Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Why the Anti-Wolfaboos are Very Delusional

 Another Important Article that is against hatred and a false term to cause more hatred.
From an "old" journal from a website called Deviant Art, I wanted to spread awareness of something horrible spreading.
Note: Not all may have the same views, some may be less delusional, some may be more.

You know those anti-hunters going around, teaching that it's abusive to there right to live? Often, a lot of "wolf-fans" often wanted to protect there favorite animal: "wolves". Then around, a lot of ranchers (or hunters) came around, bashing a lot of those who wants to save them, I heard it was because of some so called "wolfaboos" coming and threatening them because one happened to hunt down a wolf.

Now, the reasons as I would say that those Anti-wolfaboo groups are moronic is based on a ton of reasons.

Now I like to point out that, these groups (or "movements") were made by a lot of "anthropocentric" people. So lot's of times, they are going to be using old casual dictionary to "prove" that there idea of other animals "not" being as important are a "fact". Sadly, lot's of people grew up thinking we humans were morally higher than other animals or in a sense, so it's no wonder why these people often don't realize the pain and suffering other creatures has. They tend to think it's alright to "hunt" a wolf or any creature considered "not-endangered" but not OK to hunt the non-endangered animal: Homo-sapiens. So a person who is sadly "anthropocentric" at the heart is most likely not going to be open at all with the fact that killing another creature is in fact, a terrible thing just like killing the same species.

Now here is some myths, theories, and facts I like to point out:

Myth 1: Grey-wolves are not Endangered - Theory: I heard that a lot, but I also seen reports that they still are. Maybe they are, or maybe they aren't. Maybe deeper research for sure needs to happen.
Myth 2: Killing wolves are OK, because it's not Murder - Fact: "Murder" is very casual these days now, but the only reason why our current "murder" is considered bad, is because of the un-consent killing of another being (Like a human animal). However, "killing" another non-human being without the form of consent, is in fact the same problem as killing a human-animal. Our current definition of "murder" does not scientifically change the fact that we are not "more important".
Myth 3: Killing a wolf is OK because humans are more important. - Fact: This is also clearly based on the "Anthropocentric" (Or "speciesism") belief about the so called "We are only special" belief. There has been a lot of proof that we do in fact are equal living beings and we are not separated from the term: "animal". We are clearly animal beings too, and we have the ability to stop what we can do that is considered abuse.
Myth 4: It's OK to like or even love a wolf, but it's not OK to feel connected with one, or deeply protect them - Fact and Theory: Let me be honest, who the hell has the right to tell others how to believe? People done this with Humans, why the hell can't people for once, selflessly do this for another animal?
Myth 5: Humans are superior to Wolves - Fact: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speciesi…
Myth 6: In that movie "Alpha and Omega", the designs look nothing like wolves, therefor the designs suck and the whole movie sucks. Fact: Soo.. while you guys claim your opinion is a "fact", your saying that because a creature does not look like a creature on this planet, tends to now suck? Have you ever heard of designs before? Have you ever heard of a giant f***ing mouse that talks that looks nothing like a mouse on this planet before? Your opinions about this because they look nothing like these wolves on this planet, are just, opinions, not a fact. Not only that, but I happen to like the designs as "Anthro" and disney like creations. The designs are great as it's own thing.
Myth 7: Alpha and Omega - Wolfaboo the movie! Fact: A movie about wolves doesn't always mean "It's a super extreme obsessed" thing. Even if it was all about wanting to save wolves, which I find to be a you know, a good thing.
Myth 8: You are not a wolf! - Theory: Once again, telling others how to believe eh? I hate people who attack "otherkin" or whatever it was called. Sorry, I'm not very sure what "Otherkin" is again, so I could be wrong. But when someone is wanting to pratice there own "animal" from there own spiritual belief, it's very offensive to send these kind of messages, unless it's to people who are confused a bit about there 3D incarnated form I think. The "You are not a wolf!" crap isn't a 100 % proven thing.
Myth 9: Sparklewolves are a threat - Fact: Sparklewolves are just a new creative form of a new kind of wolf. Remember mickey mouse, vampires, Disney dogs, etc? If that's a threat, then Humans with wings, new kinds of dogs, Mickey Mouse, and any movie that has a talking non-human animal is a "threat" because animals (Including humans) don't do that on here. It's called "Freedom" and "Sci-fi".
Myth 10: Sparklewolves are not normal - Fact: Normal isn't real, get over it.
Myth 11: Wolfaboos are always extreme and dumb - Fact and Theory: I will agree though, some wolfaboos may have caused them selves to live a depressed life, and then claimed false "facts" over already proven facts, but although a lot of believes from them that were claimed to be "dumb" are not proven to be false like I explained, in fact, some may have been proven to be facts. Most haters will pretend there opinions are facts, unfortunately.
Myth 12: A wolf can't kill a certain animal - Fact: You know, there is no "scientific" saying that one specie will always be able to kill another or around. For example: A tiger may be able to kill a wolf, I think, not sure but however, sometimes, a wolf could kill a tiger. It's often by luck. Like how it is when humans kill each other, or if one tried to kill another animal. Know what I mean? Fact is that it's by luck.
Myth 13: The group is a accurate informational group - Fact: As I study, and such, that is not nearly close to true. I will admit though, there might be bits of correct information in there but most of it, is just opinion, bigoted, prejudice views as I explained more above.
Myth 14: The groups is a true lover of wolves - Fact: This is a joke right? There is two differences that need to be connected to prove that, you need to have that in your mind, and your heart, and if you did, you would also not hunt them down, for any reason. The only time it's fine to shoot one is if maybe you were being attacked by one and you had no other option to live I think, but I'm still open about this part. Remember though, that's also considered fine if a human did that to you also. Don't you need to protect your self?
Myth 15: We need this group because some people threaten us because some personality did not like wolves. - Fact: While it's not good to threat a person who honestly answered a question of "Do you like wolves" by saying no, however, it seems very odd to make this whole group, that isn't even going to work.
Speaking of not working:
Myth 16: This group will get rid of wolfaboos - This will never work, nor is it needed.
Update! 2-11-2014
Myth 17: "Anti" doesn't equal "hate" - Fact: In a way, yes and no. This isn't hate: "Anti-Hate" "Anti-Being-Fat-My-Self". THIS is:
"Anti-Brony" "Anti-Wolf" "Anti-Spiritually" "Anti-Gay" "Anti-Furries" "Anti-Sparkle-Wolves" "Anti-Gamers" "Anti-Sonic" "Anti-Equality" etc...
A f**king horrible excuse for more hatred to say that for the purpose of those kinds of things. This is one of the worse myths I ever seen.
*Update done*

And there are many more bad examples. I just don't want to go back in there and see all this bullcrap that's in there. It's very offensive to me, and yet I don't even think I would be considered a "wolfaboo" since I don't think I am controlled by the glory of wolves to pain or something, not sure.
I personality hope this group isn't going to cause spreading anywhere, and me seeing this stupid "Wolfaboo" word being pushed around on trailers of that wolf animated movie, I am kind of worried, if it wasn't for that, I probably would not have to worry or probably even have found this term in the first place.

Also, if one threatens a hunter for killing "there species" then no wonder, you killed another being, it's just as bad as killing another human. If a human doesn't deserve to "die", that also has to go for the same for "wolves" too. I just put that here for the sake of equallity, I don't think I am saying that we should kill another human for that I think.

I want the world to be filled with tolerance and love, no violence or hatred. People has the right to be them selves, get over it.

Note: Perhaps not all anti-wolfaboos will have the same views, of course, I'm not sure but I do remember there groups are often badly judgmental on how others like to enjoy there favorite animal.

As a person who cares deeply about the equality of every creature, including humans: You guys should learn something about this, I recommend looking at the wiki article link I put in on the "Myth 5 claim" area. Though, I'm not sure about all of it.

Also, if I get a bunch of unusual hatred comments on here, I might have to disabled the comments.


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