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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Proud to be an Introvert

Being an Introvert has made me smart a lot. It made me analyze the way society has been acting to many different kinds of people. E.g. I realize that the term "Normal", "Weird", "Disorder", etc, etc.. is all but an illusion.
I would have fear, that if I was an Extrovert, then I would also be a sheep.. Why is that I say? It's because if I was more social (i.e. Being a loud-mouth and being active without thinking about my self once), then I probably would never have time to question the corruption this world has, nor would I realize that being who you are is the only good thing. I would only follow lies and the only "smart thing" I would have is computers.

I hate Society, but I don't hate a society it's self. I have my reasons on why.
I believe the way our current society is, is disgusting.. In society, violence in some ways (e.g. hunting other animals) is accepted while a small talk of something completely natural (i.e. sexuality) isn't. Society also uses the term "Normal" and "Weird" in the worst way as possible. It puts things in taboos, and more.

I am free. I have woken up, I once, been a bigot just like the main part of the world.
I used to hate something just because it was liked by certain people or something, then, after finding my self more, that is no more. When I started thinking for my self, I studied so much, it woke me up from this world, that is similar to "Hell".

Oh My God, You Are Anti-Social!
Please, just please, stop comparing me to the same people who enjoys violating rights of others. Please don't compare me to Murderers, Rapist, etc. Yet, comparing things of this type was another reason why I AM an Asocial.

There is a difference by being an Introvert or a Asocial than to "anti-social".
An Introvert is similar to asocial, where I avoid talking to others sometimes or all the time, where "anti-social" may include serious crimes like "Murder" for example. It's often about careless people that involves others.
Yet, society them selves is careless in different kinds of ways.

Does simply questioning the way society has been acting in some parts, makes me an "anti-social"?

If me choosing my differences in life makes you think I'm "anti-social", then you are disgusting.

If me criticizing the way society's been acting makes you think I'm "anti-social", then you are disgusting.
In other words, if believing in change for a better world makes you think I'm "anti-social", then not only you are "disgusting", you are sheep.

Apparently, anyone who is consider "weird" or "disturbing" may be consider "anti-social".
In fact, anyone who doesn't want to be social, doesn't want to make friends, always enjoy being alone, etc, etc. might make people think they are "anti-social" when really, it does NOT make them anti-social, instead, it's Asocial: To avoid socially talking to anyone.

I my self, do make friends sometimes, but I don't want to be any part of that "cool" zone crap. Never have, never will. Though, I have friends who might be part of it, but at least they may respect me who hates being part of it.
So I may not be 100% Asocial, but I have my reasons why I mostly am.

I want a world where people can express themselves for being different, even if some people consider themselves "weird". Just because the person expresses something that current society hates, doesn't automatically mean they are "Anti-Social", they are just different.

I love being different, it makes me feel more creative, it's interesting, it's fun, it's spiritual, it's god damn awesome!

If society calls that a "disorder" by them claiming that it's "Anti-Social", or not, then this is one of the strong reasons on why (Sort of) I am an Asocial and an Introvert.. Introvert might be something I can't control though, but I do have reasons on why I have hatred towards our current world and this problem I'm addressing now is one of them.

Note: Even non-social people can do horrible things just like parts of society.


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