Friday, May 25, 2012

What I like to write about

What I like to write

Pretty much anything. But I can give some examples.
My views that can be Fun

I like to write things I believe in (Although maybe not write all), to talk about something for everybody and yet, others can get interested and see what inspiration they can get. I sometimes like to write things to make people feel exited.
Suggestions for the world and things of arguments for me and others, and opinions

I sometimes don't enjoy doing this. Its the type of thing I see in problems of the world, I try to add suggestions and change to make everyone more happy. I sometimes write some arguments against stuff that cause more Hate, Judgement against someone in Life, and other threats.

Also, I would possibly write about Censorship, saying it can be a problem. Sometimes I report it, suggest that its bad.

Well, I'm one of those people who views the whole world, and when I see a problem, I try to think theories and stuff about it.

Stories I had and maybe stories I seen

I sometimes do this, although I don't much publish it. Wait, I don't even much publish a lot of articles I made. 

Stuff can be interesting things I seen, like if I seen a UFO, I could talk about it. Maybe if something very interesting in my gaming life, I could.

Project reports and other notices of what I do

Like Super Mario 64 - The Ancient Castle. And what I was writing now I think.


Well that's pretty much all. Although it looks like I just write pretty much anything. I usually like to talk about random things sometimes. But my Multiverse Feeling blog is not a news reporting site, although I might report some news if I needed it but its not mainly about it.