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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Exposing Channeleven Further

This is a copy and paste from Area's journal as he said he wanted to back it up, but still wanted the truth exposed somewhere, so I will take this request and put it out.

The man (Channeleven) tried and attempt to find "my" Facebook again. After seeing an updated URL, I went onto Facebook and warned the person about this just now.

The fact that you (Peter) are so obsessed with finding personal information about people like that shows why you always been causing trouble (So I decided to do this back to you).

The fact that he won't leave me alone with his stalking, then I'm just going to move accounts much sooner than I planned to.

And yes, trying to find someone's Facebook (especially for a second time) and showing a link after doing that, IS stalking AND harassment.

And to viewers, THIS FOLKS, is why I can't stop talking about my stalker here.
Again, thanks a lot you horrible monster (Channel), thanks for showing that you still support actual stalking and obviously harassment. How do you like it if someone found all your personal crap that you try to hide REM and shown it on an article getting thousands of views? How would you like it if a certain someone uploads a picture of your house, and say bullshit crap like "Someone seeing a picture of this isn'tz stalkinz" as if the person who said that isn't stalking?
Yes, he said that to that Facebook link and hiding the fact that he's the one that advocated a link based off his stalking.

The person replied: He said that he is very disgusted how this person tried to find his Facebook again, he may request Google to change the URL again and that he's very upset not only at this horrid stalker, but also to Google for failing to protect privacy settings to avoid people finding it.

I hope you go to jail for avoiding privacy protection, Peter.

Also, this isn't the first time I've talked about Facebook and Peter/Channeleven.
The only difference is that I had to replace this last part at the bottom due to the way it was linked. I replaced it with a normal link.

Also, in other news, I had another article request posted called "As far as I can go" and it had a picture of a random house, said to be 'by REM's house' but due to some second thoughts, I've decided to save it as draft for now.
I still have the image on here and I may share it with certain people.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

One Reason why 'wwwarea' won't let go of REM

 Of course, REM is the one that wouldn't let go of him in the first place.
Well after some research, I figured out that REM has yet, started another fight with 'wwwarea'. Seems he really has not let go of him in the end. Even though he said he would in a way at another area.

Oh REM, why do you have to start fights with me again as you usually do? (E.g. How he starts journals against me for making journals not even directed at him)

So anyway, seeing this:
Proves further as to why Channeleven start fights.
For anyone's information, another person started a fight with me in this thread by claiming I was a "heterophoboa" and said other bad things.
Granted, I find 'common' heterosexual gross, but I do NOT discriminate them.
After explaining myself, and after some days, Channel (of course) came along and started posting more slandering and other bullshit about me once again.
Oh and by the way, here is a snapshot of the main thing that started a fight.

Name censored due to that possibly being a real person, but out of misunderstanding. But it was meant to be directed at me in attempt.

Why do people have to make the world more shitty?

Also, there was a recent post about me explaining something against non-sense and stupidity that Channeleven claims.

And as usual, you will still stalk me and continue to post shit about me maybe.
When will people like you learn?

Request done
I wonder if REM is going to claim "stalking" over something that started fights with 'wwwarea'?

Sunday, December 6, 2015

More like 'you' Picked a Fight - RE: EXTREME Non-sense

Ah yes, the classic case of bigotry, and insane non-sense from that Channeleven guy, followed by some insane stupidity comments following along it too.

Request used:


Oh Channel, again with the non-sense and idiotic followers (At least some of them).

Found this here:
I haven't talked about wwwarea in ages, and now he decides to pick a fight with because I was trolling Sponge (that ROBLOX guy I talked about in past journals).
Picked a fight? Who's the guy who's been picking and starting fights with me about furry defending, spiritual beliefs, and so on?
And who's the guy who recently picked a fight and use "autism" as insulting names, and so on?
Me and Funnel have left wwwarea alone, yet he continues to obsess over the both of us.
Because of what you did before. You were the ones obsessed with me and starting fights with me (including others) in the first place.
I'm not going to say that it's "my fault", but in terms of 'focusing on users': Me, you, funnel, and some others are no different.
Since it no longer matters whether or not anyone leaves him alone, a response to the blog is possible.
Just like you with me, including with other people.
It'll be posted here, and it'll be posted on my blog in case he tries to report it, because we all know wwwarea is flag-happy.
And this justifies my claims about you with this 'possibility' you seem to put over me.

Oh, to wwwarea, I'll be waiting for you to stalk my page and respond to this.

The cringe is SO REAL.
You been stalking my blog, my profile, and possibly other places for weeks and months, and you even try to find my Facebook account.
Not only the cringe coming from you is so real, but you make people sheep and act like you're the "victim" after all the shit you did to me, my friend, and other people.
UPDATE: Still determining if I should respond. People claim he just wants attention, but even if I don't give it to him, he'll still whine. It won't matter what any of us do.
I feel like you are trying to act like me when I expose what you do.
How much stupidity and sadness does this world needs from you?


Request done.

My goodness, that was the most stupidest non-sense I've ever seen.
To help further prove 'wwwarea's points:


There is many more where this came from!

It's beyond insanity for him to act like 'wwwarea' is going to stalk him and so, considering he (Channeleven) is the one that has been monitoring 'wwwarea' and me for weeks and months before!
Including the fact that Channeleven has always been picking fights with 'wwwarea''s for some of his stamps and journals.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Stalker Defends Himself for his Crimes

 This guy of course defends himself for his non-sense and other bigotry.
As I accepted the request, I will of course, post this insightful article!


Time to expose more of his garbage behavior and show why he's an insane brat who just can't learn that he's done so much wrong.

ALSO WARNING: He will twist up the meaning.

NOTE: The ones with the not bold words in the quote spacing is from that other article that was posted on this blog. The bold words in the quote spacing are Peter's

His "wonderful" history found here. Which also doesn't contain all his guilt either.
Wonderfully butthurt. Once someone has the common sense to get my side of the story, they'll see just how loony you really are.
Oh you mean those claims about me that aren't true. Showing stuff that isn't even wrong?
Even if I was a "goon", (I am not), you are still guilty.
Plus, using the term "butthurt" is no excuse that you are right.
Ohhhh, using my full name, that totally surprises me- Oh wait, I don't let pointless shit get to me.
I see. So apparently if you do not care, everyone else in the world must not care about their name that isn't yours.
is a highly delusional cyberbully
Save for that fictional term at the end of the sentence, it applies to you better.
 Just because you don't believe it exist, doesn't mean it doesn't. Plus, I guess "wolfaboo" and "otherkin" are fictional terms. Same with "blackmail", etc.
Yet, to show your hypocrisy, you said it doesn't exist, but then it does all of a sudden on your last part of your sentence?
That's interesting.

(possibly in the real world too)
Uh, no. Even if I was, my online life is a shocking contrast to my offline life. I'm actually a pretty nice person (albeit, a shy one), I'm not much of a talker, but I get by. Also, at least I actually go outside, as opposed to you spending your entire life on the computer.
According to what you do online, you are not a nice person.
Yet, once your RL friends see what you do online, they probably wouldn't like you anyway.
I go outside too.
Yet, you spend so much time online being obsessed with what you like, including crossing the line all for attention.

who often creates drama with people, start wars, and etc.
Hmmmm, reminds me of this 21 year old Texan who does the exact same thing. Can't put my finger on it...
No. My reactions are to stuff that already started it.
Example: Me bringing you out for making an open hate article does not start it. That would be you.
He stalks people, and the most of them all of which he stalks would be 'wwwarea'.
1. You do the same thing. But wait a minute, I know about the shit you crank out because my friends tell me about it.
2. You are wwwarea. Why refer to yourself in third person? Oh that's right, you pretend you're a different person on your blog (same on YouTube). That's not even something worth lying about, and quite frankly, it reflects on the reality that nobody supports you.
1. Umm no I don't. I am just on the look out to protect myself. I don't monitor activity every 24/7 to do any activity and post mock purposes and advocate harassment.
Your friends stalk me too actually. They monitor me, then give you notices about what I do. How the fuck does that sound like "not stalking"?
2. Actually this reply within the request is me, but two different people work on this blog.
Actually their is people that support me.
He has made an attack article toward 'wwwarea',
Attack? Nonsense. It was merely a documentation of the drama you've caused, which summarized why you're not a good person, and quite frankly, the way you've cried over this only makes you less pitiable.
 No it's not. It's an attack, stop twisting the meanings up.
You obviously post shitty opinions against the person, mock me, etc. That's called attacking. If it was a 'documentation', it would of been written by only saying what you see, without adding any fucking hatred at it.
YET, it could still be considered attacking depending on your purpose and reasoning.
And seeing the rest of your shitty quote shows why it's an attack article.
The things you pointed out are not morally wrong, you are just deciding that it's "not" good just because you said so.
Your bigotry is sad.
and has tried to find many of his profiles and such,

Again, you have nothing to gain by pretending you're a different person on your blog. As for your profiles, they're public. Anyone could find them. You would have been better off not making the accounts at all if you were going to cry about people finding them.
Already explained this.
Stop hiding the fact that you can choose to leave people alone.

to the point that he even attempts to find wwwarea's Facebook to publicly/harm post it on that horrible butthurt article.

See folks? That's Peter who acts as usual as the bigot he is.
First of all, you are not other people. Facebook is easily a place where a lot of RL activities are..
Second, it still counts as stalking to try to link to it.

ALSO, you want to know what else is public? People's house addresses on 'certain sites'.
 Are you saying it's OK to post it because it's on a public site? It's not private, they are all their, etc.
He obviously does NOT respect opinions.

Actually, I do. What I don't respect is people expecting everyone to respect them. Why should I respect an asshole who refuses to take criticism and learn from his mistakes?
Sorry, but your trash isn't criticism. Your so called "criticism" that attacks others for your bigotry beliefs doesn't mean you are "respecting opinions" now. Yet, my stuff was criticism and you still claim I don't respect yours.

But if you want respect, you need to respect others in the first place.
Yet, actual criticism is about pointing out faults, but what you bring out are not actually faults. You are just dictating that someone (for example) expressing their sexuality is "wrong" just because others find it "disturbing". Which by the way, doesn't give them a right to attack others when the fact remains that it's not being forced on them.
And considering, your sexuality (hell, pretty much everything) is considered disturbing to someone else.
Does that mean everything is public is now a "fault" now?
Just like the stuff you find a "problem".

Stop trying to disguise your bullying as "criticism", you already do what a bully does, and since that matches with examples and definitions, you do.

Face it Peter, you don't respect opinions. You do nothing but treat your personal opinion as a "fact" over others and claim that other people's likes and interests are a "problem" or "fault" or "both".

That's just now how it works Peter. You can't make up bullshit about people and just call it "criticism" because you want to.

That's the main problem with you.

He bashes people who likes to express fetishes.

Depends on the fetish. If it's something that's disgusting and could cause a person to do the wrong thing, I have a right to object to it.
 No you don't. It's disgusting to you, but that doesn't give you the right to attack it.
I find your heterosexual stuff disgusting, but do you see me actually objecting it? No, because I don't disrespect personal opinions, like you do.
He treats his personal opinions as facts.

Don't you do that all the time with that movie where Romeo and Juliet become lycanthropes?
First of all, it's not exactly like Romeo and Juliet, especially since it's wolves, not whatever that was.
Second, I don't. I just disagree and argue what is fair and unfair.
Me saying the art style is a creative purpose isn't the same as saying "You suck for disliking it", or "my art style is better than yours".
There is a line you know and you just can't see it.

But here is an example of what counts as "personal opinion as fact"
Claiming the art-style is a "flaw" because you said so.
Claiming the movie "sucks" because you don't like the inspired story.
Claiming that something must be this or that (while ignoring the intentions of a work that ISN'T YOURS) is a "flaw" or "not".

Yet, you attack people who defend it as anthropomorphic movies and claim they are wrong, and dictate that you can decide over a work that's not your kind of style.

So who's the one who really treats their personal opinion as "fact"?

While he cyberbullies people, he doesn't even believe it exist.

Because it doesn't exist. It's something that was cooked up by paranoid parents and teachers. All that's there is people getting worked up over trolls. Sounds like you got your info from that FOX News report.
Sorry buddy, but you do realize the same can be said for "wolfaboo", "bullying", "opinion", etc. right?
It exist, the effects are real, even the LAW said it does.
Sorry buddy, but it does exist and you have no right to dictate that it doesn't.
He advocates harassment to many people, including one where it was so bad that it drove the poor guy to suicidal thoughts.. all because Peter/REM didn't like something involving victimless fantasy.

Because wanting to see children pee while naked is totally harmless, especially if the guy jacks off to it and could influence him to commit a crime. PaulandAmy anyone?
So requesting a fictional character is somehow hurting real people?
Yet, thanks for trying to justified your horrid behavior.
Yet, making someone commit suicide is still cruel and just plain wrong. You are still guilty of it, even if that one guy did something "wrong".
Also, FEAR base beliefs does not give you the right to advocate harassment.
Being a heterosexual can be risky that it can have a risk of rape, like anything. I mean, it depends on how risky, but it's still fear base, like yours.

REAL FAIR CRIME involves who has been hurt. Not out of fear.
And of course, he will twist many things up and blame the wrong people.

Which is a load of bull, and pales to you blaming everyone and everything but yourself for your problems. Kinda reminds me of some comic book artist and that other one who liked Sonic and Pokemon...
This is what I'm talking about people. Me standing up for myself is somehow a "problem" according to him and the fact that the real guilt is coming from those people who CHOOSE to do this crap to other people like me.
Sorry buddy, but you caused it.
Making attack journals, articles, etc. starts fights.
Me standing up against the things YOU start, doesn't make you a victim.
And neither does making those fucked up articles, stalking people, and some others. However, what you do does create victims that isn't you though.
Like the time he claims 'wwwarea' is stalking him, but in reality, REM monitors 'wwwarea' and constantly update his activity, and makes journals based off more stalking.

Kinda like you.
Being concerned about stalking and making journals that defend the victim =/= same. It's called justice.
Victims have a right to stand up for themselves and show your behavior of what you cause first.
 Again folks, what REM is doing is called 'Victim blaming', that's what a bully usually does.
Yet, according to the legal definition that I already quoted off the stalking journal, here is one of the examples:
False victimization. It is not uncommon for a cyberstalker to claim the victim is harassing him, taking the position of victim in his own mind.
And again, that's legally considered stalking.
All 'wwwarea' does is check his page a few times to see if any shit head is talking bad about 'wwwarea'.

Wanna know what that's called? Stalking.
You want to know what you do? (Monitor me, humiliate me, trying to keep up with my activity (monitor), making journals out of noticed against people making stuff that isn't aiming at you)
But what I do, isn't. Because I already gave out this journal explaining why.

While Peter on the other hand, checks not only wwwarea's profile, but checks this blog, etc.

Again, people tell me about the shit you pull, whereas you have no excuse (seeing as you have little to no friends). You go out of your way to stalk me and my friends because you can't take the fact that nobody buys into your bullshit.
And you could of ignored it. It's still stalking, and you have to remember that your friends are stalking too (monitor, and giving you updates).
No, what I am doing, is justice. I (as a victim) has a right to be concerned about bullshit that involves me, thus making is my buisness.

Plus, I'm not the one who checks you for cyberbullying purposes.
I don't attack you for expressing sonic, for your religion, for your sexuality style, etc.

I already gave out so much history of his mistakes.

TRANSLATION: I've whine about REM so much that he has become a part of my life.
Actually, that's kinda true. Because you actually did effect my life in some ways.
You won't leave me alone, you force your shitty opinions with people around me as "fact", you call me a "wolfaboo" and other personal insults over people for harmless expressions, etc.
You also caused people to harass me too.
  • He attacks consenting things involving some furries (I.e. Fetishes, fursuits in public, private consenting relationships with it, and maybe more.).
Fetishes could affect humans more than you think, fur suits represents ones detachment from reality (they pretend they are who they dress up as), and private stuff is still an issue. They could be doing illegal shit in secret.
In other words,I attack certain furries. My original quote still stands.
He is trying to justify his non-respecting opinion out of 'Fear', 'Personal opinion about reality', and 'Deciding that privacy rights isn't a right'.
Again, my quote still stands (like the rest of them).
  • He has attempted to send a link to a comment having an illegal link to a an illegal pornography site* 
Even though I made it clear that the guy was the one who posted the comment in the first place.
Umm yeah I know. The quote said 'to a comment having an illegal link'.
Still doesn't change the fact that YOU posted a link to the comment linked with an illegal site.
If you are talking about a comment linking to yet another comment linking to another site.
Then what about that journal you made BEFORE you updated it?
Yet, I wonder about you just leaving that guy's comment up?
  • Makes bigoted hate videos involving fetishes he doesn't like
So taking a quick glimpse at ones gallery (even those that display that the artists might serve as potential threats) is a bad thing?
Your purposes of the video is the problem.
You post it and act like it's a problem and posted it for humiliation and mock purposes.
That's an example of a hate video.
  • Makes an ED article(s)
"Which especially puckers my lips because he criticized me!"

Of course the guy admits it, with the delusion that all his crap is "criticism" which makes the bigot thinks he didn't do any cyberbullying then.

And gee Peter, I thought the site was just a joke?
But to see you admit that the article is serious, it doesn't belong there. Oh and since all the stuff you bring out isn't flaws.

Of course, just because you think it is, doesn't mean it is.
  • Openly express hate journals to individuals
Don't you mean providing evidence on why they're bad people?
So furries who wear fursuits, who likes fetishes and express them, who has CONSENTING sex in private, who likes farts (without hurting people), who disagrees with you, give out opinions about companies, etc. are "bad" people?

Oh wait, let me guess, your fears tells you that they will do bad. Which by the way, is untrue or unknown and I also will say that:
When you drive a car, you will probably hit someone.
Or you may rape someone with your sexuality.
  • Advocates harassment
Don't you?
  • Attacked Alpha and Omega fans 
Remember kids, criticizing fans of a mediocre movie is the same as spitting on the flag.
This isn't criticism:
"Fans are just autistic wolfaboos" "All A&O fans attack people who don't like art style" "Bitching about fans who likes to express them" "Pretending your personal opinion is "fact"" "Posting a 'Are you fucking kidding me' meme to a fan group", etc.
Yet, your claim that the movie is "bad" is just an opinion and it's ... wrong. < I wonder if I am now a "bad" person for disagreeing with you off a claim that is beyond your own head? Just curious.
  • Posts hate content directed at people for cyberbullying purposes (E.g. Mock, Humilate, etc)
It's already clear that you can't take criticism, so I'm not surprised with this.
 Again, a guy will call all his cyberbullying "criticism".
Face it, you have to realize that not everything you do is "criticism" and even if it "was", it's immature cyberbullying "criticism". Because words can sometimes be connected.
Just like how 'trolls' can sometimes be a type of cyberbullying form.
  • Promotes slander
Can't be any worse than you whining that people have functioning brains.
They don't have functioning brains. I mean you know what I mean.
Yet, actually I have a right to "whine" about people who say crap about me, and yet, Slander IS bad.
The quote wasn't directly addressed by him.
  • Violated the DA rules many times
You'd only care about that because the time you got me suspended
 So basically REM admits that one, but to his claim, that's not true.
 I also say that to your cyberbullying friends who also violated it the rules and they didn't even get suspended (At least to the recent people I was dealing with).
  • Bullies people for their spiritual beliefs
TRANSLATION: "He criticized my delusional beliefs because I treated them as if they were all true!"
Actually, you are the one that does that because you completely call them "delusional" just because you want to.
In reality, a belief is usually about *ahem* believing something could be true or is.
That's the point of a belief.
You on the other hand completely attacks them like you just did now.
Do you see me calling your religion "delusional", or whatever you have?
But you on the other hand attacks people for being open about their own personal spirituality and of course, disguise your garbage as "criticism" as an excuse to keep doing that.
  • Treats his personal opinion as "fact"
Don't you do the same thing with Alpha and Omega?
So you hide what you did with that movie and of course, with many other people not you, and blame someone who actually doesn't do that? Really, do I?
  • Lies
Something you do for sympathy.
Assumptions =/= Fact.
  • Personally insult people
Better than wishing that they'd die of a heart attack or burn in hell.
 Thanks for admitting it.
Yet, despite that the past is the past and that I don't do that anymore, it doesn't sound like a 'personal insult' as it's not name calling.
  • Hypocritical content - Example: He claims he respects opinions, but judging by what he does a lot, that is not the case.
I have a gut feeling he's referring to Alpha and Omega again. If not, I provide my own arguments why I like or don't like something, and I don't have to respect everyone (referring to those who act disrespectful in the first place)
First, you just made one even now with the 'Cyberbullying doesn't exist' but then say I "cyberbully" you.
Second: It's referring to not just that.
And thanks for admitting that you don't respect opinions. - Yet, considering, you are the ones that do that first.
Yet, the way you state why you don't like something is completely wrong.
  • Blames victims
Because getting it off to wolves, farting and constant whiners means you're a victim.
No. Attacking people who does harmless stuff, makes who you attack a victim.
Thanks for admitting it.
Plus, "whining" about horrible people like you doesn't mean they are not a victim.
  • Stalks people
Referring to yourself again?
Avoiding the subject, and of course blames the wrong person.
  • Has agreed at least once that he will find out where 'wwwarea' lives 
Well let's see, you revealed your first name on your Twitter (why else would you change it?), your full name on your Photobucket and your state and town on your Fanpop account. Connection? You revealed these yourself, yet you refuse to admit that people knowing about these was your own doing?
You have to know that agreeing to finding out where someone lives then trying to gather information from public is kinda like doxxing right? That's different than simply seeing personal information in the public it's self.
Plus when I looked at that archive you posted for my account, I did not see it.

Yet, not only that name was probably fake, but the way you are trying o find that information is the problem.
Trying to find out where people live, is the same as trying to track people down, and that's different than just 'seeing' the city.

The way of how I did to yours, was no different.
You posted your name, you posted your city, etc.

So in other words, you still started it.
The only way you could've known about that is through stalking, and yes, I'll admit that I'm not all for three more A&O movies, because they've gotten worse since the second movie. Why continue beating a dead horse when it'll not bring about good results?
I accidentally found it on that attempt of finding links.. without monitoring it. Yet, right back at you since you do monitor activity of mine.
Yet, you do realize that I may still go to that group and possibly find that comment. Which can be likely to be an accident.
Also, I think some of the sequels did better than the second sequel, so of course I will defend them because you are wrong about them. (I say that (I think) because you wonder why I defend something YOU think is "worse".)
  • Has possibly been arrested in RL **
Spoiler, no I haven't.
 I wish I could explain why I thought, but it may be considered releasing restricted information. So I won't.
* I did not click on the link he sent, but I heard someone commented saying that someone uploaded a link to a CP site, and the guy sent a comment. Then Peter made a journal about it? Though I heard he updated it to change the URL?
He also said you need an illegal program to access the illegal site (DO NOT EVER DO THIS PEOPLE), and I'm curious how he knew that?

It's called research.
 Yeah.... right.
** I remember trying to search his name on an arrest record site, and I think I found a match. However, I did not go deeper from the results much. Also, consider this a guess, not something I know.

I'm not the only Peter Vecchio in this world, you know. Also, you think that I was involved in a crime? How mature.
Right... (I can't explain how further)
How is thinking someone could be involved in a crime "immature"?
It's really bad. And the worst part is (I think) that he actually has friends (who has similar behavior) who thinks he's not doing anything wrong.

My friends are different, similar to how I don't let my online life influence my offline life. You wouldn't know because you never leave your room.
Umm poeple are allowed to take ideas from the Internet and have it be inspired for RL. It's no different than reading a book, watching a movie, etc.
No different than reading the news. The Internet is just a communication tool.

And I left my room before.
In fact, the issue I'm having with this suffering crap is also found in RL. Which shouldn't be surprising because the people online are based off RL too.
The main reason why I made this was because not only I am a victim, but...

"My ass has been penetrated far too many times!"
You really should look in a mirror buddy.
Just shows why you are pathetic.
HE WON'T LEAVE ME ALONE.Even if I try to ignore him for what he's done to me.

Why is that? Because you refuse to listen and realize why people go after you and because you blame everyone but yourself for everything.
Of course I do, I refuse to listen shitty hate that does nothing but promote control, bigotry, stupidity, and other bad things.
You always blame the victim so people who CHOOSE to do that to me can continue.
I blame you, and your friends because you have the CHOICE to let go of someone and move on, but you don't and continue to blame the victim for being concerned about this major problem.
What this monster does will attract negative results, and that will be so.

If my results are negative, then yours will be catastrophic.
Oh get over it. If you are negative to people, expect negativity back, no matter how negative it is.
He doesn't deserve respect from his victims. And as a victim, he will never get any respect from me.

I don't care if you don't respect me. You're too lost in your delusional world to learn from your errors.
What "delusional" world? Though I see your world, and it's very delusional.
Your claims that I'm "delusional" are all biased, not proven, etc.
"ZOINKS! He found my Facebook! Time to whine like a bitch!"
In all seriousness, I don't care if you know my Facebook.
So basically someone not you being concerned about their personal life shouldn't "whine" about it?

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Once I get enough time, I'll do a silent stream of Abobo's Big Adventure.
His ZippCast

Second backup account.
His Dailymotion

Main backup.
 Do you need to react to every small link I sent with pointless stuff lke "best game site" "I don't use it anymore", etc?
Also, it's just there regardless of your history, even if you don't use it anymore.
Sadly, I cannot find that possible other photograph site. Where I found that other person. Not sure why I didn't save it though.

He's referring to Instagram, and the person he's referring to is my sister. Since he went to the trouble of finding my sister, I'll point this out now. wwwarea has a sister.
Nice try, but I didn't know it was your sister.
Jesus, I wonder what makes you think I do? I wonder how much stalking and deeper information you have to go through to attempt to find more information? Of course, sure I went to his public stuff, but I'm not the first.
Also, I guess it turns out I found that account, but it was deleted...?
Not to attack the person, but just to make REM feel how I feel when he fucking tries to find my every activity online AND offline (i.e. Facebook)

I don't give a shit, and I doubt she would either.
Of course you don't.

Just for anyone's information, I don't actually 'stalk' these. The reason why I have all this now is just that I tried to look for the profiles just when I was writing this article. But I don't do this every fucking day for bullying purposes. <From other article, had to put this one up because that part of the message was also bold.

I thought you were talking about yourself. You were referring to me simply finding your profiles by complete random.
 Searching 'wwwarea' on Google, and even linking that Fan Fiction account, trying to find my steam, etc. isn't 'complete random'.
Yet of course, you attempted to post all those links when you had the choice not to.
So you deserve it when I did so back.
To also let you guys know, Peter/REM is the one that started doing similar stuff to me, accept it was actually for cyberbullying purpose.

Keep telling yourself that.
Well it's true. xD
Good news though. The blog REM history here is FINALLY showing up on Google Results. Now it will be easily found more.
I thank for the possible help!

Yes, now everyone could witness your failure.
Not really a failure, better people will be able to find it, etc.
Yet, there is a lot of DA users that I don't think would accept your behavior. That includes your victims other than me.
What have we learned ladies 'n gentlemen? wwwarea is never at fault for the shit he causes, no, it's everyone else.
The only thing to learn (again) was that I was right about you.

 As a little treat, let's go over wwwarea latest instance of faggotry.
 More personal insults huh?
Real mature.

Yeah, my hope for you is waning.
One error I made, you make big deal out of it.
Real mature.
This is a link to an article that may suggest 'End Times'.
If you are offended by this, I would suggest to avoid it, thank you!

"Don't you go giving me criticism! I take it worse than Spoony, Phil Fish and Jfreedan combined!"
Oh. So this is about that one journal I made.
See folks? This is what I'm talking about when REM always starts fights with me.
You do realize you don't even know what "criticism" is. And you calling me a "loony" for believing this just because you disagree makes you a loony.

Maybe you are the worst of all cyberbullies online.
That's right. wwwarea believes in aliens. It's fine to believe in aliens, but believing that they've traveled to Earth? I don't think so.
"I will dictate that it's not OK to have your own belief system because I said so!"
This is why you are a bigot Peter.
You always think you know everything but you don't.
Sorry buddy, but you don't know everything about history, plus their is evidence, etc.

And look at you, trying to expose someone for a belief he has a right to, to mock and humiliate. Yes, that's an example of cyberbullying, which by the way, exists.
I do think aliens did visited us before. Though it's been challenged, but it's kinda idiotic to think that aliens never visited us because we don't know our own history fully, and of course, the UFO evidence.

But it's not idiotic to believe they came to Earth?
How is it idiotic?
What if it's true? "Nobody" knows but that doesn't make it idiotic to wonder and guess if it's true or not. It's not idiotic to believe out of faith or whatever it's called that it happened.
Yet, their is a lot of good questions from history that helps proves it.
Sure some people claim it's "wrong", but they don't 100% know that either.

Yet, when I say 'idiotic' I was referring to the theory that aliens existed before we did (Because planets do NOT form all at once) and due to UFOs and that fact, it would be odd if not one time, they found are planet.
I could totally give out a shit ton of proof, etc. But I don't feel like it right now.

And nope, popular belief is not a fact. It's sad how 'big media' acts like an asshole to people who are open to theories. What the do promotes censorship and hurts curiosity honestly.

People bash certain theories because they tend to be ludicrous beyond belief.
And them bashing it doesn't mean they are right.
They have a right to challenge a theory, but it's idiotic to treat a theory against it as "concrete" and then idiotically call people "delusional" just because of what someone thinks so far.
Anyway, as a truth seeker, I heard this guy talks about an E.T. Agenda and talks about that 'Solar Killshot' stuff.

I doubt that he'd be a good source for information.
..Moving on as I already explained why.
Heh, one of the strong reasons why I find this guy very interesting was because the same guy did predicted the Japan Earthquake before.. Even talked about reactors before it too.

"I like him because his brain has as many holes as mine!"
So if something is predicted (Especially very specific) and it comes true, it's "stupid" now?
I believe a normal person can openly take that as something interesting.
Yet, I don't have any holes in my intelligence, though, you do.

Yet, where is your proof that he's "wrong"?
Some say the world will end, some say some alien movement will happen. Hmm the alien movement sounds way better than the world ending doesn't it? Haha

No, not really.
Aliens picking people up and moving them on a safe planet is just as bad as a world ending with the humans and other animals on it?
And that's wwwarea ladies and gentlemen. Remember, no matter how bad you suck, you're still a hell of a lot better than wwwarea.
I never sucked.
But you did.


End of Request

Ladies and gentlemen, that's REMRadioheadfan96/Channeleven/Peter.
He always stalks people, start fight with people, etc.
And see see more, he even started a fight with 'wwwarea' for making yet, another journal that DIDN'T mentioned him.

Monday, August 31, 2015

REMRadioheadfan96 or Channeleven - The History

Channeleven and REMRadioheadfan96 is the same guy.
deenapeter and Channeleven on Youtube is the same. Name was probably changed to Channeleven after that name.

In a Nutshell
REMRadioheadfan96/Channeleven is a highly delusional selfish cyberbully who always create drama with people, war, and etc.
In real life, he doesn't have much of a skill. He is a photographer, but alas, he isn't very good at it.

He cyberbullies people with any 'fetish' he finds disturbing, posts snapshots about it, videos, and etc.
He also attacks people whenever someone disagrees and judge them back.
He's very obsessed with people who likes to defend what he hates (e.g. Alpha and Omega) and will possibly make up more lies about it and the fans.

Considering he expresses his "I have a right to express my views" type of text (Somewhere he did that) but whenever someone does the 'same thing' to him back, he freaks out about it, claim "attack", etc.
Anyone who calls him out for his cyberbullying will most likely lead to REM uploading his content in reaction or directly to the criticizer with a possible rotten side of slander for his white knights.

Did I also tell you that he doesn't believe cyberbullying exist?
Probably as a reaction to something that mostly does nothing but quoting (researching stuff).

He will also twist the meanings up and most likely blame the wrong people.
Just like the time he claims I'm a "stalker" for checking content directed at me in reaction to the real fact that he's the stalker himself for looking up my activity and constantly update the article about me.

Anyway, it's time to reveal his history with people online.
Note though that some of it won't have links of proof. But if I find proof to one, I may update it.

The First Time I've Met Him in Drama I Think.
It was when he made a journal about some of my content; he called me personality insulting names like 'Wolfaboo', etc, etc. Because of my freedom of speech for criticism.

That's the first time he's started a fight with me.

Now then. Beyond 0.

  1. He has uploaded snapshots about people's fetishes of humiliation or mock purposes. Example of him going to humiliate or mock one guy:
  2. Uploaded a snapshot about someone liking some fictional thing from a show called Kid's Next Door - Leading to so many white knights to attack him to the point of suicidal thoughts.
  3. Made hate videos about people because of expressing 'fetishes' (Check out channeleven's youtube videos if you dare want to see them) (deenapeter is his channel url.)
  4. While all that creates fights, apparently he starts fights with 'journals' (On his DA page), and blog posts.
  5. Has agreed to people to find out where 'wwwarea' lived and I think attempted to post (maybe) personal identifiable information. PROOF: Here, maybe here, and here. - On Maybe here, DA told me that the comment had 'my name' and 'city'.
  6.  Clearly has no respect to anyone who used Freedom of Speech to criticize his rude behavior toward people - Look here too
  7. Started fights with 'SpaceOmega5000' on Youtube by going in a random review and talking shit about 'SpaceOmega5000 in connection with 'wwwarea'.
  8. Always complain about 'fetishes' so many times (check some of this history too and look at some of his journals)
  9. Went into a fan group (On a site) and started yet another fight (This was before the SpaceOmega5000 thing) with a 'Are you fucking kidding me' meme face. (Somewhere here, but he hid the comment)
  10. Forcing his hatred to Alpha and Omega fans (Kinda like the meme face). Examples One, and Two
  11. Personality insult fans of a movie by calling them: "Autistic Wolfaboos"
    Might of been on a review involving a movie called Alpha and Omega.
  12. Posted snapshots for the purposes of mock, humiliate, harassment, etc. (Either one or two, etc. of those) of people's and their criticism toward him. Example maybe:*/ This could help, but I am having trouble checking some snapshots because the Internet here is very bad. Sadly I looked at more, I guess archive can't save pictures very good, but here is this admit before the admins took down nearly every snapshot and banned him for a while:
  13. Has made an ED article against 'wwwarea', for cyberbullying purposes, and has possibly attempted illegal action by doxing on there (I think). - He is also serious about 'wwwarea', showing the article is no joke.
  14. Stalks 'wwwarea' many times and constantly updating that ED article about 'wwwarea'.

  15. Twist the meaning of stalking and blamed 'wwwarea' for "stalking" an article that is directed at 'wwwarea'.
  16. Makes hate posts involving that wolf movie he never watched because of 'wwwarea'.
  17. Blames his victims after what he did to them.
  18. Insults misanthropic people because 'wwwarea' is a misanthropic
  19. Makes fun of 'wwwarea' for making commentary journals in self-defense even though he does it too.
  20.  Admits to being a bigot about people's own differences:
  21. Expresses something like "I have the right to express my views" but attacks anyone else who "expresses his views" on him (While he was expressing his views on others in the first place
  22. Recently insulted the whole Alpha and Omega fanbase again.
  23. Admitted to call the dictionary 'my bible' and claim I attack people for not believing in science, possibly admitting that REM himself is actually denying the dictionary, and science, fighting for stupidity and bigotry.
  24. Attacks me for standing up with a lot of speech, probably because he hates it when I stand up and fight for myself.
  25. Slander people - Example, that anti-Alpha and Omega post that slanders fans claiming they "attack" people for not liking art-styles when in reality, it's just defending.
  26. Has no meaning of what 'Wolfaboo' means and continuously calls me one even though I'm not. He only calls me that for defending wolves, loving, wolves, etc. Even though I don't go 'over-obsessed' with them nor do I treat them as superior in morality.
  27. Even though he claims I "attack" him by talking bad about him and his review, or am "immature" for that, (or both), he talks bad about Nostalgia Critic for his attempt of what he thinks is legit (just like mine). < This mistake is about hypocrisy. Heck, I only argued his claim and talked bad about him for mainly other reasons, and since he possibly attacked defenders in his review.
  28. Attacks spirituality by attacking others for having spiritual believes, possibly with the mixes of religion, etc. - They attack me for having them, etc. Pretended they know everything about it, etc.
  29.  Even though he abused me several times, but now he's attacking my friend by promoting an article against my friend:

  30.  Goes even more insane. Stalks at least one Facebook account of someone:
  31. Continues to stalk more people. To the point that he tries to look up 'wwwarea' in an archive.
  32. Started a fight with a random ROBLOX fan and continue to harass the person even with offensive hate speech based off disability:

  33.  Has made more ED articles against other people.
  34. Attempted to find this person's Facebook again. 
  35. Has no idea what Fair Use is: 

    I'm not defending the idea of Copyright. Just exposing the stupidity of Channeleven for this one.
  36.  Posted this:
  37.  Posted doxxed information.

    I saved a video too.
  38. Obviously treating his opinions as fact by what he prefers:

  39. Possibly More
I may feel like I didn't list it out so well. But I'll keep it updated if I find more mainly.

In a nutshell: He's a cyberbully who attacks people for expressing their fetishes, attacks people for disagreeing and defending, attacks people for self-defense toward him, etc.
Either by emotional abuse, (Could be part of cyberbullying), cyberbulling, etc. He will post content about other people for his 'white knights' to possibly attack them or to see many assholes agree to him. Obviously he posts stuff about others for other people to see.
He depends on popularity, and not logic.

Admits in many ways to be a bigot as he possibly denies the dictionary, possibly science, ignores the law, etc.
Proving he admits to make things up about others and expresses his feelings as a "fact" over others.
And of course, anyone who judges him back for that, will get abused by REMRadioheadfan96/Channeleven.

He's also an emotional abuser and for all the things I've said about him, he will blame his victims and not himself for the mistakes he's done.

And his non-sense "I can express my views" (but others can't according to him), he's a possible hypocrite.

Also Safety Suggestion:
It's best to not even try to argue this bigot. He will never listen, nor listen to his links (He may rarely give out links that are either (out-dated, with new discoveries updating over them) or links that miss the point.
But at all times (or very, VERY mostly. He won't be open to listen to any links you send him, because he can't stand any open criticism, he won't listen to the dictionary, etc. He's just a bigot as history tried to prove and probably proved it.
Now for your own safety, I highly suggest to STAY away from this guy or else you may:
  • Get a cyberbullying article on ED
  • Get mocked by snapshots with slander
  • Slander you
  • Have his white knights attack you
  • May post hate art
  • Support (Such as faving hate pictures about you)
  • May agree to people to find out where you live
  •  Personality insult you
  • Make cyberbullying journals
  • and probably more.
Possible exception: If you are a sheep of him, and listens to everything he said, he probably won't do that.
Also be warned he is also a possible hypocrite. If you are inspired by his speech with 'I share my own views' but you post your own against his claims, he may do what I listed.