Monday, March 10, 2014

Why I Left The Brony Fandom

Don't expect this as a hatred article.
I remember being a part of it, it was cool to have freedom ideas with the characters and such.
I had a lot of faith about tolerance too, as what it was said, and made it feel "friendly".
But when I started to see very selfish rules and opinions off popular websites, (The ones that tries to force people to feel bad about them-selves.) I been concern, and while the negative and lies grew stronger, it was time for me to leave, and ever since I did, my energy of wanting to go back got smaller, and smaller to a point that it's zero. The magic element that tried to make me join has actually died.
I was also proud that I was one of the lost secret seekers where I feel out-side of the box, and looks at society as a whole and notice the errors they have become. I always have to take that idea for my own safety so I won't go back into delusional beliefs.


Cult of Originality/Lacks of How Culture Works
They basically judge a lot of Fan-Fictions, and tell how a Fan-Fiction should be; possibly going against "Self-inserts" (Often comforts), claiming it's not original JUST because of the main idea...
Yeah it's not like I seen a "Pony", "using Mane Six", "Love Story", "Video Game", etc... idea before eh? -Sarcasm-
Judging "Self-insert" is basically hatred, and offensive to judge when yet, a "Self-insert" can have a unique story in it like any other story. Yet, some stories are meant to be more safe for the purpose of certain audiences. They act like every story needs to be "wide audience" what the heck?
Also, people on a blog called "Equestria Gaming" abuses critique; instead of finding flaws for the purpose of a work, they attack it for what it is. It's not just "Equestria Gaming" I'm sure.

Ooo look at me, I LOVE minding my own damn business on other harmless businesses that isn't mine! Let's bash them just because I hate it, and ignore real harm issues such as violence!
Eh, a tolerance.... what the flying f__k?!

The Marry Twilight Sparkle Hate

Ah yes, I think this was the final straw on what made me leave.
There was a story about a guy who believed He/She was getting married to some pony called "Twilight" (Twilight Sparkle - Full Name?), then he wrote this letter to some guy who made some "Erotic Pictures" of her. Then some guy (I'm sure it was a Brony) shared that letter to Imgur.
Then many people mainly from Society, (And also bronies) made fun of him, freaked out, etc.. Not mainly because of letter telling them to stop drawing "Erotic Pictures", but just because he had a relationship with a "imaginary" creature.
As a rare tolerance person who accepts people for what they believe, etc, I am shocked about the hate.
I see even Bronies bashing it, claiming it's "Unhealthy", "Needs to go a mental home", "Wrong", and much more hatred. They mainly attacked Him/Her, for the selfish delusional beliefs about this 3rd dimension reality too (Edit - 3/14/2014): I mean the selfish delusional beliefs from society of the 3rd dimension reality being forced on Him/Her. Edit Done). (Yes, I'm known to the fact that this world may be an illusion, something created by thoughts).

Truth be told: Many people don't really know the fact that "feelings" are created by beliefs; feelings with thoughts/imaginary is not any different when having them with a so-called "real-life" person in this illusion world.

Truth be told 2: Many people don't know how the higher-dimensions work. From the Multiverse theory to spiritual experiences, it is possible that there could of been a person that was "Twilight" in the higher realm with him, and it's clearly a fact that we have not disprove that. In faith, it could be true.

Not respecting a person's personal beliefs is highly offensive and pure hatred. It's a corrupt, delusional belief to force it on others.

Bashing Even The Whole Fandom in Ways
I remember seeing hatred comments saying "Don't bring the fandom into canon", and honestly, there isn't anything wrong with that. I think fans helping a show to make fans happy is a great thing.
Sadly some moronic bronies bash that, probably due to a possible "Plot Hole" when really, it wouldn't ruin it. Also, if one doesn't like the episode, just don't watch it.
This idea of "sense" has gone too far.
Worse is that they even use that same hatred to spin-off stuff like a video game. So people can't add them in spin-offs now? That's horrible. And yes, I remember seeing a comment telling people to not add "fandom" to this possible video game.
I remember in earlier times, I think the fandom was more tolerance, they did add fanon stuff into the show before and lot's of people liked it.
Now it's nothing but a horrible, limited fandom probably. Not that limited but probably worse than what it was before, from open, to closed.

I remember one brony claiming hopelessness over an IP law argument, pretending there is no other way to help revive some fan project, and then made more bull-crap statements.
One blogger said it violated there so-called "Trade-dress" when that's honestly bull-shit, I never seen this before... I think Trademark issues are meant to be an official business issue, not a non-profit issue.

And More
I'm sure there is more types of intolerance.

No Interest of Coming Back Now

When I was leaving, I still felt like I wanted to come back, even created a "fantasy" story of me leaving with some expectations, but later, my sadness of leaving dried out, to a point that my Interest of still wanting to come back has died. Probably mainly because a small fandom I call "Alpha and Omega" prevented me (Not sure), and I'm proud of that now. (Edit: 3/14/2014: I'm not saying "Alpha and Omega" is bad, it's good actually. ;) - Edit done)
One funny thing is that, often every time I see someone use a "Pony icon", it's always negative... In fact, when I was writing this article, I saw one just now... Ha ha!
It would be awesome of this "Brony Fandom" learned it's lesson about what there doing to other people is selfishly negative and horrible!
Note: Notice how this article isn't one of those "Negative" articles who complaint about people's own interest and do stupid moves based off that? It's one of those rare articles who did moves because people who are different gets bashed... And talking like this is sadly rare these days. Which shows how corrupt this world has became.
Goodbye, and good riddance. Well I ever come back? That's very hard to tell but it does seem unlikely.


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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Heaven on Earth Sounds Boring

As much as I like fixing a corrupt planet, is this only the Divine Plan? What about the idea of wanting to leave, and make such a home outside?

What about exploration, room, and more possibilities?
I always had a dream to explore outside this planet, and seeing the stars, galaxies, and more has always bring me faith that the world we live on now is just one tiny place, and that possibly someday, people will be able to explore outside of it.
Even if the same planet became so magical, would I now want to stay there?

It's too damn small

This is one reason why it sounds very boring.
I have seen it enough, you can change it, you can make it shine, you can make it perfect, but it's not going to make me stay. Even for the Hollow Earth fitting it, it STILL sounds too small.
Honestly it sounds horrible to just show all the stars outside, the planets, etc and then be all like: "You love that don't you?" "Well sorry, that's places you can't go to, we are just showing off!"
That right there is like a dream destroyer.

And Probably Will Get Smaller

There is too many humans, and other animals, and every day there is a new-born baby.  Room will just get smaller, and smaller.
My home is to be in a world where no other human exist. That's what my spiritually always lead me too I think. I do not want to be in the same room with too many people, it's not like that.

Heaven on Earth Doesn't Sound Like Heaven
Well maybe it is for some, but to me, I only like that as part of it.
But heaven outside is my main goal, even if this planet had heaven. It's a dream for those of exploration, and being free.
Being trapped on this planet where everything is the same place, lacking the dream of perhaps living on a new planet, does not sound like something good, and I thought Heaven was supposed to make anything possible for each and every individual?

I would really love to know if this "plan" is just a start, meaning to fix this planet up, and letting people ascend into light, and then being able to do anything anyone has dreamed of? That includes leaving and living on other planets or other bodies.
If that's what the plan is, then that's good. But if it's not, then something is very fishy.

We have a universe (And probably multiverses) that has all the room it can offer. One planet and all of it being just it, sounds limited. I thought the universe and beyond was part of the gift?

This is even a problem for people who desires to stay, because the more people there are, the lack of room there is, but a parallel planet could fix that problem.

Anyway, I would love to ascend to the highest, but my type of dreams is a bit different from some.