Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Arrow in the Knee - Nothing Wrong With It

 I just wanted to post this really fast. This is my thoughts, and wanted to make a quick talk about "Arrow in the Knee" or "Arrow to the Knee". If things don't go that well, I might do something about this article or not...

Lots of people have heard this a lot and some complained that its not funny. Its from a game called Skyrim.

Is the joke funny? Well, here is the true answer, "No Answer"

I am sick of people forcing there opinions on others telling them its "not" funny. It can be funny to some and not funny to some, its sort of both.

And then there are those saying "Its not original" So what, it doesn't matter, the jokes can still be creative since lots of people had made up new stories for the joke, now there are many different types of the joke, so its creative. And the word became famous thanks to the help of remixing. I'm not going back to the "Cult of Originality". Its dark and control there.

And then there is the "Its overused" talk. Now at first, in order for something to become popular, it may have to be over used in the first place, thats how nature goes sometimes. So what, once it becomes overused, we now have to ban it? Thats stupid, so what if it goes overused, it can still be a good an accepting joke.

I just don't like how something gets popular and then a group of un accpeting people try to force it back down. I get really mad. When this happens, those people who force it down are ruining the nature of how something gets spread, and force opinions on others.

I don't think it would die out ether because some memes has been mainly acceptable as a part of culture. There is nothing wrong with accepting "Arrow in the knee" phrases. And in fact, this can be funny to a lot in 2 or more ways: 1. It would have sort of a good joke its self I think. 2. How many people would use it, it gets funnier to a lot because of how people often use it. In fact, I started to think the joke started to get funny to me I think.

Again, there's nothing wrong with that joke and other memes and it should be fine accepted just like Nyan cat, even though Nyan sort of calm but its still accepted I think. Hope the joke doesn't become hated like some of those songs on YouTube just because its over used...