Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Well I Won

These people failed to debunk any of the links I provided.

Their only "excuses" were:

Popularity, (e.g. Popular belief)
Cyberbullying articles (i.e. ED),
And depending on yet, more popularity such as them saying "New Age bullshit" as if that automatically makes them right.

Meanwhile the winner still stands:

“Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.”

-Albert Einstein
According to 'Good Reads' or wherever it came from.



 -Other Links-










Even other links




I apologize if I sent a duplicated link since I'm just copying and pasting them from other parts.
The last 3 links were from another argument.


Want to see how they or one (Others might be similar) react to all this or some of this?

Yeah I think I know who won. The guy with a bunch of links, scientific and experience links,
Some guy who depends on popular belief that's actually pretty much bullshit it's self. The same guy who promotes cyberbullying, and is a cyberbully, etc.

Sooo yeah:


So yeah, guess who won?
Ever since from the start too?

Friday, September 4, 2015

Guess I Will - RE: Bigotry Post About wwwarea


Also check out this:
Considering how much you go after people it is hard to tell exactly who you are aiming at.
I don't go after people. You do.

I'm a sadist? Really? 
Pretty much honestly.
Most religions and spiritualities have a proper basis and moral structure. 
In Funnel's and REM's bigoted mindset.
 You can't prove that they are "proper" and mine "Isn't", and considering I am awake, and it would be more dumb to deny what I discovered, etc.
Yes, even dumb types.
 Bigoted more I see.
And none of those link to reliable sources.
Thanks for admiting it too.
And actually, they are.
You should I don't know.. READ THEM? Instead of automatically thinking wrong because of your bigoted views on 'New Age' people.
There are people who do that for a job. And they are called the moderators and admins.
The way they behave, is different than yours. Not actual stalking.
 What they do isn't harassment. You on the other hand..

"It isn't? You are very unreliable." <MINE
I actually went to school.
That.. what the heck? How the hell does that 'debunk' me? Some teachers in schools are not always right. Schools used to teach that Homosexuality was a disease, etc.
And I don't think they would dare talk about Spirituality in the cookie cutter public schools.
Bring up new theories based on a hypothesis, idea, or evidence. Not something you just make up.
That's what those are. The idea that the universe is made up by beliefs is based off experience, evidence, etc.
Once again, you don't read.
Example: You won't read this:

“Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.” 

Considering too, just like common spirituality, this is one of many things a lot of 'spiritual people' believe in for the 'LoA theory, belief creates reality theory, etc, etc, etc.
And of course, you can't read. 
Hiding the opposition's comment as usual. 
Thanks for admitting that it wasn't directed at you. Though you continue to harass me for my spiritual beliefs because of your bigoted delusions about me.
Because, as I said before, it is easy for someone to think you are targeting them considering how much you target people. I've really lost track at this point.
Not my fault.
Since you know I wasn't, just stop with your bullcrap about me.
Likewise, just because we do not see it does not mean it exists. 
That doesn't mean people can't have faith for it.
There is no middle, there is faith, and also your doubts don't debunk me and saying I'm "delusional" when it could be possible and that you don't know, you are actually claiming it's not real when you clearly don't know it. 
Sorry, but the real world is not Rick & Morty.
Rick & Morty was inspired by that same theory.
Alright. I won't post a link, but I will ask you this:

If the multiverse means anything and everything is real, then in another universe Willy Wonka teamed up with Emperor Palpatine who rides a giant ostrich and has a pet miniature unicorn. Willy Wonka and Palpatine have it out for YOU! And I mean you, as in the "you" of this universe. Also, Willy Wonka and Palpatine have the technology to transverse universes and plan to kill you five seconds after you first read this.

I bet you are still alive.

Still believe the multiverse means anything and everything is real?
Exactly. The theory can lead to that too and just because you think that's crazy, doesn't mean the theory is wrong or part of it.
 And just because the majortiy finds it 'stupid' or 'bullshit', still doesn't change that.
One of my favorite parts about science and other is that it questions our current limited beliefs.
Are you denying the existence of reality?
"Are you questioning our popular belief?!" <You
There is a lot of evidence that matter isn't real, scientific evidence. And many other evidence that this whole universe could really be an illusion after all.
Not sure? Well that's why we call it 'evidence'.
And if you think I'm delusional, well guess what? You don't know either.
Calling someone delusional for being open minded to new theories, etc. Means you are claiming you know when you clearly don't.

I had to do observation to arrive to that conclusion.
Clearly not how it works. You observe that other people think that it's wrong. And I observe that you depend on popularity and non-science.
You are very dumb honestly. By Observation, and Science, it needs to actually find evidence that supports the belief of those people. But there isn't any.
Just because you observe that people believe that, doesn't mean there is any for the actual topic.
Clearly you are picking straws and making up a major amount of stupidity.

Besides, you want to know what's also a popular belief in way? That many people believe in Santa Clause, does that means he's real on our planet?
 You believe in things that live off of popularity.
No I don't. I mean maybe the popular effects my energy to believe that, but however I think only if it ties to the actually information being good, even if it's not popular proving that I don't directly depend on it.
Example: There is a video of 'Nibiru Proof' or something on Youtube, has a lot of views and likes, but do I believe it? No. Because it looks like a camera lens issue. I actually WANT to believe in Nibiru, but I failed to find so much evidence.
And other issues. Proving that I am free.
There is also so many things that question so much popular beliefs by a smaller community and when I went back to the "comfort" zone, I was sadden to know that what I used to believe isn't really true.
There is a lot of evidence against it too. Besides, the book is what made it up in the first place.
What I saw so far, was that it was based off people not figuring out how to use it.
The LoA isn't very known on how it works. Hell, even 'LoA' sounds like a silly term while in reality, it could actually depend on 'Beliefs' instead and the subconscious, etc.

"Maybe you don't really believe in real spirituality but here is why the Law of Attraction (Or better yet, 'beliefs create reality' sounds better:
The last link. If you believe his story, then clearly it would probably change your mind.
Prediction what you will say: "That guy's a liar"." <MINE
Not a liar, just lucky. Really lucky.
Wow. Did you even read it? It's LEAST likely that it's just 'luck'. It's more stronger that it would have something to do with his 'LoA' (or subconscious stuff).
And of course, that video you will show is less proof of that.
You really should look at the last link.
The Law Of Attraction, upon being pure pseudoscience, is a very bad philosophy 

I better have this guy explain it for me:

 No. Because from what I experience, the fact that my dreams always end up being true sometimes on some future, etc. That guy probably isn't doing it right.
Because he probably has negative energy, doubts, etc.

Clearly you don't know it, and I may not know it. I have a right to believe in it, and just because you don't doesn't automatically make you right that I'm "wrong"
I depend on evidence for faith purposes, and from what I saw (The stuff you always ignore and other things I didn't show), it's very strong.

"Of course 'nobody' knows but that doesn't mean it's bad to practice the faith." <MINE
It isn't. But please make sure your faith is based on something that makes sense! Even the Jesus story makes more sense then the LoA.
Sorry but just becuase you think it "doesn't" make sense, doesn't mean it doesn't make sense.
You can't tell people how to have faith, that makes you a nutjob.
Also, the Law of Attraction does make a lot of sense. And if you get into it at least, you could see why.. but be warned, the term is sometimes non-sense, but there is other things.
Example: http://multiversefeeling.blogspot.com/2015/04/dreams-why-are-they-so-effected.html
Of course, every link I show you, you always ignore it out of your own biases of "New Age Bullshit".
That's what makes people more dumb; depending on random beliefs just because they said so.
No, I do not know. I've already said this a million times.
Then stop attacking me and pretending I'm "delusional" when you don't know then.
Stop pretending I'm "crazy" for strongly believing in something based off a lot of those scientific based articles, and stop attacking people for having faith you don't like.
So you think the soul and spirit are... different things? That is new.
Honestly.. I REALLY don't know, I actually hope it's the same. maybe, but I guess I was being very safe.
 Note: The whole LoA, Spiritual World, etc. etc. Is much stronger than that to me.

You are confusing lucid dreams with astral projection, for one.

Second of all, yes, in Lucid Dreams you can create reality. But that "reality" is inside your head and only temporary, hence not really being real.

During an astral projection, yes, you do exit your body. But you are still in the same universe as usual.
They are just terms. All that could connect.

Actually, there is evidence from my own experiences and some possible interesting articles not made by me that dreams have actually created.
And nobody understands lucid dreaming yet. Lucid dreaming is when you simply figure out that you are 'dreaming', still doesn't change the possible location of that dream.
"Whether awake or dreaming, you're experiencing the same bio-physical process. True, they're qualitatively different realities, but if you're thinking and feeling, it's real. Thus, René Descartes' famous statement Cogito, ergo sum ("I think, therefore I am")."

And actually if a multiverse exist, then I don't think that's always the case.
Such as?
I have it somewhere, but if I show you, you will probably bully me (Like you always do) just because that it's based off my own personal experiences that you may not like.
 It involves some predictions in video games becoming true movie, etc. Though it also has 'RL' events too.
Lets add to the drinking game. Every time he mentions the multiverse, take a drink.
Really mature way of arguing. *sarcasm*
I have one:
Every time Funnel said 'New Age Bullshit', take a drink.
So if no one is currently thinking of me I just magically vanish?
The mind is just copies.
I've already detected several typos of yours. And I did not comment on them.
But you bully me on other things.
Yes, because you can dictate what "open-minded" means.
1. You're the one who dictates what makes "sense" or "right", etc.
2. Open minded means being open to new thoeires, ideas, etc.
You clearly aren't that and go like: "hahah nope, bullshit, it's wrong, people think it's wrong"
That's closed minded and yes, people are allowed to argue that.
Arguing and changing the world like how Albert Einstein did is no different.
What does that even mean? Did you make that up?
Separated societies are real. If the term is made up but is based off what is obviously their, then it doesn't matter.
We have open minded 'New Age' people (I did heard that it wasn't a good term), and we have furries, good furries, bronies, Christians, countries, etc.
It goes on.
We are born to be separated societies because a 'One World' society will least likely work out here on this world.
Because if I said I absolutely knew it would make me look like an arrogant dickhead. But we already have one of those here.
Said the guy who calls me delusional for being open to new theories, ideas, etc. and having faith on it.
Said the guy who calls me a loony as if you "know" that you are right over me, as if you believed that you know everything about the spiritual world, multiverse, etc., etc.


I'm just going to stop here. Because clearly this guy is a hypocrite as well, and continues to deny evidence and attack others and in an immature way, etc.

But one more thing:

"If you leave my friends alone then I will back off!"
Your friends started it. And it's not an excuse.
REM is the one that always cause trouble. I left him alone, though I disagreed on him on one thing like a normal person would do if they don't agree alternatively.

REM won't leave fans alone, won't leave me alone, continue to stalk me, etc.

This is his own fault.

And if you were mature, you wouldn't attack people this way either way.

Re: Otherkin (Round 2)


Despite that I said the journal isn't directed at him, he didn't even mention that.
I assume it's because he's a troll and a sadistic to hurt other people's spiritual beliefs and themselves..

Well, here I go and note, I am defending myself deep with this because it's always how I think.
If it's wrong for me to have this believe, then so is religion, non-religion spirituality, etc.
Though what I have my connect with those two. And spirituality can probably be many types.

This is his title for his reaction. And no, I am not depending on popularity. You just made a false accusation.
Then what's this? "It isn't. No culture in the world believes half the crap Otherkin crank out."
in reaction to this:
"Again, closed minded based off old age theories that isn't proven true.
That's popular depending from your quote.
You posted it on the Internet, dude. People are going to see it.
Then I guess "stalking" doesn't exist. Moderating someone on the Internet then doing action = stalking.
That is not a reliable website.
It isn't? You are very unreliable. And back to the link, it still doesn't change the fact that it can still make a point, and bring up new theories, etc.
 Oh really? Because this popped up after I accused you of defending Otherkin, which you then admitted to, proving me right. And even then, I accused you of defending Otherkin because you implied it in your other journal.
Umm, you mean on the first journal with the question mark? Actually no, it was from a comment I hid on the wolfaboo myths stamp.
 Even if it was you, the reaction wasn't mentioning your name. And of course, you would probably have still started it.
The multiverse may or may not exist. And if there are other universes, I highly doubt they are like "other universes" you see in Saturday Morning cartoons. If anything, other universes would be quite different. 
Just because we can't see it yet, doesn't mean it's not real autoamtilcy.
And actually according to the multiverse theory, it's an infinite parallels of realities.
It's pretty much that 'anything you think about' is real in another universe.
Bullshit? Then.. where is your reliable link then?
What is real is real. BTW nice of you to cut out my whole statement.
Nope, because it's actually a very good question due to so much research, more scientific discoveries, and very well thought-out theories.
We don't fully know reality actually. Just like the matter theory, etc.

Popularity =/= science, observation.
"No culture in the world believes half the crap Otherkin crank out."Has nothing to do with 'science, and observation'.
That's just popular belief. Hence, why you depend on popularity.

"You mean like the Law Of Attraction? Yeah, that is total bullshit. "
One book isn't very good actually. There is a lot of evidence for it.
Maybe you don't really believe in real spirituality but here is why the Law of Attraction (Or better yet, 'beliefs create reality' sounds better:
The last link. If you believe his story, then clearly it would probably change your mind.
Prediction what you will say: "That guy's a liar".
No one really knows what the spiritual realm/afterlife/whatever you want to call it is like. But we are here in the Physical, so Physical rules apply here and you just have to deal with it.
Of course 'nobody' knows but that doesn't mean it's bad to practice the faith.
And while nobody knows, you don't know either, and it seems illogical to say "You are not a spirit, it's not true in the world, etc." when in reality, you clearly don't know.
Because when in the body, the soul is still there and so is the spirit. When you sleep, your dreams could actually be in other realities, a spiritual world, or yet, your dreams could create reality!
Even I have experiences that I have shared before.. Some of my dreams matched with a lot of future and 'past-founds' when awake.

So you think Sonic is real?
Well.. I have to.

Plus the spiritual world thingy.
And the fact that a 'mind' is real; he's obviously real in the mind the second you think of him...

You have already made it clear that you dont.
Anyway, if society was open minded, then more people would be less misanthropic, and more happy to be one. Good thing I believe in separated societies.

I explain this below.

Yeah, I think humans have human souls, and animals have animal souls. Souls are specific. If a human had a wolf soul then they would have the mind of a wolf, too small to fit in the human brain, which would make them mentally retarded. Oh wait... sounds like every wolfaboo out there.
 'I think'
And I already explained that:
"How do you know 'souls are specific'? You don't know that. A soul is just a soul using a human as it's vehicle.
And it could be that a soul can have memories of wolf, and if inserted into a bigger intelligent head, it would increase and still have memories but with even more maybe.
So 'mentally retarded' = wolfaboo now?"

Limits = Physicial.
Soul is always unlimited, the soul in a wolf is no different except at that time, it is using a limited body. Just like how a soul for a human uses a limited body.
If a soul from a wolf went into a human body and was able to 'remember' the past life, you would not only remember it, but gain other intelligence thanks to the new body.
Hell even we don't know how the brain works fully.
It makes the most sense.
To your current belief.
Not what I believe, but okay.
K. Your religion is different. (Yes I said that since you call mine a religion.
And these people happen to gather up on Tumblr.
Like that really argues your point. Are you 12?
Flip that around, then it will be correct.
You are still saying that 'Mentally Retarded' = wolfaboo.
Wolf brains are less complex than humans. So wolves are unintelligent and can not support a human mind or personality. 
Soul =/= brain.
And you do?
Nope, and neither do you. But you can try to theorize it, and have faith. I gained a lot that can make sense.
And of course, when I express myself, you attack me and force your unsure crap on me which naturally made it more limited actually.
You mean the Otherkin? Otherkin is a Special Snowflake Cult that most grow out of by the time they are 16. If you are still think you are a rainbow-puking pink unicorn past that age then you need to grow up.
 A 'Special Snowflake' term is the most immature term to use yet. That doesn't fucking exist, it's not a real word.
Sorry buddy, but it's a spiritual belief like anything else. The thing I have connects with a lot of other spiritual beliefs and other beliefs, and it makes ZERO sense to treat that as "special" when in reality, it's another belief based off carful research.
All you do is make things up and treat people like crap because it's now considered "off" in your shitty beliefs.
Maybe YOU are a 'special snowflake' for YOUR spiritual beliefs then?

Fucking asshole. -.-
But YOU want to be.
Even though you already have read the other. Let's say I did. Is that automatically bad now? Is that considered 'special troll term here' now? Is that a special strange thing all of a sudden?
Please provide evidence.
In the multiverse, any body and shape can be possible. And through the spiritual world and your spirit, you can be anything you want it to be when you die. You create yourself through the consciousness, etc.
Uh, what?
I thought you were acting like a soul is only religious?
Though I kind of am religious too but still.
Neither do you.
Of course I don't either. But you can still have faith, and try to prove it, like any one else, and hang on to the 'faith belief'.
An actual "100% sure" belief is impossible for humans. Even this reality could be an illusion, and I say that because there was some scientific research questioning it and leading to new things involving that. And of course, we don't fully know how it works.
So if you call me "delusional", then you are clearly pretending you know everything. But you don't.
Proving, you are an asshole even more.
Has someone been watching too much "Soul Eater?" Sounds like it. Besides, this is starting to also sound like Scientology. 
Heard it, but never seen it.
Scientology? Isn't that a cult that made people kill others? I don't see how this idea leads to that.
Therians: Otherkin in denial.
Whatever buddy. Not like that makes it bad (IT'S SELF, DEPENDS) even if it's true.
Though here is something:
To also let you know: I don't even go out and claim I'm "this". I'm the type of guy of 'could be' and 'want to be'. Which I think is a very normal part of a human mind, etc.
God is more so an interpretation of whatever the bigger picture may be. I may not belive in the Abrahamic God, but it makes more sense than what you believe in.
Like I said, you still don't know.
Calling someone delusional as if you know everything is pretty illogical. And honestly makes you an ass.
I never said the body and soul were the same thing. And I never said only humans had souls.
It sounded like you were due to 'similar' issues. Never said you said that only humans had them.
Events can both be completely random or influenced by other events. The universe is not fixed or a dream world. 
But do you even know what 'dreams' are?
Some suggest that they are alternative realities. In fact, dreams feel no different, etc. and that this place here, is all limited by beliefs just like how some dreams can be, etc.
Dreams are one of my favorite topics. :)
And for events, that could still be by a belief system in a way. Like dreams.
Did you make that up?
"Intelligence is Human" is made up. Try telling that to an alien in space with similar culture.

"A complex enough brain? Yes."
Humans happen to have a complex enough brain, while another species on another planet can have a very similar thing.
Shift? Is this more new-agey terminology?  
Your rude behavior toward "new-age" is very immature because you clearly don't know anything.
Maybe your stuff is some 'old-age' bullshit?
Either way, by shift, I meant that some animals can do stuff we animals can't.
That's why I said 'shift'.
Besides, do you even know what 'new age' means?
Depends on what you mean.
The things I have are not proven wrong.
Well you said you can believe whatever you want?
I mean you were making fun of me and saying something considered 'crazy' and you knew that, which you posted to make fun of me as if my belief somehow was "stupid" for the idiotic belief of "normal" or whatever the heck that is.
That is not science, it is all just a bunch of pseudoscience.
Actually it is. If it's not, then neither is that old age crap.
It's called 'theory' based off scientific experiments. And the articles did say 'science'. Are you going to decide now that they aren't?
I bet you don't know what science is. And yet, it's still an interesting theory that CAN make sense.
All completely unrelated things.
How is it unrelated?
Multiverse for example means anything is possible and possibly real; sonic is in at least one.. sadly.
Weird: Getting it off to naked kids or pretending to marry cartoon horses.
Normal: None of that shit.
That's only a belief of your limited beliefs and delusionary.
If I do believe it's real, then 'normal' applies to humans who have a natural ability of something.
You want to know what's a natural ability? Being different; experiencing freely, etc.
Your idea is based off popular delusional groups that bashes something different from one group to another.
Face it, "Normal" and "Weird" are just beliefs people made up to hurt others, etc.
I've noticed you always supplement the word "fact" with "belief"
Well the things I believe in, are more supported by evidence.
It's already proven that "normal", etc. is clearly just a mindset belief of others based off strange things.
Same with you
Maybe it's because my side has more support. Though I'll admit, it's impossible to believe in something 100% in this body, (Unless this whole other experiment) maybe?
It's called faith, and theory basing.

I wouldn't care if you believed in the limited version, but you attacked me for what I wanted to express for myself.
New drinking game:
Every time wwwarea says "belief:" take a drink.
Every time he says "soul:" take two drinks...
Really mature: *sarcasm*
Clearly showing you don't know shit about science, etc.
Rollin around at the speed of sound!
Got places to go gotta follow my rainbow!Can't stick around, have to keep moving on
Guess what lies ahead, only one way to find out!
 Heaven = Anything the soul always wanted.
I know you are making fun of me because of your limited belief that something is "odd" because people seem to think it's "bullshit" but that's not evidence of anything.
Did I ever say it was?
Considering the way you make fun of the sonic thing, you kinda do.
At least they have undergone years of testing rather than being pulled out of someone's ass like all the New Age shit. 
And how is it shit? All I see is an argument that changes life, and they make good points actually.
Just becuase you find it "shit" doesn't make your 'old age' crap true automatically.
It's an argument of our current belief, and seeing you say "NO NO, I CAN"TZ STNAZ NEW CRITICIZN LALLALA *Takes blue pill", shows that you can't take any new criticism.

Again, New Age Pseudoscientific bullshit.
Actually it's a normal scientific argument that questions the current belief.
It's nothing special actually accept to the current belief that's also not 100% concrete.
You are one reason why I get afraid when people say "new age bullshit" when it's just some whiners with no good point.
Forced limited beliefs like that is what created limited beliefs on all people maybe.
I'm glad the truth is spreading thanks to the Internet.
You believe in pseudoscience, which thrives on popularity alone. 
The articles actually make a good point though. And by popularity you mean that the belief by experts and observation is popular, then that's actually one fair point to excuse.
And it's not based off "pseudoscience" science.
 There was a man who did not find killing a million people to be disturbing. His name was Adolf Hitler. People find things disturbing for a good reason.
That's a different thing.
The cat thing doesn't hurt anyone and is harmless (Unless you hurt yourself with it. And no, you are not always hurting yourself if you do that)

It is scientific fact.
"A scientific theory"
And because there is a lot of evidence that it doesn't really work like that.
In the 'matrix', we are believed that it's like that, and we created it. That's another theory though, but still saying.
Even if that stuff was "not" based off science, it's still a good argument that could be used in science later.
Matter is a fact. Atoms exist, particles exist, molecules exist. All of which have been observed, studied, etc.
No, it's still a theory because when we try to zoom close, we always see a space, etc.
Matter isn't fully explained.

(You really should watch the science video. Proving that it's not explained.)
Yeah, I covered The Law Of Psychological Tricks earlier. 
The book of FunnelVortex said so.
Sorry but there is a lot of proof for it still.
Just because you find it bullshit, doesn't debunk all that, and your suggestion kills curiosity.
There are some things I believe in that may or may not be true. And I do not force my opinions on to others, that is more like what you have done to my friend for over a year.
But you say "LoA" is bullshit" and use that as an argument. That's pretty much what you are doing.
What I do, is basing off experiments. I kinda do argue it because not only there exist evidence for it, but I've even had experiences myself.
Because they ARE Special Snowflakes.
Your first quote:
"You are honestly citing a tumblr user? No shit there is no disorder called Special Snowflake Syndrome!"

Now you say it exist now?
Either way, just because you want it exist doesn't make it real (term wise). It's nothing but an idiotic term made up by 4chan idiotic. Basing off Internet terms like that does NOT help your argument.
It already sounds worse than the over-used "wolfaboo" claim.
And depending on places like "tumblr" as a "therefor" makes you an even more idiot.

Are you a 4chan 12 year-old?

Here, let me make up a new term for you: "Special grey sonic flaky".
Stupid? Nothing is different with "Special snowflake" which is a shitty term to consider normal people as "weird" or "bad".
You seemed so sure earlier.
It's possible to choose in some terms. For you, it's easy for you to ignore me and stop attacking a way of someone lives, and their faith.
But you don't, it's so easy for you to let go of me and never mention me again.
You seem to have made it all up.
As if you don't make anything up.
And I don't think I did anyway.
I have not ripped on you for all your numerous typos and grammar/structure errors so far, so do not rip on one little mistake of mine. Speaking of that, the wording here was so ridiculous I had a hard time reacting to this. 
Then don't attack me for expressing and explaining why I believe in the spiritual world, heaven, etc. and spiritual theories, etc. Because while we all don't know, it's a possibility.
And clearly, Matter isn't fully explained, and evidence suggest that's it's all an illusion.

Did you know that you are not 'seeing' anything? You are only seeing in your brain and your 'eyes' are your tools that absorb 'information'.
It's actually pretty wacky, but if you actually think about it. It's really crazy! (for our current beliefs).
New Agers vary, but wwwarea is of the more dumb end of the spectrum.
Oh so you DO admit your unproven beliefs are "true" over me, and that my believes are somehow "not" true because you said so.
Fundamentalists are.
Probably. Depends though.
But religion it's self isn't.
It is idiotic because it has no moral, scientific, spiritual, or practical basis. No kind of basis really. It's all stuff people made up to feel good about themselves because they have no life.
Scientifically, "moral" is clearly subjective.
It does have science, it's based off a lot of ideas which connect with science, and observations.
It does have to do with spirituality, you don't have a right to dictate that it's not.
And LoA, and other things were practiced a lot.
Not only basis, but even more.
Nah, that's not true. Even if it's "made up", it could end up being true due to all the evidence.
I do not even know what you just said.
Being open minded with spirituality, science, etc. Leads to more possibilities, etc. And the stuff I defend, is one of them.
Even the spiritual world has to have limits. Otherwise it could get quite... scary.
And what the hell makes you think that it 'must' have limits?
What is wrong with you?
Your subjective beliefs of "weird", etc. DOES NOT make it true to everyone and the spiritual world.
I will say it but, your belief of that is very wrong. Clearly you are basing that off your biased self involving people you think is "weird".

God your very delusional.
You mean pseudoscience bullshit?
It's no pseudoscience bullshit. Considering that articles I sent, does talk about science, real observations, etc.
They are ideas (Like everything is) but based off supporting evidence.
Evidence is the number 1 source to attempt to prove something.
I am pro science. But I am anti pseudoscience.
It's actually the other way around with the word "science" and "pseudoscience" from you.
Yet, religion is based off 'pseudo' (It means no science right?), are you against religious people you fucking asshole?
Oh and spirituality it's self isn't based off 'science'.
But both can use science for it, including that other spiritual theory I have.
Also I have stated some New Agers are cool and rational. But you are clearly of the more rabid, irrational type.
Because I am a free thinker who is smarter to realize and connect to things?
I am not rabid, it's called being a free thinker and trying to attached with sense under the theories, etc.
You are just making things up out of your own head.
Says every rabid New Ager ever.
Not a good argument. Just because I am a "new age" in your eyes, doesn't mean I'm wrong.

That was the end of this one, guys. As you can see, wwwarea has a very poor grasp on science and spirituality alike.
You clearly couldn't prove that actually.
I'll stick with paganism.
Whatever that means, but I'll still stick with going down the rabbit hole, with science, etc.


FunnelVortex has no real credibility to anything.
Anything he thinks as "new age" somehow means "bullshit" in his eyes but can't really prove that.
New age people do have a lot of good evidnece, etc. But that person doesn't use credibility involving it.
He only says that because of what others think and that's it. Oh and since my beliefs violate his possible religion.

Basicly pretends he knows spirituality and that it should have "limits" for the non-scientific beliefs of "weird" and "normal", etc.

And thinks I'm "crazy" for having faith for what's actually possible, etc.

Let's see. If the multiverse is real: That means every fiction is real.
If the spiritual world is real; meaning; heart desire, similar to heaven; it can be anything it wants.
If souls and spirits are real, it could be anything it wants to be on it's self. Such as a form of shape in the spirit. Not so sure? Funnel doesn't either.

If heaven is real; obviously it means anything that fits with desires, etc.

And if that's wrong then where the heck is your proof for that?
No. It's because you said so and doesn't want it.

Because of all the evidence, the scientific theories, etc.
(Hell a theory based off ideas and such can end up being true because it still effects this 'reality'.)
I have a limitless mind.
Which Funnel attacks and calls me "insane", "loony", "rabid", etc. When it's actually called Open Minded.

If I had a mind like Funnel, I actually would need to believe things that were already proven more false, that isn't proven true, etc. And that would limit my mind, making me more dumb, and not open for curiosity.

My links:
Some of these science theories are probably what this so-called 'new age' people use. Theories based off science stuff.
It's a bit sad that our (or some) old age belief of scientists isn't as open to accept the possibility that the 'mind/soul' creates the universe similar to the black hole thing.
But it's very strong evidence if you used the idea, created a theory based off that, etc. Especially thanks to the observations of experiencing it. e.g. Law of Attraction results.

If it's not, well, your 'spirituality' is as much of the same, in fact. Probably less open.

Oh, this is interesting:


"No, don't be silly! Delusional!!! Your spirituality don't count, mine does. You are rabid, mine isn't. Man I love being a bigot."

And of course, these cyberbullies think they are "right"about me:
Clearly Funnel couldn't prove anything actually and I do not have a "poor" view, etc.

None of you can understand it however, and I bet all of you ignores the links JUST because you find it 'new age'.
And while you ignore them, you failed to disprove them, failed to give sources, etc.

Just fuck off, and leave me alone, because all you are doing is forcing your limited delusional beliefs on others. That's the hard code truth, and the other one is that you write this stuff because you hate me.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

He Really did and More Commentary

 NOTE: Some quotes may not be well know to what it's coming from, so some information some people see may be missing what it's talking about.
The shifted quotes in black are REMRadioheadfan98's (Or Channeleven's) comments.
The '<REM' quotes are just 'translations' I did.

 Title: Got nothing better to do, eh? pt. 1
Clearly no different to what you do REM, except self-defense is actually a fair excuse. Oh and fair debate. You just force your beliefs as "fact".

As if it'll make a difference. Those who look at my history may already be aware of your rotten actions and history.
 Those actions I did wasn't cyberbullying. Or anything else wrong, just because you want that, doesn't make it right.
Don't pretend that you're above this. People continue to react to you because you always provide plenty of new material to work with. You're a grown man who gets overly butthurt over the internet.
You started it all, and clearly so much of your crap is just cyberbullying "because I said soz" crap.
"I will also make myself look like an ass at certain points and some hypocrisy may be present too."
That's a mock quote, which is just based off delusional beliefs again.
It's only filth to you because it reveals everything that's wrong with you.
"Because I said so." <REM
You have the right to speak your mind, yet you abuse that privilege constantly, to the point that you go after everyone who criticizes Alpha and Omega in a non sugar-coated way and make an ass out of yourself, yet you'd continue to pass it off as disagreeing, when it clearly isn't.
That's still a right, like going to many reviews and speaking your mind. Sorry buddy, but it's still a right and the fact that you can't expect every debate to be just like how you do it.
And your the guy who goes after me every time I defend myself.
And the fact that you always act like a dick while disliking it, going after fans who defend and that you slander them, attack anyone who argues you, etc.
You seem to be close to one, since you have the urge to defend the term (and wolfaboos) on a regular basis.
Even if I was close, you clearly admit that I'm not one since 'close' =/= directly there.
You have finally admitted it. Thanks.
If you look at your history, some bias may be apparent, and some people may actually agree with why I've done what I've done. As for the stamp, you mean the Alpha and Omega sucks stamp? Thanks for proving your fanboyism. 
Failure of proof, disagreement =/= that. And besides, why should I respect an opinion that doesn't respect opinions of artists, etc? And since yet, disagreeing doesn't mean you don't respect it.
Besides, this is about a hypocritical argument anyway.
But then again, popularity isn't always good, and it could be lost overtime, especially when it's geared towards something that was never good to begin with.
Kinda already said it's not always good.
And your opinion that it's not good despite that the things you claim "flawed" was intentional and fairly matched popularity, you are the question that you may be bias yourself.

"And nah, it actually started when you made a journal about my stamps, attacking me for speaking my mind.
Regardless of past time, you are not Funnel. End of story." <MINE
No, I pointed out you were being a dick and you treated your views too highly. As for Funnel, I may not be him, but me and him are still aeons ahead of you in terms of respect and logic.
No excuse, just because you 'believe' I am, doesn't mean you didn't start it. You clearly started it and attacked the fact that people are allowed to give out that criticism.
Besides anti-wolfabooaboos like you treat your opinion as "fact" just because you say so.
Like I said, opinions are arguable.


Honestly, I'm not going to bother reading the rest I think.
He does this because he hates me, he does this for popularity, everything I say, he tries to bash it with only his own random beliefs, with little to no evidence behind it.

He is a stalker, he likes to force his random beliefs on other people, by direct.
He attacks people for who they are.
He attacks people and make up slanderous lies about him, etc.
And he admits to deny the dictionary, and probably science which means he admits to making up random beliefs and terms over others.
He has no real good arguments and if you were to look at his "commentaries", it's just low short replies attaching with popular beliefs, and nothing more or much.

He's just an attention whoring troll. He always stalk me, and can't let go.

And if he tries to look what I do all the time, etc. And since he tried to find out where I lived once, Maybe I should find his house and possibly scare him by describing his house. (Not address though, or any other direct information.)
Why would I do that you say?
Because he's an abuser by being a cyberbully, and doing other harmful things.

Oh yeah, some last things:

"Like I said, he is very biases in his arguments about me, and other things, and etc.
You should see the info about him in the 'History' section, etc." <MINE
"Aka, my own bias against him."
History isn't bias. And many good people accept that those are mistakes. And nobody wants hypocrisy.
Considering too. His views that I make "mistakes" by doing something right, self-defense, etc. Is actually bias.
I know a popular guy on DA that not only has stamps that strongly disagree with some of your beliefs, but has many people who agree.
I will not say who because I do not want your white knights to attack him/her.

"And yes, this whole debate that goes on here?
REM's fault. He started it by making a journal directed at me because of a stamp I made and wasn't even directed at him.
Of course too, this isn't the first time REM started a fight with me. Including some other people." <MINE
You could've been mature, but instead, you decided to kill your credibility even more.
I was. It was a stamp with my criticism, following what I believe what made since with the dictionary, etc. And either way, you still started it because you made a reaction toward me first.
Again folks, his shitty bias excuses to create more trouble.
Admit to start fights with people.
 I'm sorry if this commentary isn't too good, just felt like getting it out there. Doesn't change the fact that wwwarea is far from redemption.
It was never good. Not even close.
And the last part, again, another idea from REM's delusional world.


Like I said, he does this because he hates me, using his white knights against me, which is why his arguments are not even arguments. Just "You are this and that" because he said so arguments. Or very mostly.

I think I already won. The truth is more powerful than the idea of depending on 'Who', 'Where', 'Why', 'When' 'Off-topic', Popularity', etc.

Of course, LMJ faves that "commentary" about me, while he ignored my reply to him revealing that not only LMJ can't listen, but apparently thinks I go too far, with my speeches, but appernetly is fine with REM doing much more than me. Just look at his profile with "commentary" texts.
Hell, while mine is self-defense commentary, his isn't.

Small Thing - Wow

More proof of the snapshots thing.
Like: http://archive.is/RLmwS

REM's history here.

Of course, REM did reply to my last commentary (which was all based off something he started), I will work on that.

Funnel Depending on Popualrity and Pretends his Beliefs are "fact" over mine, etc. - Reaction

 Reacting to this: Re: Otherkin
If I can't accept myself and that I'm "delusional" for having my own spiritual beliefs, then even more, this world is just a dream, then what is the point of being happy in life?

And one last note:

This (My 'Otherkin?' journal) wasn't directed at FunnelVortex.

Even if it was, the only directed part would be one tiny part of this journal.

"Only because they want to pretend that they have the souls of cool animals (or mythological creatures that don't exist like Dragons). " 
Fictional or not, the multiverse theory is real, the spiritual world can be anything you want. So why is that somehow a "problem"?

Wanting is also based off heart and spirituality.

nd for another example, I have seen a group of Sonic otherkin who believe Mob...."
What is real? First of all, I don't believe in history like that, but then again, it's said that 'past' and 'future' doesn't exist, and that everyone was created by beliefs (That is a real big thing going on), so I can't even be sure.
But I was aiming more of the general spiritual soul thing.
1. The mind is real, so it's real there.
2. Spirituality may be real, and so could be the spiritual world (Which is considered not only real, but even more real) and since it's anything your heart desires, then that means anything can be real there.
3. If I believe in the multiverse theory, then I have to believe that Sonic is (unfortunately..) real there.
There is no culture in the world that would accept otherkin.
If they won't accept, then I don't see why I should accept society then.
Where is the proof that souls are humans, or that spirits are human, etc? Nobody knows really. So why should I accept them then?
Yeah, I think humans have human souls, and animals have animal souls. Souls are specific. If a human had a wolf soul then they would have the mind of a wolf, too small to fit in the human brain, which would make them mentally retarded. Oh wait... sounds like every wolfaboo out there.
How do you know 'souls are specific'? You don't know that. A soul is just a soul using a human as it's vehicle.
And it could be that a soul can have memories of wolf, and if inserted into a bigger intelligent head, it would increase and still have memories but with even more maybe.
So 'mentally retarded' = wolfaboo now?
"Likewise, a complex human mind couldn't fit into a wolf's brain."
A small thing can still fit into a "larger" package. Then after, it could grow inside.
Clearly Vortex, you have no idea how spirituality and souls work. Nobody does.
It's clearly just a belief so in other words, you are just forcing your beliefs on me and mocking others for having different beliefs.
Let me guess, a wolf? Why the fuck would you want to be a wolf? Life as wolf would fucking suck.
1. If someone wants to be one, then get over it. You can't dictate that.
2. Not even exactly (Though wolves could spirituality have more stuff than we know of) wolves, but 'more intelligent' (I already explained this somewhere else).
If you read my comment tag I state that I am SBNR: "Spiritual But Not Religious." If this journal is aimed at me you are doing it wrong. Also, as you said, nobody knows how the spiritual world works. And you don't know either.
Spirituality accept souls I think.
Like I said, this has nothing to do with you.
And of course I don't know maybe (Though oneness does), but it doesn't hurt to hold on to it like religion because hey, in religion, they probably don't 100% know either. Not even the type of atheists believe ghosts are not real, a God not real, etc.
I agree. Just not in the way you think.
A soul: A "ball" of energy with memories. All animals have those. If you switch, you could still have them, but gain new memories with them.
By the way did I mentioned that this is more about therianthropy when it comes to souls and non-human animals?

"AKA Delusional."
Proof that it's "delusional"?

 You clearly don't know. Otherwise it's like saying believing in God is delusional just because you don't believe in it.
Because you forcing your beliefs that spirit and soul = "human body" or just "human" is not only self-centered and stupid, but probably delusional instead. Even the idea that this universe is fixed, and not a dream because there is a lot of evidence for that too.Truth: The 'intelligence' we have is not called 'human'. It's called amount (or somewhat shift due to the fact that animals can do stuff we can't to).
The human body just happens to have that.
While on another planet, an entire different creature may have a very similar amount and shift. Or hell, even more than us.
So no, I'm not. It's called a belief, that could be true, because nobody knows accept higher beings somewhere possibly..
I believe I will get 72 virgins if I blow up buildings.
Ridicule now? Stop being a troll and learn to be mature. Because it's true, a good open minded person wouldn't act like that to someone in a "debate" (It really wasn't one actually at first.)
Sounds like typical New Age bullshit
And it's not bullshit.
And I'll rather believe in that instead of the Old Age bullshit. Considering nobody yet, understands matter, and it may not even be real due to this a very interesting study about it.
I explained it pretty well with the "Sonic" example.
AKA, bigots and assholes who bash something because it's that different when in reality, according to all spiritual theories, heaven, multiverse, ghosts, dreams, etc.
That may be real. Anything could be. The only reason you have is that it seems "weird" to some, etc.
But what is "weird" and "normal"?
Oh wait, it's all a selfish belief to treat some individuals are "better" when they aren't.
So it is okay if I think I am a Sonic soul?
If "you" have a spirit or soul (you?) and it can be anything you want it to be (Because it could be the case) and if the spiritual world is real (which likely is), then yes it is.
In my next life, I am going to be Sonic!
More delusions that you know everything about the spiritual world, afterlife, etc. When in reality, you actually don't since that belief you have is based off a small belief from people who thinks "weird" is automatically "fail" or so.
If you really want to be a Sonic guy, I don't care because like I said, you can be anything you want in the after life.
If you believe in Heaven, then trust me mate, Heaven isn't only about you.
So wwwarea admits he lives in a dreamworld.
Again, closed minded based off old age theories that isn't proven true.
It isn't. No culture in the world believes half the crap Otherkin crank out.
Depending on popularity I see.
This is why you are delusional.
Popularity =/= science, observation.
So if I think real hard I can morph into a cat creature? Okay, that sounds like a disturbing thought.
Disturbing, maybe you are disturbing for drawing anything Sonic, or human.
Reality: Disturbing is just subjective, and nothing fact. Nothing good to based on.
It is called reality for one. The Physical is made of atoms and particles and is governed by forces like gravity and dark energy. I do not think the Physical really is affected by, or cares about, the thoughts of one person that resides on one little planet amongs the billions of other galaxies.
1. That's your belief, that isn't proven.
2.Matter is still a theory apparently. And yet, that still doesn't disprove the other thing.
3. There is a shit ton of evidence that this reality is created by thoughts, beliefs, etc.
Example: http://www.joeseeber.com/law-of-attraction-proof/
Ever heard of the 'Law of Attraction'? Oh wait you probably not only not believe that, but you bash others for believing in that and pretend your beliefs are "fact" when you don't know that.
You are honestly citing a tumblr user? No shit there is no disorder called Special Snowflake Syndrome! It is internet slang! Only a complete idiot would have to explain that.
Depending on 'Where'. Like as if all the scientific theories were based off it, then it's "auto" "bullshit". >_>
Besides, that part is a reaction to the fact that Otherkin haters (including the actual guy I dealt with) using it.
Free thinking? You said in another blog you do not believe in free will. How can you free think without free will? I also like how you hit the word "soul" around like a volleyball like you do not know what you are saying!

It looks like wwwarea is another delusional New Age looney. I know I am Spiritual But Not Religious, but idiocy is found in EVERY group. Hell, one of the people I know in RL is a New Ager and they are not so pretensions and ignorant like Area is. 

These New Age types can be fun to mess with...
I mean 'free' as in free flow of nature. That's obviously real. And I am not 100% clear on Free Will anyway.
And you clearly don't know what YOU are saying about 'soul'.

It looks like Funnel is another delusional Old Age loony who can't even spell 'loony' right.
And clearly don't realized that new age =/= religious. Yet, religion isn't even loony either.
"And I think it's idiotic because I said so!" <You
And clearly the idea that I'm "ignorant, and prestension" is bullshit. In fact, when you are more free and conneciton, it would lead to more free.
In the spiritual world, you could be anything, and that means anything, with the theory of matter, dreams, spiritual world (or could that be the same, who knows?), etc. Because saying "Umm only to what I think isn't weird" doesn't help your argument.

People like you are just bullies who likes to mess with people for believing in new theories, etc. Becuase you saying it's Bullshit" as a "fact" makes you an ignorant anti-science, and anti-curiosity, idiot.

Now just leave me alone and learn to realize that you are closed minded and only depend on popularity just because you say so.
Closed minded loony.


"Note: I have stalkers here, I wouldn't surprised if those assholes made another reaction. Even if I don't mention them." <MINE

Here you go!

"I know that one guy won't (I think) but the stalkers I have, might." <MINE

You're welcome. 

"If they do, please ignore them. They will just force their personal non-sourced beliefs on other people." <MINE

Non-Sourced? K then. 
Your the one who failed to prove your points and admitted to take your arguments based off "popular opinion".

And no, I'm Not - REM the Cyberbully

Check out his history here:

Anyway, this cyberbully who won't leave me alone for standing up for myself just continues to make more "commentary" journals that are nothing but 'butthurt' WWWAREZ WOLFAOZZ BECAZUE I SAIZ SO!!" crap. Little to no value, etc.

Anyway, he made '3' journals in reply to something (Which was all based off something I didn't start)
Here, here, and here.
Time to get to work! I will defend who I am, and I will defend that he has NO right to treat me like that online with slander.

NOTE: Some quotes may not be well know to what it's coming from, so some information some people see may be missing what it's talking about.
The shifted quotes in black are REMRadioheadfan98's (Or Channeleven's) comments.
The '<REM' quotes are just 'translations' I did.

I may update this article to make it look better. Maybe.


"Filth: Anything that goes against my narrow mindset (in wwwarea's eyes anyways)"
It's arguable, I'm a victim (People calling me "wolfaboo, etc." and directed at me in those bad articles), I have a right to call it that and since it's arguable to do that.
"Which is a load of wolf shit, proven by your history."
 Oh you mean the history that I had a right to speak my mind about wolves, etc? The right to defend a movie, etc?
That doesn't make me a wolfaboo, even if I defend out of love. You clearly don't understand the meaning of it.

Also, I do have history of yours, clearly proving you are a bad, insane, non-tolerable person and that stamp you faved, you don't do anything like that. Especially if people were to look at YOUR history.
"It started with the EXE thing. Also, to point out some hypocrisy, you claim that it's wrong to hate something using popularity alone, yet you defended EXE by using popularity."
You do realized that's a different thing right? I'm talking about debates. Not possible feedback, etc.
That's a whole different theory. Yet, popularity counts fair in art if the intention got a lot of people to love it.
And nah, it actually started when you made a journal about my stamps, attacking me for speaking my mind.
Regardless of past time, you are not Funnel. End of story.
Knowing you, kindness was hardly applied.
Because you said so, right?
I heard that you spammed him because he didn't want to put up with your shit. I'd make a remark based around Sonicfaggotry, but, ironically, he hates Sonic because of me. Imagine that.
Must be a liar or a dumbass because 'replying =/= spam'.
You are actually one of the rabid sonic fans. You act like Sonic is better than every artist style or some, etc. That's rabid.
 In fact, you know those rare Alpha and Omega fans who goes out and claim that the movie is the "best" (All movies are equal in a way) in the world? You are basically similar.
If by kindly disagreeing, you mean spamming him and acting like an ass, then you'd be right.
Like I said, all I did was ask why he hid my comments. And disagreeing/arguing means "ass"?
Like I said folks, REM cannot take criticism, and if DA did not do any action to him.. then well..:
"Posted snapshots for the purposes of mock, humiliate, harassment, etc. (Either one or two, etc. of those) of people's and their criticism toward him. Example maybe:
"Translation: NO U. At least Funnel keeps his replies to a minimal length, as opposed to you."
 You really should look in a mirror for a person who thinks they know how to debate.
Not only the poor behavior of replying with bad "translations", but it's still very long.
And I need to type long to get a good explanation through.
But alas, you don't like it when a person sends you a super long truth research debunking your stupidity, over and over again.
Your laughable responses to your critics says otherwise.
Nothing laughable, it's a disagreement. Fans and even non-fans are allowed to have an 'opinion' just like the 'critics' (Just possible arguable opinions like everyone else). Otherwise you say, critics can say what they want, but nobody can say anything back? You calling that a problem and acting like that as "proof" is laughable, however.
It was actually a very accurate representation of you.
Actually no it wasn't. And no matter how much you want to believe so, it doesn't change that fact.
So it still failed to argue because for example: The idea that I'm "delusional" is pretty much delusional it's self.

"Still doesn't change the fact that REM could of ignored it.
And you could of too." < MINE
"You're like a train wreck wwwarea, it's hard to look away from your faggotry"
This is why you're a cyberbully and a bad person. Clearly hiding your faults once again.
"What's the key word in over obsessed and obsessed? That's right, obsessed. The slander you receive is usually just."
No, 'over-obsessed' means being more than just obsessed. And actually it's not just. You really do slander people buddy, and it doesn't matter how much white knights or so are on your side.
If I had to agree, then I say you're obsessed with Knuckles, and therefor, you are a sonicaboo (or a sonicfag in your world).
Because they're harming themselves, and someone has to help them before they make the wrong decision.
1. You can't decide when something is harmful over people not you. 2. Justice is about victims, not themselves.
"You and maturity don't mix. Your history proves so."
Again, I don't have a history of violating the maturity. You probably believe in the REM bible suggesting that arguing you = "immature". But welcome to the real world buddy where people are allowed to disagree and argue things like that!
And no, despite SOME mistakes I've had, that has nothing to do with the disagreement while arguing.
So stop picking straws.
"They could like the art style, but by pulling a holier than thou complex, it;s hard to respect, especially considering how people like you shudder at the very thought of someone being vocal over their disfavor of something you obsess over."
What the hell does that even mean? I'm sorry but those people are allowed to disagree, and call out others as bias. Calling critics or non-critics like you bias is not only allowed, but it's an argument that has happened in the past with many people for years.
In other words too, doing that has nothing to do with attacking them because they 'dislike it'. In fact, you even admit that 'even if you liked it' you would still call it a flaw, proving that you admit that there is a difference. Yet if I argued you for your claims while you like it,
does that mean I'm attacking you for 'liking' the art-style? Even though I argued the "It's a flaw!" claim?
Uh, yes I do. I called out Sonic fans, for one. Also, you never attacked anyone? Ironic since you've stalked me and gave me grief because I didn't like your precious art style.
 Oh boy, you called out all sonic fans, as if they were all rabid!
Nah dude, I "stalked" you because of your actions (History) with me.
And considering I found your review thanks to Panther giving me a link to it. :)
Oh and funny, you found my reaction article by yourself.. didn't you? Oh and since you stalked my DA page, starting another fight with your cyberbullying 'wwwarea is a wolfaboo, I will MAKE people think that.' stuff.
If you do, it's more or less him whining over my very existence.
Oh boo hoo, your history of actions (rather than because of you existing it's self) doesn't change. 'Whining' about them is fair.

"If something looks ugly, or doesn't translate well with the animation style, then it's a flaw. If we had it your way, people would be praising shows like Mr. Pickles and Allen Gregory."
"Ugly" is subjective so you are biased for saying that, and actually, the animation is cartoony (On purpose) and can be argued that it does fit. Besides, what you call a "flaw" is still intentional. And clearly you admit funnel was wrong on this part.
And no, the movie is nothing like those (Though I do not thin I've heard the second one). Besides, there are  people who like the style (and yes, anyone counts regardless of who you think) and since it was intentional with the cartoon style animation, fitting will.
Sorry REM, but their exist animation style and other intentions.

Oh and your opinion on "when" it's a flawed is questionable.
"And you don't know anything about sarcasm? Alright then. Also, it's ironic you cite freedom of speech, when you basically censor people who don't like certain art styles or fetishes."
'Sarcasm' isn't a legit way to figure out, due to the fact that 'sarcastic' speech is exactly the same as serious speech it's self.
Arguing =/= censorship and sense the hatred against people with 'fetishes' is cyberbullying (Not protected speech or shouldn't be) and the fact that people are allowed to stand up against that for freedom (Since speech of that promotes censorship/restrictions/etc), etc. Oh and disagreeing doesn't stop your journals it's self, and the fact that you attack people for FREEDOM of EXPRESSION.
Also otherwise.
"You censor me when I don't like homosexuality" =Compared= to what you said.
" 1st, you seem to be obsessed with wolves from fiction, which would still count. 2nd, considering what you've proven to us, the last sentence is a load of bull."
But those fiction wolves are different than the ones here.
Actually no, and hmm, I thought your the moron who thinks 'over' isn't a word? And that both are the same?
"Your statements and attitude prove otherwise."
I see, so some attitude you hate so much of me somehow automatically means I said "Wolves are superior than all other animals!"?
I just don't want to live on this planet anymore...
"You're more of the former, and your denial is simply astounding."
 That doesn't debunk my claim. Try harder.
I also noticed I forgot to reply to one part.. But treating non-human animals as equel doesn't make me an 'aboo'. That is incredibly selfish to say and fucked up.
"Massive contradiction to what we've already seen from you."
I already argued this somewhere in this article.
"And your reason makes you a wolfaboo. If it wasn't based around wolves, you wouldn't give two shits (which is why you never said anything about Gnomeo and Juliet.)"
No it wasn't. People have personal reasons to like something, and personality =/= wolfaboo.
You don't have a right to dictate when or how it's "right" to like something. They all counts and just because your bigoted mind doesn't like that (You don't tolerate personal opinions of liking something you hate after all again), doesn't automatically make you right.
And I did, the story isn't 100% the same as that by the way. Yet, you are allowed to like movies for other parts more.
Besides, you only like Sonic games for story rather than the main point of the 'video game'.
"ou engage in wolf related drama, so.... Also, he's only responding to you, as you continue to cry like a little bitch."
Nah he could of ignored it still. And yet, wolf drama it's self doesn't make it wolfaboo.
"like a little bitch" - Again, only an immature bully like you would say that while also making journals that attack me for standing up.
Welp, you've basically proven that everything that was said against you is true.
No it doesn't. The problem of this guy is that he picks off-topic stuff and try to stuff it as an attempt to 'connect' and somehow makes the person thinks he's "right".
""Freedom of speech also only applies to mean I only use it to benefit my crazy points.""
"I think wwwarea is crazy because I want to believe that." < REM
">Runs a group called Anti-Humanaboo
>Calls wwwarea a wolfaboo because he disagreed with me.
And no, that was to people who keep acting like 'humans' are better and was a reaction to such an overused term called "wolfaboo".
"Don't you mean getting annoyed that you whine because people dared to criticize an otherwise shitty Creepypasta."
"I guess whiners/disagreeing people are immature and must be blocked then and because I think honest criticism is annoying." < REM
"Nah, he's pretty sane, and a hell of a lot more intelligent than you. Pretty much why I consider him to be my second in command."
 Actually no, and you saying when in reality you can't debunk the idea that's he's 'dumb', doesn't change that.
"And nonexistent."
 "Fuck the law, fuck the dictionary, and fuck the truth of what happened, I will decide when something doesn't exist, even though wwwarea's bible of sense, and science goes against me"
Guess I better decide that science, math, schools, assholes, rabid, sonic fans, etc. doesn't exist then.
The earth is flat, because I said so.
Yet you weren't really disagreeing, but crying because not everyone shares your mindset.
*crying* =/= violation of Freedom of Speech.
 Considering too, criticism based off defending (including homosexual rights, race rights, heterosexual rights, etc. is based off the same thing I have.
Shitty: Any review that doesn't praise my precious art style (to wwwarea, at least)
It was more of 'why', and how you attack those who defend it, and how you act to people for going in and disagreeing by arguing you.
No, the real Mythbusters are actually more proactive, as opposed to you.
Because you say so, I see.
We can't respect your freedom of speech because you can't respect ours and you use yours to get away with your terrible behavior.
 Clearly I didn't say "Take down this" on non-cyberbullying posts (Which isn't freedom of speech), etc. And my behavior (Standing up for myself, the freedom to criticize back, etc) isn't terrible.
>Cites sarcasm
>Can'y understand sarcasm at all.
Making an immature sarcasm message like that in a debate isn't civil either.
How nice of you to glance over his point. Humanaboo was only made as a butthurt rebuttal by wolfaboos. 
Even if that's "true" but isn't, it still counts and since "wolfaboo" was made up by butthurt 'humanaboos' then if I had to agree.
"Dat salty ignorance."
That doesn't make any sense.
When did he imply that? Also, they're animals that are known to kill, so if one were to kill a wolf because of, say, self defense, would you still defend said attacking wolf?
Humans have more of the ability to choose. Gee REM I think you were against treating wolves as equal as humans? Wolves and others don't have the same morals. Yep, I said that, because by 'equal', they have natural rights, etc. But they don't have all what humans have while humans don't have what wolves have.
And no REM, self-defense is fine. I agree to that.
No, because the examples you've listed actually matter more over your petty internet drama.
The idea that 'internet drama' is different is idiotic. The words were basically "getting deffensive = lunatic" or something. So it was fair to compare it.

REM's favorite word.
"Thanks for proving that you treat your statements as fact, something that a bigot is known for doing." 
 Said the guy who does the same thing.
And considering some statements are actually facts.
If I said "You have did was the law said was illegal", that's a fact.
If I said "The designs are superior to all styles", it's not. But it is a fact to personality find it that.

END OF PART 1 *sigh*

"Damage control."

"Damage control" <Which is a completely inaccurate term to use by the way.
It's actually pretty accurate, since you try to defend a certain point while bashing a similar one in the process.
No it's not. I can defend what I want and it's a right.
I will admit, I do kinda bash people for... bashing people for liking and expressing fetishes for example.

""Fuck the dictionary, I will decide what I want English and meaning to be over other people because I want to!" < You
Thanks for admitting to be bigoted as you don't accept real words and their meanings and instead admitted to make up stuff out of your own ego head." <MINE including that I made the translation.
"And thank you, for proving that you do treat the dictionary like the bible."
And I'm proud of it.
I need to make sense for our foundation of English and meaning, and correct people by errors right?
Otherwise, I would be dumb like you who denies it, and goes for stupidity and bigotry instead.
Especially if you deny the "religion" of science.
Your treatment of them proves otherwise.
Clearly that doesn't automatically mean I'm saying they are "better" (All animals are equal).
The stuff you see, are based off personal preferences.
Or at least make statements and always defend wolves no matter what. Kinda reminds me of......
"Save the wolves"?
That can actually promote people to save them though.
Don't except people to be perfect either.
Still not pets.
The off-topic wording here still doesn't change that. And considering it could be possible to have one as a pet by experimenting, etc. Yes, people were table to have wild tigers as pets.
He was pointing out why we went after the people you've blindly defended.
Eh, I probably need to see my older quote..
I wasn't even blind because I think I was suggesting people that if Virus really did hurt people, report the person instead of harassing the person. And if I did do defending, remember you can defend without defending the bad thing.
 Translation: Letting the offenders get off scott free while the innocent get punished.
I think you missed the point. Hurting yourselves don't violate anyone's rights (And I don't even agree you hurt yourself with the wolf thing), and focusing on people who do "hurt" themselves violate rights.
Justice is about stopping offenders like you that involves other people. Including that if Virus was a real offender to real people.
So YoshiWii1 lusting over Amy, PaulandAmy raping young girls because of Amy and Chris Chan being, well, Chris Chan never caused either three harm, and the people that called them out were responsible....? LOGIC!
"OMG, Lusing over a fictional person hurts people!! NOOO!!!!" <REM
Seriously is THAT why YoshiWii1 is hated? If so, then I guess Yoshi actually didn't do anything wrong.
For the rest, hurting other people are the only bad thing, and not only lusting for a fictional character is harmless, but not even marrying them.
In before REM treats his opinion as fact without proving how by saying "It's harmful".

Besides I mean more of something that doesn't hurt anyone else only.
 Even though some things like fictional stuff is harmless to even the self (unless you make it control your life and make it worse.).
Your funeral. You might as well move to Tumblr.
Really immature of arguing (Like the rest of everything you do).
Otherkin may be a bit taboo thanks to haters, but I've seen some fair defenses for and self-defense.

Yeah, it's pretty unhealthy, and it reflects poorly on their mental state.
Me: "Why?"
You: "Because I said so."
I believe the above statement was rendered bunk with an article I provided in a previous commentary.
Really? So you are saying that 'wolves' are diseases in the wild?
That article could be argued as 'bias'. Yes, it's normal (debate wise) to say that. I also seen people call articles bias before maybe. <Being safe and honest?
Keep this in mind.
More info: It got me to make inspiring music, to draw more, make textures, models, etc.
At least it's far better than photography.
Balto came out in the 90s while Alpha and Omega came out in 2010. I don't know how you missed that.
I think you missed my point, but I could blame myself for not being clear here.
I meant that it didn't come first in my childhood or late teen years. Though I remember seeing it first, but it just wasn't that interesting for me accept for a basic generic non-special 'Oh, a movie.'.
And yes, treating Alpha and Omega for personal reasons counts.
Isn't "Alpha and Omega is good" a personal perception as well?
Hmm you know? 'Bad vs Good' is probably a personal perception, though, sometimes it can tie to legit critique amount, and fairly I could so far (At this time due to a possible problem) give A&O a 6.5 to 7.1 out of 10 in possible terms of  'good' or 'bad'.
Also (or probably the same thing), there are 'good' games I hate, but I would say "good game as they are".
Experience is all the proof you need.
I already did experience. I see fans, but they don't act super rabid who death threat people for defending humans, who try to force people to like wolves, etc, etc.
Depends on how you give a shit.
True maybe, but I'm not one of the possible behavior that would make me one.
You should really look back and re-evaluate your statement.
Don't need to since I don't think I made non-sense.
One thing is very true, comparing will always be a threat. It makes no sense.
No, Sonicfag. It's common knowledge.
Just like 'sonicaboo', 'Sonicfag' is just a made up term. But by random internet trolls like you.
And he never said Sonic was better than anything.
If he doesn't believe sonic is shitty and calls A&O shitty, then he actually did.
Don't forget the art style and the cliched story.
An art-style cannot be a critique flaw, neither is 'cliched' because both of those are intentional.
And considering not everyone will think a story is 'cliche'. That is very subjective to suggest things.
Bugs, plot-holes, and some more, are legit because it makes the intention creative purpose look bad.
And you saying 'art-style' is flaw means you are bashing artists for liking it, and expressing it. This is why I call you out, not because you don't like it, but because you act very bias while trying to make an argument about your so-called "better" quality suggestion.
If I agree, then I guess I can decide that Knuckle's style is flawed because "I don't like it".

If you keep arguing that it's a "flaw" because you said so, then you are treating your personal opinion as a fact. And you know what that means!
Yes it does. It has wolves, and wolfaboos go for it every time.
And that doesn't make it wolfaboo it's self.
And since those wolves are not really (and not meant to be) realism wolves 100%. (Just like some Disney movies).
If it still does, then I guess sonic is wolfaboo because one wolfaboo may like a creature that isn't 100% wolf (While hands, and feet are something that wolves have too! :D)
Way to ignore the point, as per usual.
Then explain, oh wait. Just leave me alone actually since you started this one becuase you stalked my page and just had to go to that 'Wolfaboo Myths" stamp and makes people to believe I "am" one.
That starts fights by the way.
From what we've seen, that's a load of bull.
Making articles in self-defense is morally fine, but this was more of a site, on-topic apology.
On here, you make articles about people (Hence what created this whole fight here), and personality insult people "like a little bitch", "wolfaboo", and maybe more.
I don't even say "bitch", wtf man.
 Right, because Fanpop is about Alpha and Omega and nothing more. Plus, I doubt they'd really care.
 I heard some off-topic posts (Like on the wall) may be allowed, and people are still doing things like that.
Don't care about people debate? Well I hope they don't care.
No, but treating your views as fact, coldly chewing out others for not liking what you like and attacking people who call out others for their disturbing behavior, like you do, is being a dick.
In other words, according to REM, criticism is "dick" after all because disagreement is often based off 'treating your views' as fact'. That's what arguing means it's self. You argue for what you believe in right?
And again, I do not 'chew' people off because they don't like it.
And attacking people because you think it's disturbing not only starts it, but doesn't deserve respect.
So no, I'm not being a dick. But you are.
And by the way REM, right here (and the rest), you are treating your views as fact. You are no different than me.

"REM just keeps going around and likes to attack artist intention and attack people who defend it. That's being a dick. Standing up against him being a dick =/= dick." < MINE
So not liking an art style means I'm a dick?
Since when does 'not liking' = choosing to attack people who defend it, like it, etc?
I guess according to your "logic", it's OK to attack homosexuality in public because I don't like human gay.
Because going into detail means I've committed an unforgivable felony.
Still different.
As he said, I never did.
Self denial?
Right, because we have a higher level of intelligence than you.
"I'm smarter than wwwarea even though I deny the dictionary, science, etc. and becuase I said so!" <REM
Yeah, you suure are! *sarcasm*
AKA, a very poor effort.
You can't decide when something is and isn't an effort over things that are based off 'more work' just because you said so and over things not yours.
It'd have more accurracy, and since it portrays wolves in their natural habitat, it'd make more sense for the creators to actually do their research and not just be lazy.
More "accuracy" means making them look the same; loosing the effort of personality, differences, etc.
Actually, they already know a lot (If I don't know, you don't either on your claim). They purposely wanted to have a mix of realism and fantasy, and since it's purposely meant to be an anthropomorphic Disney inspired movie.
Not only Alpha and Omega did this, but so did many other Disney movies, Pixar, etc.
Yeah, a very vocal minority that refuses to take criticism from anyone. Also, the story is just a cookie cutter Romeo and Juliet story. That's not value.
 They still count, it's more than nothing and not all criticism is fair.
It's a story about wolves this time (That could of been intentional), and not exactly the same.
That's value.
Yeah, it depends on whether or not people like you would remember an otherwise mediocre movie.
'mediocre' again, is personal opinion from you.
Besides, the same could be said for any movie. Especially Frozen, Sonic Shows, etc.
Especially Balto, I forgot what happened expect bits of the end.
 The lack of effort that leads to a barren shell of creativity that only a minority could appreciate.
Lack = Less
Effort = More
Different personalities, adding hair, etc. = More.
And more = more effort.
Realism likely leads to copy and pastes, recolors, and little to no change in the 3D shapes.
Copying and pasting, but changing there shapes, one by one, = more work; more effort.
Also direction purpose may rule over the 'effort' reasoning in a legit argument.
And the movie just isn't that popular (or is it?), and like I said. The designs did help more people.
If the wolves were all realism, then it would of been forgotten even more. Though it wasn't that popular, and some was just avoiding.
Yet you imply that wolves can be kept as pets. Way to go.
Way to ignore the whole argument there (Like some others), Way to go!
Oh, and actually that could be possible according to what's possible, even though I don't recommend it or at least I don't much.
Whether or not it's always true depends on the situation, but at the very least, I try to keep my links relevant to the topic at hand and I don't rely on shit from the news.
Actually the news articles I send is on topic. It connects with the subject of cyberbullying, etc.
If I talk about cyberbullying and a news article talks about it, then that's topic.
Not only that, but the idea of mine was that it can promote suicide.
News: Cyberbullying + suicide due to cyberbullying = On topic.
Actually, they're just off topic stuff that shows your ignorance on the topic at hand, especially considering who you defend.
That really doesn't make any sense. Remember what I said above your quote above this message.
All the proof we need is in your history.
Off topic. Pretty sure depending on behavior you hate involving news and arguing that wolves can learn from humans is very off topic. -_-



 "Well honestly that's kinda true. But like you said, they are part wolf. Hell, isn't 'wolf' and 'dog' man made? I mean, then again, genes are probably different though, but they all may have very close intelligence to learn. I think I once heard that wolves have even more intelligence more than dogs, but I still need to research that one." <MINE
So you agree, yet you disagree...?
It's a part agree and a part disagreement.
Terms and science is a bit different. By intelligence, they may be close, but at the time while it exist, behavior probably exist due to the belief system of wolves, and dogs.

Which might apply to your stance as well.
Ironic how you're one to claim we're in no position to speak without evidence, yet you don't provide a link referring to the ownership of a tiger.
Clearly you do so much more of lack.
But if you asked, here then:
Not enough? Search 'owning a tiger' on Google then.
Ironic since you didn't provide proof in your previous statement.
Neither does that guy I think.
Still extinct.
Which link are you talking about?
Either way, I don't think it matters on the 'extinct' idea.

Considering too, the 'extinct' 'wolf' probably has a very similar behavior as grey wolves.
But it's likely not a theory. Don't be afraid to assume the worst.
But you could be wrong on that. Don't be afraid to assume the worst.
For all we know, you missed the point and you're just making stuff up to make it look like you have a point.
Maybe that guy missed the point. Perhaps in the very first place?
Because I never said huskies were wolves themselves.
Which is likely impossible.
And where is your link?
You've just represented why the term is used in the first place.
If that was really true, then I guess I'm a proud wolfaboo then and clearly there isn't anything wrong with being one. It's just a butthurt label for haters who hate seeing freedom of differences, and used to label some harmless Freedom of Expression as "bad" because they hate hearing that.
NOTE: If I agree to you.
No. I was being sarcastic, and you took it seriously before.
Which part?
The mocking part by attempting to imitate me? Or the 'cyberbully' claim while imitating me?
Either way though, you are a cyberbully. :/
Wolfaboos are still much more common. The former three are indeed uncommon.
Cats = Every fucking where of the fucking internet, games, etc.
Wolves = Sometimes.
Normal is normal, and it certainly isn't fueled by disturbing actions.
Normal is subjective, doesn't really exist.
Alternatively, normal is real, but it applies to everyone for being themselves (including those "disturbing" things.) and that you force your personal opinion of "disturbing" down others throat and use it as an argument for your "normal" argument crap.

And no, your life isn't better than them. If you act like your life is because of your beliefs about others, then you really are a selfish ass hole.
Do I even need to explain this...?
In other words, should you open your bigotry book and explain this? You don't need to, I do not want to hear it.

"1. 'Dog' and 'Wolf' are terms. 2. I already figured they have different terms in times in there genes, etc. So why are you saying I'm believing they are 100% the same? They "are" in terms of similar stuff in at least some ways. 3. They both are still canine.
I already know that the wild wolf is very different than a dog, but it's all a mental evolution too. Like I am depending on how it works, etc." <MINE
1. They're of separate species.
2. It sounds like you are.
3. Yet one is a domesticated creature while the other is more feral.
1.Species can be subjective.
2.But that's not confirmation just because it looks like it to you.
3. 'domesticated' is an effect, which could happen with wolves in time. Both are based off different mental things (I may need to research this).
He's likely making fun of your method of research.
Which might still confirm my point.
Oops, I accidentally found yet another 'human and wolf' interaction.
A now extinct common ancestor.
Proof? Yet, you may be missing the point.
"Again, ignoring logical stuff because it defeats my arguments."
"wwwarea is wrong because I said so, and the things against area are automatic facts! My personal opinion is fact!!" <REM
Maybe because your responses show a heavy amount of ignorance and immaturity.
1. I don't have ignorance with this debate (or at least mostly if I did missed some points.
2. A debate (especially a partly self-defense debate) isn't immature. And nope, you can't decide that over people not you. -_-

"Really?" <MINE
I mean what the hell does it mean? And no actually.
Closer to 25% due to conflicting evolutions.
It's common sense.
You say that because you say so.
Yes it does, because wild animals are not always friendly around humans.
 No it doesn't. Some wild animals have had behavior of friendly behavior before.
Also, the term 'friendly' is a term. I guess it means trust and like?
If so, well I guess, a lot of those wolf interactions, wolves learning from humans, tigers, etc. don't count then. >_>
I'll bet that a bulk of those animals aren't wolves.
So every animal but a wolf is?
Are you saying wolves are specially different than all animals? Even despite the fact that wolves were nice at times maybe, and the strong research study, etc?
Though not all interactions may end positively.
And not all interactions will.
Stop picking straws.
He was only giving you a helpful suggestion. He wants you to get off the internet and stop taking petty internet drama so seriously.
It doesn't help.
Part of my activity needs it, and since certain drama can cause major prevention, making people feel bad, etc.
Also effects of doxing, slander, etc.
Which is why you're laboring away on the internet.
Dang it, I meant 'social media' life I think.
Yet, the Internet can help with that too.

"Since you will say the same thing, I'll just say the same thing again:
""Fuck the dictionary, I will decide what I want English and meaning to be over other people because I want to!" < You
Thanks for admitting to be bigoted as you don't accept real words and their meanings and instead admitted to make up stuff out of your own ego head."<MINE though the last quotation mark was made by him or it was me?. Weird. Yeah just being safe.
Again, way to prove us right.
Thanks for proving that I was right about you and your friend being bigots and completely bias out of a lot of things.
Yes, and they aren't long as hell.
Still counts.

"I think I heard reports that there was more kills with dogs than wolves." <MINE
 Well despite that you don't always try to prove your point (or maybe at all), I actually heard it from a person who helps people. I don't want to find it now, but then again, maybe you need proof for the other way around too?
Aren't you, with your ignorance?
What ignorance? :D
Because they'd likely kill you with no reluctance.
Just like Sharks, Lions, Tigers, etc.
I doubt it's that.
My theory is that it's because of the usual 'hate' that many people have with other people being different.
Not all souls are the same.
Soul =/= Physical body.
You clearly don't know any soul of all animals.
Not from what we've seen.
I don't really remember what this one was about, but I doubt whatever it is, is true unless it's about a story I've seen with some things...
Knowing you, you'll never be done.
Said the guy who does the same thing with people, etc.
You started it with this debate by directly addressing me REM, and you all have the choice to stop, and considering in terms of continuing, you, I, him, and maybe more are no different.
""Which is why I said they were only rude.""
 What? I say rude meaning that stuff. I don't even know where you are getting this.
Honest that you don't know what you're talking about?
Like I am not very sure, but what you said really reflects you a lot.
Just about.
Not even close. Yet, if "close" but isn't there, then I'm still not a wolfaboo.
Yet you praise them all the same.
Both limited wolves and them? I praise RL wolves sometimes, but a really like these more. But only personality.
Yet either way, personality praising =/= wolfaboo.
Nah, he's right. I only go after the rabid wolfaboos.
You do realized you skipped some stuff right? I am not sure if you did that on purpose.
Anyway, no you don't. Because I'm not only a rabid wolfaboo, I'm not a wolfaboo at all.
If you call me rabid for the things I said before this message, then you don't really know what actual 'rabid' means. You compare honest criticism to "rabid".
Why call him a rabid Sonic fan when he didn't bring up Sonic once in the commentary? Also, it's been well established that you're the delusional one.
 I like how you always bring up Alpha and Omega when I try to not even talk to you about it much (before you started to talk about it out of nowhere).
And no, it never was "well" established. I'm not delusional, and just because you want me to be, doesn't mean I am.
I won't give in into popular beliefs from your friends and you, and like almost to all, or just all of everything you said, it's just your own making up mind, non-sense, etc. You just decide things over me, just because you want to.
You already admit to deny to dictionary, and probably even science, etc.

Why do I often talk about the dictionary, and science? Because it's considered very important, by very smart people.
Funnel's a guy BTW, he seems to have a better grasp on wolves (and reality) than you.
 Hmm how do you know? But alright.. Actually he doesn't.
He's only doing the right thing and standing up against your bullshit and helping the people that count. Or in layman's terms, being the best damn friend he could be.
He's not doing the right thing, he's just a stalker like you and making up bullshit about me, and you two (and probably more) keeps claiming I make "bullshit" and isn't helping the people, and they don't really count for this stuff. Especially since you guys are cyberbullies who always force your made up definitions on other people not you.

He's your best friend for cyberbullying. Next to jmk98.

As if anyone would take you seriously. You'd probably give people more of a reason to go after you.
And now, here's a little bonus. This is a comment wwwarea posted on his own blog.
 Good and smart people would, but your whiteknights and similar trolls would probably use the same old "butthurt, ahahhahha" thing. Which is useless thing to use.
And sure I would, I would piss off people for standing up for the truth of history. Showing how I was right about you guys being very immature, cyberbullying, etc.
Why should I limit it to my blog?
It would low down the drama (You can do that actually). And considering if you keep replying to your page, it's just you contently bitching and cyberbullying me all over your over-stuffed page.
(Seriously your page has too much data in it that it would take out 1 GB of date...
 Wait, are you going to attack me for giving you this criticism?

 It's really up to you. Would you be willing to quit obsessing over something that doesn't matter? Will you apologize to everyone you've attacked? Will you stop getting worked up whenever someone, shock and horror, criticizes Alpha and Omega and its art style?
Nah it's up to you. You have the choice to stay out of what I do on my profile, and you have the choice to leave me alone as an Alpha and Omega fan, and you have the choice to react like a brat whenever someone judges you (disagree) for claiming that the art-style is a "flaw".
And it does matter to those who matter it. You can't decide that.
Because I do not like it when people selfishly dictate what quality and creativity is. You are basically the one attacking people for 'liking' to make art-styles by claiming there works are "flaws" just because it's... different.

"And yes I made that history because you wouldn't leave me alone, and then you insulted the whole fan base of that "movie". " <MINE
AKA, only you since you're the only one who gives a shit about what I have to say.
I don't think that's true.
Even if it was, that doesn't mean anything special.

"Maybe I should make the same exact post and make fun of your Nostalgia critic crying (Clearly no different) then. Or a defend, or both." <MINE
Crying? I merely brought up flaws that nearly everyone agrees on. If you do decide to do it, it'd make you look even more immature.
Yes you were, this so called "flaw" you claim about him is no different than the flaw of your review; attacking intentional creative styles. Just because it's not your kind of thing.
You judge it for your beliefs, just like I do. Clearly, no different on it's self.
And what's this? "everyone agrees on". Thanks for admitting to depend on popularity again..
Immature? Your post is clearly no different than my possible future one.



I have created the world's longest article didn't I......
 Oh well, that doesn't change anything though.

As any viewer can see, REM just makes up stuff about people, admit to being bigots for HIS personal beliefs over other people, admits to ignore the dictionary, and probably science, etc.

Like I said, he is very biases in his arguments about me, and other things, and etc.
You should see the info about him in the 'History' section, etc.

And yes, this whole debate that goes on here?
REM's fault. He started it by making a journal directed at me because of a stamp I made and wasn't even directed at him.
Of course too, this isn't the first time REM started a fight with me. Including some other people.