps from a theory: "If I didn't have limit beliefs about "Intellectual Property" and possibly other, it could of been more matching, to a point that it really was the Equestria world."

That Bloody Rainbow Dash
There were times where I played this "strange" game, where She appears randomly on the Internet. She now does, a lot. Like even the focus is secretly on her somehow...

I remember when I was a brony, I actually liked Her and had a thing for her (I won't say it because of some dumb bigots complaining, and for my own safe reasons), and when I randomly searched her on Deviant Art, I got a "support ____ or be _____??" or something, and yeah, it was a match of what my "thing" was.. Wow.

Anyway to this day as a EX-Brony, She still appears randomly everywhere now. Even when I'm very far away on the Internet, looking up interesting topics about Lucid Dreaming.. "Weird" huh? I did say something like "Even though I am not interested, I allow it still", and I guess I got my results.

I'm guessing this has something to do with the theory of "Thoughts Create Reality". Though, I question that a lot on why a lot of stuff is less matching, if true?

I remember getting interested into what "Holophonic" sounds were, and there was a really good video:
And then really close to that day (I think it might of been the day after), we went to a barber shop, though it wasn't for me, it was for someone else... But isn't it interesting how I had no idea we were going to one and I had watched a video about one right before we went?

I think the reason why it worked well more was because this video creates "illusions" of sounds, making you visualize things much more real than ever!

But of course, it doesn't work all the time. I never went to it again after going to the video again, it probably depends on the "beliefs" about reality.

Besides, I can't remember if I ever showed someone the video before we went, maybe someone got an idea.


I think I had other awaken visuals and things has matched.

Sadly, I think the reason why there are mixed results is depending on the beliefs. The idea that beliefs create reality. It's a very interesting theory, and there are a lot of shocking results.

Often, with wild theories, dreams often become very interesting to me.


Perhaps, this is all a dream, a very limited dream.. When people dream, they get pretty much the same experiences in dreams. Sometimes you will have more possibilties, sometimes, less.
Sometimes when I lucid dream, I can't seem to do everything, probably because of how I'm believing in the dream. Like if dreams, are just parallel realities or something, then maybe if one were to altered there believes in this world, the same thing could happen like in possibly, other dreams.

Note: I'm not too sure of what I reported is the way I actually did. I just try to remember. Yet, these results may not (personality) be that good except for the Diddy Kong Racing and maybe Alpha and Omega 2 one.
I might of had more shocking results but it's hard to remember clearly I think.

Here is an interesting article:

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Monday, May 12, 2014

What The Hell, Tuxxy, What The Flying Hell

WARNING: This is a sexuality topic! I highly suggest to be very educated before reading.. I am not sure if minors are allowed to read this.


OK, I have no idea but for safe reasons, I am not going to link to this one because of NSFW issues.
But that same horrible "brony" has posted offensive crap about a user publishing a NSFW picture of some pony. Now if that guy was breaking Twitter rules, and such (As I don't think it's a good idea to post high extreme pornography), I can understand.

But that very low, ignorant moron (The guy from Equestria Gaming) decided to compare it with "bestiality" (Note: The info claims it's always cruel but from science research of "consent", I cannot agree based off my research) and suggest it to be more extreme than any "pornography".

He also suggest people to bully the person who posted that NSFW picture, on a post that's possibly ALREADY aged restricted.

That same person for some strange reason decided to link to my blog on that same article, perhaps to make fun of my on my freedom of expression, even though "Freedom of Expression" is a right. But I guess he just disagrees, why? Because his biased opinion finds it ridiculous.
I don't care how society finds something dumb, but my blog is about serious strong, "emotions" for the idea of science and rights, and that's it. Science, Rights > Biased. That is what I love, and what I do.
It mainly judges biased opinions as-well. Yet, he just decides to make fun of my blog.

...... I think I have met the worst brony in the world, and it just sums up on why I am no longer a bloody brony anymore.

Anyway, for something to be "bestiality", the creature must 100% not be a mix of "human". It makes no sense to focus on creatures that talk, build homes, etc, etc and compare it to 100% non-human animals.
Hell, why focus on a "FICTIONAL THING?!" instead of focusing on real non-consent attacks? How about focus on that?
Edit: 5/14/2014 - Also, I think there has to be a human in the picture engaging it for it to be "bestiality" too. - Edit done

I will also say: Brony is furry (Interest of anthropomorphic creatures) because it's consider "Furry" when you are a fan of creatures doing (Or maybe look like humanized stuff) "anthropomorphic" stuff (Note: They do not have to look partly human, they can also look four legged and still do human-like stuff).
That doesn't mean you automatically like certain parts of "furry" (though, there is nothing harmful on that side).

I really did thought this guy stopped with me, but I guess I'm wrong. He will probably be a horrible bully for a very long time.. I just can't wait for the world to end, and by the way. It might actually happen.

Anyway again: I may not be an expert but this is what I thought, and I know that people expressing this way with "ponies" doesn't hurt anyone, nor is it anymore extreme than any fictional NSFW post.

Also look here:

Edit: 5/13/2014 - I also HATE being in these kinds of topics. 


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Monday, May 5, 2014

Reaction to a Very Offensive Video

It's also a Furry subject.

-Link Removed- I had to remove it because possibly "haters" on here will probably see it and share it to other people. -From an edit of 5/14/2014-

Now before anyone read more, what isn't offensive is just the anthropomorphism people expressing them selves this way (I have not watched the video, so I'm talking about people expressing there own interest differently), it's the fact that this video tries to make fun of that side of this Furry Fandom.

I study this, and I am, in fact one of those lost, rare guys who believe in tolerance, and actually have huge problems with people judging the Furry Fandom.

And I ALSO have a problem with furries to judge the "sexuality side" of it. - Open Minded my ass!
And of course, non-furries judging it. - Not surprised.

As a truth seeker and more knowledge, I know honestly, that it's (The sexuality side) just as harmless as the human sexuality and such. And the tamed down versions of expressing different experiences, isn't anymore extreme than kissing.
The term "weird", "gross", "etc" doesn't change that.
Also note, if there was a show about FA, many untolerated people (Society pretty much) would abuse critique just because they thing it's "weird", or "gross", and honestly I find that offensive. And of course, good reviewers should judged biased review and bring this whole thing out. Because those possible bad reviews are just another form of hatred.

I have always had a thing now for a separated society. And if society isn't going to accept different people who has different sexualities (Including what is consider "Fetish" and/or "Paraphilia"), then we need a separated society, once and for all.
Humanity "love"? Love movement as I heard from these "channelings"? That is a big f___ing lie.

I for one, cannot wait, to leave this planet.


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