Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Nothing Wrong With Wolfaboo - Sometimes

My Thoughts on Wolfaboo

Hello, this is my thoughts on one of those "Making up a word to describe people, then bashing anyone who fits in it" things.
I heard about this, when looking around in some comments, looked it up, and it talks about a guy who gets so obsessed with wolves.

Wolfaboo -Not a real dictionary name!-:
Wolfaboo is a term for someone who is overly obsessed with wolves. "Wolfaboo" comes from the word "weeaboo", meaning someone who is overly obsessed with Japan. Stereotypical wolfaboos believe that the life of a wolf is greater than or equal to the life of a human, and often defend—or even glorify—wolves killing humans, often with such arguments as "That person probably deserved it!" They are also known to commonly misspell the plural of wolf; instead of "wolves", they type "wolfs". The term has also been used to describe furries, especially those whose fursonas are sparkledogs. They are often looked down upon by therians for making them look bad.

Yes. I got this from a a Furry wiki site, the non-dictionary term doesn't even have it's own US-Wikipedia, so I had to use the top research of wiki for it. I would use urban, but urban isn't always stable, and there are copies of a word sometimes. So Wikifur it is!
Anyway, I want to share my thoughts on it.

Is it really necessary to start bashing anyone who happens to like wolves so much? I mean what about "Humanaboo", there are people way too much obsessed with humans and thinks Humans are the greatist animals in the world and put out bullshit myths claiming that other animals like "wolves" for example don't have equal  living value like humans. And the sad thing, a lot of people don't have a problem with that claim.
Or what about Dogaboo, Birdaboo, Cataboo, etc? I never see much people complain about those.

So back at Wolfaboo, is it bad? Dumb, etc? Well, if liking wolves, a lot, more than Humans means Wolfaboo, then no. People personality has different likes, and I don't think it's fair to judge those who has a deep personality with this Animal, the same way who has a deep personality with the Human Animal, or whoever. Nor is it dumb to believe you (Your inner part, maybe physical if possible) even are a wolf, some groups seem to believe that, and we need to learn to respect other people's believes and not force "humanaboo" crap over others.

Here is another thing, if liking wolves so much, that you think they are magic, made you believe that they are Equel, to Humans, and to every other beings, and made you belief that Humans has been harming nature, and destroying the lives of other animals. Then isn't that a good thing? I personality had a thing with wolves, (And I kind of do still) and it made me think like this I think. It made me realize that every animal on the planet (Including humans) are equal and killing any creature is bad, equality. We Humans, have been damaging this whole planet, practicing our major ego in us all, thinking that we are the only special beings on this planet, which a bunch of load bullshit! I agree, we are special, but so is every living creature on this Planet, and beyond. Anyone who judges people like that, are basically denying the truth and wants to keep there ego going. It's kind of sad.
Even another example is that I see people make fun of those who likes to make different styles of wolves, (You know those rainbow creatures you sometimes see on random websites?). They judge the "wolfaboos" who likes to makes a new kind of created things based on what they like from there own spirit (As I like to call it), just because it didn't look like wolves on here. Really? I think a real obsessed person would basically judge drawings that are different. Whining about the way the creative creation looks like. "No! They don't have rainbow hair! They don't have sharp chests like that! No No nonono!!!" I think the only problem I am seeing is these kind of people. Not those who wants to make new possibilities that are supposed to be different when it comes to this animal. maybe?

Though, there are those who are so obsessed, they can give out bad non-fact claims that could be dangerous. Like claiming that they would be harmless automatically, if one were to probably met one all the time, and such. (Some are harmless, I saw this picture online, and there are probably more evidence) And there are those who make non-fact claims claiming they can fly (The ones on this planet), grey wolves are rare, etc. Now this is the only time when a Wolfaboo can be a bit dumb, honestly. But it's not dumb to believe flying ones can exist through realms or something. And drawing them is not anything bad, any shape or form.
But having a deep connection with the specie, believing that they are special/magical in spirit (Like any other creature or something), even having a Therian or Otherkin believe, or making your own type of wolf creation like with rainbows, etc, or going against hunting for the love of them, and many other kinds of things with them, that isn't hurting anyone, isn't a bad thing. I see nothing wrong with a personal belief about this creature, and I find it so offensive how people like to bash those for who they are for things like this.
I know there are some heavy "obsessed" fans that can cause some issues, but I don't think it's fair to make this whole name up to bash any fans who loves wolves so much, and want to embrace for who they are and such. If it's just for people who wants to make lies about certain claims on this world like what I said, I kind of understand, but it's not nessesory to make up this whole word that is "Wolfaboo" and then judge those who might fit in still.

I really want wolf fans and any other fan of any creature to stand up, the hatred is the only thing that needs to end. It's getting annoying, bad.

And yes, hunting wolves is downright wrong. Or hunting any creature for example, and judging a person who wants to "save the wolves" from hunting because they love them, think they are great, or think they connect, is down right disgusting! Hunting is bad to life because we are animals too, and hunting down any other creature, basicly causes not only pain and suffer, but ruins the natural process of life.

Did anyone ever seen those offensive pro-hunting groups on a website called Deviant Art? It's sick. I notice this after noticing talks about this around this... Internet.

If I had to say anything about my self, yes, I do like wolves I think. I am open about them, and might feel connected once and a while, and I am against hunting of them, and I do like seeing some of those "sparkle wolves" sort of. And I see nothing wrong with that. The only thing I see sick and disturbing is the haters. They need to get the heck over it.