Monday, February 25, 2013

My Little Pony Fandom is Not Just About Liking The Show Anymore

You may not know what "My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic" is, it's a show that involves Ponies. It's often on a TV channel called "The Hub"... Ah hub, I love it when video games has that... Well um, anyway I would like to talk about addressing some very bigoted and hateful messages that tries to limit the "Fandom" and tell what Brony is and isn't. Oh and yeah, Brony is often considered being a fan of My Little Pony and yeah it is I think.

I was reading about some Cease & Desist news and I came across some offensive messages that claim that the Fandom is only about liking the show and denied people who believe that it's more and special, (And it is special like how every "group" is). And they told what Brony is and isn't with other bull crap messages... Here is a very lying bigoted twisted message I found that actually is prejudice too: 

"Bronies never represented anything other than a huge group of friends who like the same show. There's always been prejudice and lying in our community. Heck, Cloppers have been outcasts pretty much the entire time. Speaking of which, our community pumps out a lot of things - music, video games, and oh yeah, porn. Graphic visual or literary porn. We don't represent the elements of harmony here.

Bronies aren't special, man. We're just a group, a bit more friendly than others. We have good points, and negatives; in the end we're just another fandom"

And it's stereotype. And it seems this idiot is claiming that it's "Prejudice" and "Lying" to believe the fandom is more special. Now he or she doesn't seem to realize that the message him self posted is Prejudice and Lying because of the fact that the Fandom, IS more special.. Why?

Because a Fandom (Or culture) is controlled by the people them selves, and since this Fandom is controlled by so many different people and what they did... They changed it from what was once simple to more than just simple.. Naturally  it's now big and it's own unique due to how many people there are. Fandoms can change it's definition to be more than just the basic seed and it's a right from The People.

If I believe that I am a Brony because I focus on something else that wasn't the show (Like a fan game) but it did involved "My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic", then it's a fact that I am.. You people have no right to tell and push what Brony is and isn't and forcing the belief system about the Fandom to be limited.

The Fandom or Culture is special and unique, get over it, and leave others alone.

And the reason why I posted this often was because people abused what was lying and the meaning of prejudice to the false people, and hide there prejudiced beliefs. So I decided to expose the real prejudiced and lying people. And I wanted to post this to get rid of bigot bull crap. Once again, the Fandom is more than just simple. Deal with it.

- wwwarea - Out