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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Horse News - Review

This one guy decided to ask me if He can repost this, and even edit it.. I said, yes, I can.

By the way man, nice picture!

-The original one no longer exist here on this page. It's hidden in another draft now.

Extra Notice: What did to me was very unpleasant. There actions were very hurtful, hypocritical, and in poor taste. Anyone who gets linked here from that website should not listen to it. I highly suggest being very open, and focus on the idea of a better, loving tolerated world.

There purpose, and insults are very biased and failed to prove any of there points about me.
Any educated person shall know that science, knowledge, etc, etc will always be more important than "biased opinions". Unless your opinions is just plain, harmless interests.

I will say, they only made SOME good points, such as my spelling mistake about how I spelled "retarded" wrong, but them just pointing one spelling error out and putting it out for the public to laugh at (I already corrected the word), isn't necessary.

I will say, them being very closed about other people just proves more of my main, general point about the fandom though. I am not against the fandom, I'm just bringing out how big of a lie "tolerance" is these days.

CC - No-Derivatives Attribution
None of this can be modified, including deleting part of it, then republishing it.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Equestria Gaming - Review

Interesting Gaming Info
Horrible Admin - And Privacy Abuser
Bonus: Bullies People's Sexuality

I remember looking at this site at times, and one time I saw a really cool mod for Super Mario 64. It was wonderful to have all that freedom and such.
The website seemed to be a great place for gaming and such.
But I need to warn, this website doesn't have much freedom at all, it's actually biased. If you are a different person, and has a interesting Pony Mod, Fan game, etc. I suggest to go somewhere else.

One Horrible Admin - Plus Evidence
The Admin (Tuxxy) is a horrible person who has no idea how creativity or even proper criticism works (Edit: Yes, the lack of knowing what creativity works is part of the reason if he bashes fan projects based off that, which he did. Edit done). He reviews games only based off his biased opinions. If he sees a game He hates, he will most likely make fun of it, use misleading tags, bring a purpose out and compare it to something the project isn't. He does this only because He dislikes it.
It was also reported that He takes info from private chats and post them in public without the person's permission. Also heard that He took private chats out and altered it(It might of been the same person).
Info about this can be found here in the comments section:

This was also one of the projects that's been bashed for what it was.
I don't know the exact reasons why, but I could guess he bashed it just because it was similar to Mario (When a game is meant to be similar to Mario, then it's wrong to bring that out as a critique response).

I could also guess it was because it was a "self-insert" (Not to be confused with Mary-sue) when yet, a self-insert isn't even bad as if one person does that on purpose, that's the style of the game, and if one didn't like it, they don't have to play it. Bringing "self-insert" out just because it's a "self-insert" should be consider "rude" and "offensive".
Here is a link to that offensive article:
Note: The misleading tags of "creepypasta" and "survival horror".

I have also argued why it was offensive for him to review games like these in a very biased way, and also argued that what he does is "critique abuse", bringing out purposes for what it is instead of bringing out flaws that lacks the purpose or goes against the purpose.


Other evidence proving Intolerance

Yet, what he said in there "isn't" safe for work, but actually it is, because well, this is what babies creatures with diapers actually look like. Something tells me He thinks it's unsafe because of the person's interest. Even though, there is nothing wrong with a possible interest nor is it anymore extreme than kissing, etc.
Anyway, we now see corrupted bronies joining Tuxxy's dark side.
Edit: He said it was from a public chat, but the way he's doing this to the guy in front of everyone is still bullying. -I said earlier saying something like: It looks like he violated the person's privacy.- Edit done.

Edit: Did the guy delete my comment on that link? I remember him claiming that my so-called "off-topic" comments were to get deleted I think, but this comment on the other hand was 100 % on-topic (Off-topic talking isn't always a problem). Edit done


Bad and a unsafe website.
If you want your own fan-game submitted, maybe try another site.
If you want your privacy protected as well, I highly suggest to never talk to this guy in private.

If your brave enough to not care, judging that so called "critic" or other things may mean he will talk bad about you on his Twitter... And I do know, good Admins don't act like that.

CC - No-Derivatives Attribution
None of this can be modified, including deleting part of it, then republishing it.
I have caught someone (The same Admin - Tuxxy) making up a lie about my article. Assuming I rated "Him" bad only because of one small sided reason. And lied to everyone claiming that's what my article only said. That is not the case, if they were to read the whole thing, it's "different" as in, it's not just the reason or something.
Credit is Due, he needs to link to this article if he continues making up my reason.

Edit once more: I have told him to remove his lie..
Here is what he said to me:
Since he doesn't mind abusing privacy, guess I don't mind if I post this then.
Note: The big black text with the arrows and in this box was added text from the snapshots.
I also had to put two snapshots together due to the email being too big to fit.
This reply just makes him look even more bad. And because of that, I think I feel just a tiny bit better.


Edit: 5/17/2014
He also told people to boycott someone who posted a NSFW picture on a optional twitter somewhere, because he hated it (He also thought it was something "illegal" - has no understanding with law).

Soooo... yeah. Stay FAR away from him, and focus on people's rights, instead of bigoted hate.
It is said that it's very hard to change people, and that may be true. He may not change for a long time, so just stay away from him, have faith of the next life, or something.