Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sitting is Not A Disease It’s A Way of Life.

You have no idea how mad I was when I been seeing all these news from this so called Study claiming that Sitting puts you at risk, it makes your life shorter, etc.

Now it’s pretty much being spread and this could lead to a lot of control this way.
People are suggesting, Stand Desks, and more suggestions to avoid sitting.

I will say that I think this move is really stupid because everything we do is most likely going to cause a “Short Life”.

And why I think this is very bad is because well, sitting is one of the most simple things we do everyday, not only Human creatures does this, even other creatures also. It’s a natural part of your life. But sadly, many people now believe that sitting is not natural because it would “Shorten your life”. And this really pisses me off... Look, if sitting is not Natural, then Life it’s self isn’t because guess what, everyone dies.  Every life you get here on this Planet would die. Also, when it comes to sitting, we need to rest sometimes also.

Having to exercise every day and not sit once or at least 5 hours is insane.. What’s going to happen if more people believe this anyway? And then laws start to come? This will probably happen:

  • Everyone will now have to use Standing Desks to work or do other stuff.
  • Everyone will now have to stand up when they are in a conversation.
  • Everyone will somehow have to stand up while driving.
  • Everyone will now need to stand up when resting.
  • If sleeping counts: Everyone will have to keep walking or standing to “Sleep”.

Insane right? Now of course, it probably won’t be like that, you may still be allowed to sit, but you will probably have so many restrictions while doing so and I think having that much effecting your own lifestyle or something is very unnatural. Look, everyone dies, and sitting causing you to make your life a little shorter doesn’t mean it’s unnatural… If it was again, then life is unnatural. But since everyone including the other Animals does this, I think it’s natural. Smoking on the other hand is a different story and it’s sad to see people think that “Sitting is worse than Smoking”.

Also, as another thing, there is not even 100 % proof that sitting is even linked to loosing life. The Study is just based on a random survey I think, and it would “look” like it would be because of sitting, but there is no explanation.

Like some say, I think this Study is a waste of time. Plus when it comes to people who has a short life and they sit most of the time in that Survey, other things could of happen that caused it. Also, I heard a lot of overweight people and other type is most likely to sit.

Perhaps it’s not the sitting that caused it, its people being overweight. Maybe in the survey, most people were really overweight. Even more possible proof that sitting isn’t the cause is that I heard a lot of people been able to live past 80 and they have sit most of the time. Remember, we have sit a lot for thousands of years, and a lot of people has been able to age even past 100.

I think these are one of the articles I saw:

Friday, May 25, 2012

What I like to write about

What I like to write

Pretty much anything. But I can give some examples.
My views that can be Fun

I like to write things I believe in (Although maybe not write all), to talk about something for everybody and yet, others can get interested and see what inspiration they can get. I sometimes like to write things to make people feel exited.
Suggestions for the world and things of arguments for me and others, and opinions

I sometimes don't enjoy doing this. Its the type of thing I see in problems of the world, I try to add suggestions and change to make everyone more happy. I sometimes write some arguments against stuff that cause more Hate, Judgement against someone in Life, and other threats.

Also, I would possibly write about Censorship, saying it can be a problem. Sometimes I report it, suggest that its bad.

Well, I'm one of those people who views the whole world, and when I see a problem, I try to think theories and stuff about it.

Stories I had and maybe stories I seen

I sometimes do this, although I don't much publish it. Wait, I don't even much publish a lot of articles I made. 

Stuff can be interesting things I seen, like if I seen a UFO, I could talk about it. Maybe if something very interesting in my gaming life, I could.

Project reports and other notices of what I do

Like Super Mario 64 - The Ancient Castle. And what I was writing now I think.


Well that's pretty much all. Although it looks like I just write pretty much anything. I usually like to talk about random things sometimes. But my Multiverse Feeling blog is not a news reporting site, although I might report some news if I needed it but its not mainly about it.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Arrow in the Knee - Nothing Wrong With It

 I just wanted to post this really fast. This is my thoughts, and wanted to make a quick talk about "Arrow in the Knee" or "Arrow to the Knee". If things don't go that well, I might do something about this article or not...

Lots of people have heard this a lot and some complained that its not funny. Its from a game called Skyrim.

Is the joke funny? Well, here is the true answer, "No Answer"

I am sick of people forcing there opinions on others telling them its "not" funny. It can be funny to some and not funny to some, its sort of both.

And then there are those saying "Its not original" So what, it doesn't matter, the jokes can still be creative since lots of people had made up new stories for the joke, now there are many different types of the joke, so its creative. And the word became famous thanks to the help of remixing. I'm not going back to the "Cult of Originality". Its dark and control there.

And then there is the "Its overused" talk. Now at first, in order for something to become popular, it may have to be over used in the first place, thats how nature goes sometimes. So what, once it becomes overused, we now have to ban it? Thats stupid, so what if it goes overused, it can still be a good an accepting joke.

I just don't like how something gets popular and then a group of un accpeting people try to force it back down. I get really mad. When this happens, those people who force it down are ruining the nature of how something gets spread, and force opinions on others.

I don't think it would die out ether because some memes has been mainly acceptable as a part of culture. There is nothing wrong with accepting "Arrow in the knee" phrases. And in fact, this can be funny to a lot in 2 or more ways: 1. It would have sort of a good joke its self I think. 2. How many people would use it, it gets funnier to a lot because of how people often use it. In fact, I started to think the joke started to get funny to me I think.

Again, there's nothing wrong with that joke and other memes and it should be fine accepted just like Nyan cat, even though Nyan sort of calm but its still accepted I think. Hope the joke doesn't become hated like some of those songs on YouTube just because its over used...

Thursday, January 26, 2012

First Blog Post

This is my first blog post, so lets test some things out...

So this text style is nice... How about Georgia? Hmm, this one? How about Times? Trebuchet??? Oh, I know, Verdana...

Well, lets just use Arial then... Or Times, maybe other...

Hmm, what about sizes? Nah... Mainly using regular size. 

Oh, here is a picture:

Well, this is from Minecraft, picture of a art work of the Moon basically from Zelda Majora's Mask. And other stuff. I didn't draw the Moon though.

Well, I'll be testing these out right now. So I might make other blogs sometime.