Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Lost Dreams

It was posted before that dreams can create reality.

With this guy here on the blog. I think this will be my last request used. I've had a talk.


I want to share an experience I've had before.
I remember dreams I've had before created reality (at least that's the theory) and I was pretty shocked at times..

Thinking about it, I started to remember my end time dreams. They often involved the sun for some reason and one of them was more focused on a tribulation...

Now thinking about that.. that reality may come true.. there is a thing going on where a remote viewer was able to see the world being strongly effected by our sun (he called it the Kill Shot or something) and he connected it with Planet X. I think I had dreams about the end times often before and a lot of stuff in those dreams were red and flaming.

He's one of my favorites.. and... the Japan earthquake was predicted before.

Before it happens, some other things are supposed to happen first. One of them involved North Korea and a nuclear explosion. We are now getting signs of that.
In another moment one time, there was shocking leak pictures I think were from NASA and they were from a project that was abandoned... during a similar time, the strange possible object by the sun is now showing it's 'wings' as they say about planet Nibiru (also known as Planet X?)...
And again, Major Ed Dames (the remote viewer for the Kill Shot) suggested it connected with Nibiru..

My dreams were giving shocking results, and this could be one of those dreams too.

If our world ended, it would end the nightmare I live in. Sadly, it would effect good people too...

Request finished.