Monday, July 7, 2014

Yes, I Believe I Can Change or Help Change The World

I've been argued that "I can't change anything", "Not possible to", etc

Really? History said "Hi, Hahahahahahahaaah what?!"

Anyone who claims that are so delusional or perhaps wanting me to stop effecting something.. I don't know for sure but wow... None of this makes any sense and it's very easy to debunk.

I'll like to point out that people who stood up, debated, etc, etc... whether it's through the Internet, or not, has changed lot's of things.

Saying "You can't change anything" is not only offensive to me, but offensive to the people who died, fighting for a new world (which has worked), and the ones that are currently still alive (succeeding on some things too).

Thanks to people standing up, racism isn't accepted much anymore, anti-gay isn't that much, and much more.
Thanks to more of the Internet side, some acceptance has came, some might be more respected too, some awareness is effected, etc, etc.
Thanks to the other part of the Internet side, some laws are declared unconstitutional and such.

Anyone who tries arguing and suggesting things, has a chance for some effect to take place. It has often been working.

Another awareness on things is the idea of originality. Thanks to some very deep truth seekers of that, more and more people has started to spread awareness of that. It needs more of course, I think, so I've decided to help spread the idea in my own words and helped spread links to it as-well.

There are many problems of this world that still remains and I will fairly bring out the fact that, it's possible to make better things happen. Yes, this is argued based off a strong theory.

There are also some negative changes that has helped make this world worse and it's also caused physical damages; which is connected with hatred, bullying, bigots, real offensive stuff, etc, etc..

So anyone who claims my own take on standing up "won't ever effect" anything must educate themselves more. Seriously.

To anyone who has similar or same thoughts I brought out to argue:
Stop being a naysayer and open up your tiny minds!