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What did to me was very unpleasant. There actions were very hurtful, hypocritical, and in poor taste. Anyone who gets linked here from that website should not listen to what the website has said about me. What they tried to do, was ruin my reputation of it, trying to turn it all into a "joke".

There purpose, and insults are very biased and failed to prove any of there points about me.
Any educated person shall know that science, knowledge, etc, etc will always be more important than "biased opinions". Unless your opinions is just plain, harmless interests.

I will say, they only made SOME "good" points, such as my spelling mistake about how I spelled "retarded" wrong, but them just pointing one spelling error out and putting it out for the public to laugh at (I already corrected the word), isn't necessary.

I will say, them being very closed about other people just proves more of my main, general point about the fandom though. I am not against the fandom, I'm just bringing out how big of a lie "tolerance" is these days.

I highly suggest being very open, and focus on the idea of a better, loving tolerated world.

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