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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ice Age Now - Preview

There is a chilly website that seemed to judge the idea of "Global Warming". As looking at the website, it's mainly a news website about the possible upcoming ice age.
The main theme of the website seems to be about "Debunking Global Warming". "Global Warming is consider a "Man-made lie" there.

It's actually very good, they seemed to have shocking graphs (The less part-joke graphs!), about the far past of "warmth" and "freezing".

The picture on here had trouble loading, so I decided to just give a link instead. Now this post isn't as fancy. :( Edit 5/21/2014 : Seems linking to a picture may not be allowed, so I decided to link to the article that has the picture instead. Edit done

Other good example articles:

There is much more!

They also have books that talks about the climate change, and how long ago, we were in a much warmer phrase. Well, I'm no expert, I'm not so sure if the books talk about it but I did heard about it somewhere...

For it's purpose, I think it's doing a pretty good job. Not every post is about a graph, and a study that directly talks about the name of "Global Warming", some are just "Chilly" news, such as record snow reports for example. However, I can understand on possibly why they post that.

The only possible problem is that they probably don't try to cover everything though, and there could be some other kinds of problems too, but those are probably minor. Though, this website isn't rude, or offensive.

Even though, this isn't a review (It was originally), I would so give it a 9/10.