Monday, August 31, 2015

REMRadioheadfan96 or Channeleven - The History

Channeleven and REMRadioheadfan96 is the same guy.
deenapeter and Channeleven on Youtube is the same. Name was probably changed to Channeleven after that name.

In a Nutshell
REMRadioheadfan96/Channeleven is a highly delusional selfish cyberbully who always create drama with people, war, and etc.
In real life, he doesn't have much of a skill. He is a photographer, but alas, he isn't very good at it.

He cyberbullies people with any 'fetish' he finds disturbing, posts snapshots about it, videos, and etc.
He also attacks people whenever someone disagrees and judge them back.
He's very obsessed with people who likes to defend what he hates (e.g. Alpha and Omega) and will possibly make up more lies about it and the fans.

Considering he expresses his "I have a right to express my views" type of text (Somewhere he did that) but whenever someone does the 'same thing' to him back, he freaks out about it, claim "attack", etc.
Anyone who calls him out for his cyberbullying will most likely lead to REM uploading his content in reaction or directly to the criticizer with a possible rotten side of slander for his white knights.

Did I also tell you that he doesn't believe cyberbullying exist?
Probably as a reaction to something that mostly does nothing but quoting (researching stuff).

He will also twist the meanings up and most likely blame the wrong people.
Just like the time he claims I'm a "stalker" for checking content directed at me in reaction to the real fact that he's the stalker himself for looking up my activity and constantly update the article about me.

Anyway, it's time to reveal his history with people online.
Note though that some of it won't have links of proof. But if I find proof to one, I may update it.

The First Time I've Met Him in Drama I Think.
It was when he made a journal about some of my content; he called me personality insulting names like 'Wolfaboo', etc, etc. Because of my freedom of speech for criticism.

That's the first time he's started a fight with me.

Now then. Beyond 0.

  1. He has uploaded snapshots about people's fetishes of humiliation or mock purposes. Example of him going to humiliate or mock one guy:
  2. Uploaded a snapshot about someone liking some fictional thing from a show called Kid's Next Door - Leading to so many white knights to attack him to the point of suicidal thoughts.
  3. Made hate videos about people because of expressing 'fetishes' (Check out channeleven's youtube videos if you dare want to see them) (deenapeter is his channel url.)
  4. While all that creates fights, apparently he starts fights with 'journals' (On his DA page), and blog posts.
  5. Has agreed to people to find out where 'wwwarea' lived and I think attempted to post (maybe) personal identifiable information. PROOF: Here, maybe here, and here. - On Maybe here, DA told me that the comment had 'my name' and 'city'.
  6.  Clearly has no respect to anyone who used Freedom of Speech to criticize his rude behavior toward people - Look here too
  7. Started fights with 'SpaceOmega5000' on Youtube by going in a random review and talking shit about 'SpaceOmega5000 in connection with 'wwwarea'.
  8. Always complain about 'fetishes' so many times (check some of this history too and look at some of his journals)
  9. Went into a fan group (On a site) and started yet another fight (This was before the SpaceOmega5000 thing) with a 'Are you fucking kidding me' meme face. (Somewhere here, but he hid the comment)
  10. Forcing his hatred to Alpha and Omega fans (Kinda like the meme face). Examples One, and Two
  11. Personality insult fans of a movie by calling them: "Autistic Wolfaboos"
    Might of been on a review involving a movie called Alpha and Omega.
  12. Posted snapshots for the purposes of mock, humiliate, harassment, etc. (Either one or two, etc. of those) of people's and their criticism toward him. Example maybe:*/ This could help, but I am having trouble checking some snapshots because the Internet here is very bad. Sadly I looked at more, I guess archive can't save pictures very good, but here is this admit before the admins took down nearly every snapshot and banned him for a while:
  13. Has made an ED article against 'wwwarea', for cyberbullying purposes, and has possibly attempted illegal action by doxing on there (I think). - He is also serious about 'wwwarea', showing the article is no joke.
  14. Stalks 'wwwarea' many times and constantly updating that ED article about 'wwwarea'.

  15. Twist the meaning of stalking and blamed 'wwwarea' for "stalking" an article that is directed at 'wwwarea'.
  16. Makes hate posts involving that wolf movie he never watched because of 'wwwarea'.
  17. Blames his victims after what he did to them.
  18. Insults misanthropic people because 'wwwarea' is a misanthropic
  19. Makes fun of 'wwwarea' for making commentary journals in self-defense even though he does it too.
  20.  Admits to being a bigot about people's own differences:
  21. Expresses something like "I have the right to express my views" but attacks anyone else who "expresses his views" on him (While he was expressing his views on others in the first place
  22. Recently insulted the whole Alpha and Omega fanbase again.
  23. Admitted to call the dictionary 'my bible' and claim I attack people for not believing in science, possibly admitting that REM himself is actually denying the dictionary, and science, fighting for stupidity and bigotry.
  24. Attacks me for standing up with a lot of speech, probably because he hates it when I stand up and fight for myself.
  25. Slander people - Example, that anti-Alpha and Omega post that slanders fans claiming they "attack" people for not liking art-styles when in reality, it's just defending.
  26. Has no meaning of what 'Wolfaboo' means and continuously calls me one even though I'm not. He only calls me that for defending wolves, loving, wolves, etc. Even though I don't go 'over-obsessed' with them nor do I treat them as superior in morality.
  27. Even though he claims I "attack" him by talking bad about him and his review, or am "immature" for that, (or both), he talks bad about Nostalgia Critic for his attempt of what he thinks is legit (just like mine). < This mistake is about hypocrisy. Heck, I only argued his claim and talked bad about him for mainly other reasons, and since he possibly attacked defenders in his review.
  28. Attacks spirituality by attacking others for having spiritual believes, possibly with the mixes of religion, etc. - They attack me for having them, etc. Pretended they know everything about it, etc.
  29.  Even though he abused me several times, but now he's attacking my friend by promoting an article against my friend:

  30.  Goes even more insane. Stalks at least one Facebook account of someone:
  31. Continues to stalk more people. To the point that he tries to look up 'wwwarea' in an archive.
  32. Started a fight with a random ROBLOX fan and continue to harass the person even with offensive hate speech based off disability:

  33.  Has made more ED articles against other people.
  34. Attempted to find this person's Facebook again. 
  35. Has no idea what Fair Use is: 

    I'm not defending the idea of Copyright. Just exposing the stupidity of Channeleven for this one.
  36.  Posted this:
  37.  Posted doxxed information.

    I saved a video too.
  38. Obviously treating his opinions as fact by what he prefers:

  39. Possibly More
I may feel like I didn't list it out so well. But I'll keep it updated if I find more mainly.

In a nutshell: He's a cyberbully who attacks people for expressing their fetishes, attacks people for disagreeing and defending, attacks people for self-defense toward him, etc.
Either by emotional abuse, (Could be part of cyberbullying), cyberbulling, etc. He will post content about other people for his 'white knights' to possibly attack them or to see many assholes agree to him. Obviously he posts stuff about others for other people to see.
He depends on popularity, and not logic.

Admits in many ways to be a bigot as he possibly denies the dictionary, possibly science, ignores the law, etc.
Proving he admits to make things up about others and expresses his feelings as a "fact" over others.
And of course, anyone who judges him back for that, will get abused by REMRadioheadfan96/Channeleven.

He's also an emotional abuser and for all the things I've said about him, he will blame his victims and not himself for the mistakes he's done.

And his non-sense "I can express my views" (but others can't according to him), he's a possible hypocrite.

Also Safety Suggestion:
It's best to not even try to argue this bigot. He will never listen, nor listen to his links (He may rarely give out links that are either (out-dated, with new discoveries updating over them) or links that miss the point.
But at all times (or very, VERY mostly. He won't be open to listen to any links you send him, because he can't stand any open criticism, he won't listen to the dictionary, etc. He's just a bigot as history tried to prove and probably proved it.
Now for your own safety, I highly suggest to STAY away from this guy or else you may:
  • Get a cyberbullying article on ED
  • Get mocked by snapshots with slander
  • Slander you
  • Have his white knights attack you
  • May post hate art
  • Support (Such as faving hate pictures about you)
  • May agree to people to find out where you live
  •  Personality insult you
  • Make cyberbullying journals
  • and probably more.
Possible exception: If you are a sheep of him, and listens to everything he said, he probably won't do that.
Also be warned he is also a possible hypocrite. If you are inspired by his speech with 'I share my own views' but you post your own against his claims, he may do what I listed.