Rules -Important-

Just like many websites, this blog has rules for commenting.

The Rules

The Following Not Allowed in Comments
  • Any comment that promotes hatred, bigotry, or any other form of hatred intolerance.
  • Any pornography whatsoever. Including links to it. This website is for general audience. Links to slight NSFW (Like from a Youtube comedy video for instance) may be allowed.
  • No ROM or ISO links

I also suggest following Google's policy.
Especially "Illegal Content".

One of my rules at least may be covered by Google's policy, but I'm just putting it there in case.

Violating the first rule for the first time may be a warning. Second offense may be a temp. ban. Third, longer ban. Forth, permanent.

Violating the second rule for the first time may be a temp. ban. Second offense may be long ban. Third, permanent.

The third one is the same as the first.

If you want to be "critical", then you must provide good sources, or talk very good, or at least a valid, non-off-topic theory.
It's possible to include "hatred", "bigotry", or other forms of "intolerance", so be careful.

I suggest if you want to criticize something, you must do so in a matured manner as possible. However, criticizing someone just for there lifestyle, sexuality identity, or other harmless interests for example isn't allowed.