Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Other Hall of Shame

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In here, we will list some people who are closed minded, dumb, bigoted, and jerks.

There is no intention to slander anyone even if they claim that as for example: It's not slenderizing to say that "You were rude to me by calling me selfish" because this 'You' are not 'Me', and your insulting 'Me' which gives me the right to claim that you were rude possibly.


Trust me again, you don't really want to know this guy either.

In a nutshell: He writes offensive journals about others, upload snapshots about them in rude ways because of his thoughts about there own "fetishes", and uploads (possibly) thousands of snapshots, and journals whenever someone makes an honest opinion about him in a comment in a negative form.

Let's put out examples once more shall we? For the same reasons including that Free Speech thing.

Example One
He calls people out for reviewing things he likes in a negative way and tries to use 'bias' brought out such as 'Nostalgia'. Which of course, is fine to argue.
But whenever people like me try to argue similar like him toward negative criticism towards things (e.g. Alpha and Omega), he acts like that's bad.. Even though I wanted to argue and show what was bias or not.

Example Two
I remember a couple times that he defended that he had a right to 'express his views' about others.
But whenever someone does it to him, he freaks out as if he believed that people have no right to disagree and have there say as well.

Example Three
Attacks people for there own "fetishes". I.e. Snapshots and journals.
Calls them out as 'bad' in fear of something actually bad happening.
Claim that falling in love with someone imaginary is "harmful" (c. needed here).
Advocating harassment, cyberbullying, acts like his life is "better", etc, etc.

Example Four
He thinks it's alright for him to make commentary journals about others to what he see is 'right'.
But whenever I do exactly the same thing, he attacks that; posting snapshots, tells on me, claim that I'm a "bully" or a "jerk", etc, etc.

And I don't think that's all of them


This is the list I'm making so far in this hall.
I had another one, but I'm just going to leave that alone.

As for me, I'm not perfect either. There could have been times I went too far.
But do I go 'too far' for commentary generally? How? I thought people had the right to do that? I thought it was a matured thing to do? But I don't think it's matured to judge the way I type. Or why.

And yes, I freak out a lot. But if it's opinions involving me, then I have every right to.
Or negative things involving other people.

I do not legally own the 2 pictures above. Some of them (or all) could be copyrighted.
This blog post is generally for the purpose of:
And a little side of Humor maybe.

Any other part around the parts I do not own (Such as my commentary) is Copyrighted.
I do not allow plagiarism. Or duplicates.
However, it may be Fair Use to quote some of my stuff and put out commentary...

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Dreams - Why are they so Effected?

I have indeed talked about dreams before, based off my own experiences as a gamer and such.

I always wondered about dreams, and I always believed that dreams take place in another area outside of the physical body.

I have had dreams where I've seen similar outside later. Lot's of the times, it's not exact; some can barely be exact and some can be more close.

More Effects

I've had more dreams (duh), and I now noticed more predictions kinda came to pass.
Now please note, as I said, these are all based off my own life. I like to share my own experiences as a very "different" person.

Banned Account
I remember on a forbidden website, I had a fight about someone, and I one time I was trying to get someone banned due to problems.
At one day, when I went to bed, I had this dream where my account has gotten banned.
But when I woke up, I was wrong, but the other person I've fight has gotten banned.

It's as if I was the person in my dream, like how you go outside of your body and transfer yourself (soul) to another body.

If I could remember, "I" (the person) had a panic and some anxiety in the dream.

Or this was a future of when my wwwarea account got banned months later. idk.

Future Fights with Jett
Well first not all readers know that that name "Jett" is. But it's a person who's been bothering me and talking crap behind my back, and expecting people to not listen to me.

Anyway, in this dream. Something was wrong with the profile of this guy, and a fight happened in the dream. Unclear now of what it was.

One day, he became some hater of something, and had something going on in his favorite gallery and possibly his own. Then we fight.

Movie Predictions
This is one of the most interesting things recently.
A while back ago, I think I've had dreams about the forth movie involving a series called 'Alpha and Omega', and some might of matched.. Even Lilly (Probably).

NOW the most very shocking prediction clearly matched something at least general.
It wasn't 100% a match, but let me explain the fact that in that dream, the wolves escaped in a vehicle from some people, and before, it took place by some man-made structure which I thought was some kind of abandoned office or something.

What happened in the movie??
There was a part of a movie where the wolves found this man made structure, and after a while there, the wolves and a human escaped in a vehicle. From some people.
In my dream, Humphrey drove probably. Sadly in the movie he didn't but the lady wondered if Humphrey wanted to drive...
Not only that the general thing did happen, but even the vehicle looked similar to the one in my dream (Or it was a vehicle near it, not too sure).
Not only that, but it was the same general time: Day. Even the color environment was the same.

Not only that, but for the fifth movie, I think I seen a river, forest, and a waterfall in that same dream (before the structure part of my dream?)
And of course, the plot talked about a 'waterfall', and a 'creek'.

I do remember talking about a dream about Lilly and the hopes that the wolves will meet humans and be nice. In the fifth movie, it finally happened (With just one though). However in the dream, I saw Lilly and Lilly wasn't in it. But that hope and wishing of the human thing worked..

The dreams happened months before the movie. And I'm NOT making this up.


So it's like you must trust your dreams sometimes because they connect with many results.

So why does dreams effect reality so much?

Well, has anyone heard the idea of the theory that 'YOU' create your own reality?
I believed I talked something like that in my other dream article.

Well, after studying, I figured that there is a state you need to be in, to help effect your reality faster.
It's.. IT'S.... theta.
Because the more calm your physical brain is, the more deeper you go to the being that always creates reality.
Theta is one of the most effected things that links to two forbidden powers:
Forbidden 2. Gaining information
Forbidden 1. Creating Reality
It is said that we already create it, but depending on beliefs, being in beta can be slow, but the more deeper you go from Beta, to Delta, you effect it faster.
Also, why do I say 'Forbidden'? Because I guess it's something the governments don't want people to hear. Or even the main media.

So the reason why dreams really seem to effect a lot is because when you are having a dream, you are in the theta state.

It's a theory. It's also said that 'beliefs' create reality. Try to get rid of limiting beliefs, and be open with your dreams more, and see what happens now. Not sure if that's a good suggestion.

So anyway, I have heard very shocking stories about this 'Theta' state.
Let me link to some, to what I believe connects with this idea:
Talks about theta.

There was also other info suggesting that being in the 'theta' state can really help you get outside information by using a certain technique that I don't feel comfortable sharing for personal reasons.

A link to subconscious:


Well, I think I'm done writing today. The idea of 'Theta' isn't very popular at this time.. Sometimes due to all the trouble I went through with terrible people I've seen through the Internet, I'm sometimes glad that it's not.. As long if I am in that unpopular area... :)

The idea of being awake and theta is also unpopular probably. Everyone gets into this state when they sleep, but being aware and still being in this state, can be rare.
There does exist ways to do it.
Look it up yourself because I am afraid to tell how for a reason.