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Friday, September 4, 2015

Guess I Will - RE: Bigotry Post About wwwarea

Also check out this:
Considering how much you go after people it is hard to tell exactly who you are aiming at.
I don't go after people. You do.

I'm a sadist? Really? 
Pretty much honestly.
Most religions and spiritualities have a proper basis and moral structure. 
In Funnel's and REM's bigoted mindset.
 You can't prove that they are "proper" and mine "Isn't", and considering I am awake, and it would be more dumb to deny what I discovered, etc.
Yes, even dumb types.
 Bigoted more I see.
And none of those link to reliable sources.
Thanks for admiting it too.
And actually, they are.
You should I don't know.. READ THEM? Instead of automatically thinking wrong because of your bigoted views on 'New Age' people.
There are people who do that for a job. And they are called the moderators and admins.
The way they behave, is different than yours. Not actual stalking.
 What they do isn't harassment. You on the other hand..

"It isn't? You are very unreliable." <MINE
I actually went to school.
That.. what the heck? How the hell does that 'debunk' me? Some teachers in schools are not always right. Schools used to teach that Homosexuality was a disease, etc.
And I don't think they would dare talk about Spirituality in the cookie cutter public schools.
Bring up new theories based on a hypothesis, idea, or evidence. Not something you just make up.
That's what those are. The idea that the universe is made up by beliefs is based off experience, evidence, etc.
Once again, you don't read.
Example: You won't read this:

“Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.” 

Considering too, just like common spirituality, this is one of many things a lot of 'spiritual people' believe in for the 'LoA theory, belief creates reality theory, etc, etc, etc.
And of course, you can't read. 
Hiding the opposition's comment as usual. 
Thanks for admitting that it wasn't directed at you. Though you continue to harass me for my spiritual beliefs because of your bigoted delusions about me.
Because, as I said before, it is easy for someone to think you are targeting them considering how much you target people. I've really lost track at this point.
Not my fault.
Since you know I wasn't, just stop with your bullcrap about me.
Likewise, just because we do not see it does not mean it exists. 
That doesn't mean people can't have faith for it.
There is no middle, there is faith, and also your doubts don't debunk me and saying I'm "delusional" when it could be possible and that you don't know, you are actually claiming it's not real when you clearly don't know it. 
Sorry, but the real world is not Rick & Morty.
Rick & Morty was inspired by that same theory.
Alright. I won't post a link, but I will ask you this:

If the multiverse means anything and everything is real, then in another universe Willy Wonka teamed up with Emperor Palpatine who rides a giant ostrich and has a pet miniature unicorn. Willy Wonka and Palpatine have it out for YOU! And I mean you, as in the "you" of this universe. Also, Willy Wonka and Palpatine have the technology to transverse universes and plan to kill you five seconds after you first read this.

I bet you are still alive.

Still believe the multiverse means anything and everything is real?
Exactly. The theory can lead to that too and just because you think that's crazy, doesn't mean the theory is wrong or part of it.
 And just because the majortiy finds it 'stupid' or 'bullshit', still doesn't change that.
One of my favorite parts about science and other is that it questions our current limited beliefs.
Are you denying the existence of reality?
"Are you questioning our popular belief?!" <You
There is a lot of evidence that matter isn't real, scientific evidence. And many other evidence that this whole universe could really be an illusion after all.
Not sure? Well that's why we call it 'evidence'.
And if you think I'm delusional, well guess what? You don't know either.
Calling someone delusional for being open minded to new theories, etc. Means you are claiming you know when you clearly don't.

I had to do observation to arrive to that conclusion.
Clearly not how it works. You observe that other people think that it's wrong. And I observe that you depend on popularity and non-science.
You are very dumb honestly. By Observation, and Science, it needs to actually find evidence that supports the belief of those people. But there isn't any.
Just because you observe that people believe that, doesn't mean there is any for the actual topic.
Clearly you are picking straws and making up a major amount of stupidity.

Besides, you want to know what's also a popular belief in way? That many people believe in Santa Clause, does that means he's real on our planet?
 You believe in things that live off of popularity.
No I don't. I mean maybe the popular effects my energy to believe that, but however I think only if it ties to the actually information being good, even if it's not popular proving that I don't directly depend on it.
Example: There is a video of 'Nibiru Proof' or something on Youtube, has a lot of views and likes, but do I believe it? No. Because it looks like a camera lens issue. I actually WANT to believe in Nibiru, but I failed to find so much evidence.
And other issues. Proving that I am free.
There is also so many things that question so much popular beliefs by a smaller community and when I went back to the "comfort" zone, I was sadden to know that what I used to believe isn't really true.
There is a lot of evidence against it too. Besides, the book is what made it up in the first place.
What I saw so far, was that it was based off people not figuring out how to use it.
The LoA isn't very known on how it works. Hell, even 'LoA' sounds like a silly term while in reality, it could actually depend on 'Beliefs' instead and the subconscious, etc.

"Maybe you don't really believe in real spirituality but here is why the Law of Attraction (Or better yet, 'beliefs create reality' sounds better:…………
The last link. If you believe his story, then clearly it would probably change your mind.
Prediction what you will say: "That guy's a liar"." <MINE
Not a liar, just lucky. Really lucky.
Wow. Did you even read it? It's LEAST likely that it's just 'luck'. It's more stronger that it would have something to do with his 'LoA' (or subconscious stuff).
And of course, that video you will show is less proof of that.
You really should look at the last link.
The Law Of Attraction, upon being pure pseudoscience, is a very bad philosophy 

I better have this guy explain it for me:

 No. Because from what I experience, the fact that my dreams always end up being true sometimes on some future, etc. That guy probably isn't doing it right.
Because he probably has negative energy, doubts, etc.

Clearly you don't know it, and I may not know it. I have a right to believe in it, and just because you don't doesn't automatically make you right that I'm "wrong"
I depend on evidence for faith purposes, and from what I saw (The stuff you always ignore and other things I didn't show), it's very strong.

"Of course 'nobody' knows but that doesn't mean it's bad to practice the faith." <MINE
It isn't. But please make sure your faith is based on something that makes sense! Even the Jesus story makes more sense then the LoA.
Sorry but just becuase you think it "doesn't" make sense, doesn't mean it doesn't make sense.
You can't tell people how to have faith, that makes you a nutjob.
Also, the Law of Attraction does make a lot of sense. And if you get into it at least, you could see why.. but be warned, the term is sometimes non-sense, but there is other things.
Of course, every link I show you, you always ignore it out of your own biases of "New Age Bullshit".
That's what makes people more dumb; depending on random beliefs just because they said so.
No, I do not know. I've already said this a million times.
Then stop attacking me and pretending I'm "delusional" when you don't know then.
Stop pretending I'm "crazy" for strongly believing in something based off a lot of those scientific based articles, and stop attacking people for having faith you don't like.
So you think the soul and spirit are... different things? That is new.
Honestly.. I REALLY don't know, I actually hope it's the same. maybe, but I guess I was being very safe.
 Note: The whole LoA, Spiritual World, etc. etc. Is much stronger than that to me.

You are confusing lucid dreams with astral projection, for one.

Second of all, yes, in Lucid Dreams you can create reality. But that "reality" is inside your head and only temporary, hence not really being real.

During an astral projection, yes, you do exit your body. But you are still in the same universe as usual.
They are just terms. All that could connect.

Actually, there is evidence from my own experiences and some possible interesting articles not made by me that dreams have actually created.
And nobody understands lucid dreaming yet. Lucid dreaming is when you simply figure out that you are 'dreaming', still doesn't change the possible location of that dream.
"Whether awake or dreaming, you're experiencing the same bio-physical process. True, they're qualitatively different realities, but if you're thinking and feeling, it's real. Thus, René Descartes' famous statement Cogito, ergo sum ("I think, therefore I am")."

And actually if a multiverse exist, then I don't think that's always the case.
Such as?
I have it somewhere, but if I show you, you will probably bully me (Like you always do) just because that it's based off my own personal experiences that you may not like.
 It involves some predictions in video games becoming true movie, etc. Though it also has 'RL' events too.
Lets add to the drinking game. Every time he mentions the multiverse, take a drink.
Really mature way of arguing. *sarcasm*
I have one:
Every time Funnel said 'New Age Bullshit', take a drink.
So if no one is currently thinking of me I just magically vanish?
The mind is just copies.
I've already detected several typos of yours. And I did not comment on them.
But you bully me on other things.
Yes, because you can dictate what "open-minded" means.
1. You're the one who dictates what makes "sense" or "right", etc.
2. Open minded means being open to new thoeires, ideas, etc.
You clearly aren't that and go like: "hahah nope, bullshit, it's wrong, people think it's wrong"
That's closed minded and yes, people are allowed to argue that.
Arguing and changing the world like how Albert Einstein did is no different.
What does that even mean? Did you make that up?
Separated societies are real. If the term is made up but is based off what is obviously their, then it doesn't matter.
We have open minded 'New Age' people (I did heard that it wasn't a good term), and we have furries, good furries, bronies, Christians, countries, etc.
It goes on.
We are born to be separated societies because a 'One World' society will least likely work out here on this world.
Because if I said I absolutely knew it would make me look like an arrogant dickhead. But we already have one of those here.
Said the guy who calls me delusional for being open to new theories, ideas, etc. and having faith on it.
Said the guy who calls me a loony as if you "know" that you are right over me, as if you believed that you know everything about the spiritual world, multiverse, etc., etc.


I'm just going to stop here. Because clearly this guy is a hypocrite as well, and continues to deny evidence and attack others and in an immature way, etc.

But one more thing:

"If you leave my friends alone then I will back off!"
Your friends started it. And it's not an excuse.
REM is the one that always cause trouble. I left him alone, though I disagreed on him on one thing like a normal person would do if they don't agree alternatively.

REM won't leave fans alone, won't leave me alone, continue to stalk me, etc.

This is his own fault.

And if you were mature, you wouldn't attack people this way either way.

Re: Otherkin (Round 2)

Despite that I said the journal isn't directed at him, he didn't even mention that.
I assume it's because he's a troll and a sadistic to hurt other people's spiritual beliefs and themselves..

Well, here I go and note, I am defending myself deep with this because it's always how I think.
If it's wrong for me to have this believe, then so is religion, non-religion spirituality, etc.
Though what I have my connect with those two. And spirituality can probably be many types.

This is his title for his reaction. And no, I am not depending on popularity. You just made a false accusation.
Then what's this? "It isn't. No culture in the world believes half the crap Otherkin crank out."
in reaction to this:
"Again, closed minded based off old age theories that isn't proven true."
That's popular depending from your quote.
You posted it on the Internet, dude. People are going to see it.
Then I guess "stalking" doesn't exist. Moderating someone on the Internet then doing action = stalking.
That is not a reliable website.
It isn't? You are very unreliable. And back to the link, it still doesn't change the fact that it can still make a point, and bring up new theories, etc.
 Oh really? Because this popped up after I accused you of defending Otherkin, which you then admitted to, proving me right. And even then, I accused you of defending Otherkin because you implied it in your other journal.
Umm, you mean on the first journal with the question mark? Actually no, it was from a comment I hid on the wolfaboo myths stamp.
 Even if it was you, the reaction wasn't mentioning your name. And of course, you would probably have still started it.
The multiverse may or may not exist. And if there are other universes, I highly doubt they are like "other universes" you see in Saturday Morning cartoons. If anything, other universes would be quite different. 
Just because we can't see it yet, doesn't mean it's not real autoamtilcy.
And actually according to the multiverse theory, it's an infinite parallels of realities.
It's pretty much that 'anything you think about' is real in another universe.
Bullshit? Then.. where is your reliable link then?
What is real is real. BTW nice of you to cut out my whole statement.
Nope, because it's actually a very good question due to so much research, more scientific discoveries, and very well thought-out theories.
We don't fully know reality actually. Just like the matter theory, etc.

Popularity =/= science, observation.
"No culture in the world believes half the crap Otherkin crank out."Has nothing to do with 'science, and observation'.
That's just popular belief. Hence, why you depend on popularity.

"You mean like the Law Of Attraction? Yeah, that is total bullshit. "
One book isn't very good actually. There is a lot of evidence for it.
Maybe you don't really believe in real spirituality but here is why the Law of Attraction (Or better yet, 'beliefs create reality' sounds better:
The last link. If you believe his story, then clearly it would probably change your mind.
Prediction what you will say: "That guy's a liar".
No one really knows what the spiritual realm/afterlife/whatever you want to call it is like. But we are here in the Physical, so Physical rules apply here and you just have to deal with it.
Of course 'nobody' knows but that doesn't mean it's bad to practice the faith.
And while nobody knows, you don't know either, and it seems illogical to say "You are not a spirit, it's not true in the world, etc." when in reality, you clearly don't know.
Because when in the body, the soul is still there and so is the spirit. When you sleep, your dreams could actually be in other realities, a spiritual world, or yet, your dreams could create reality!
Even I have experiences that I have shared before.. Some of my dreams matched with a lot of future and 'past-founds' when awake.

So you think Sonic is real?
Well.. I have to.

Plus the spiritual world thingy.
And the fact that a 'mind' is real; he's obviously real in the mind the second you think of him...

You have already made it clear that you dont.
Anyway, if society was open minded, then more people would be less misanthropic, and more happy to be one. Good thing I believe in separated societies.

I explain this below.

Yeah, I think humans have human souls, and animals have animal souls. Souls are specific. If a human had a wolf soul then they would have the mind of a wolf, too small to fit in the human brain, which would make them mentally retarded. Oh wait... sounds like every wolfaboo out there.
 'I think'
And I already explained that:
"How do you know 'souls are specific'? You don't know that. A soul is just a soul using a human as it's vehicle.
And it could be that a soul can have memories of wolf, and if inserted into a bigger intelligent head, it would increase and still have memories but with even more maybe.
So 'mentally retarded' = wolfaboo now?"

Limits = Physicial.
Soul is always unlimited, the soul in a wolf is no different except at that time, it is using a limited body. Just like how a soul for a human uses a limited body.
If a soul from a wolf went into a human body and was able to 'remember' the past life, you would not only remember it, but gain other intelligence thanks to the new body.
Hell even we don't know how the brain works fully.
It makes the most sense.
To your current belief.
Not what I believe, but okay.
K. Your religion is different. (Yes I said that since you call mine a religion.
And these people happen to gather up on Tumblr.
Like that really argues your point. Are you 12?
Flip that around, then it will be correct.
You are still saying that 'Mentally Retarded' = wolfaboo.
Wolf brains are less complex than humans. So wolves are unintelligent and can not support a human mind or personality. 
Soul =/= brain.
And you do?
Nope, and neither do you. But you can try to theorize it, and have faith. I gained a lot that can make sense.
And of course, when I express myself, you attack me and force your unsure crap on me which naturally made it more limited actually.
You mean the Otherkin? Otherkin is a Special Snowflake Cult that most grow out of by the time they are 16. If you are still think you are a rainbow-puking pink unicorn past that age then you need to grow up.
 A 'Special Snowflake' term is the most immature term to use yet. That doesn't fucking exist, it's not a real word.
Sorry buddy, but it's a spiritual belief like anything else. The thing I have connects with a lot of other spiritual beliefs and other beliefs, and it makes ZERO sense to treat that as "special" when in reality, it's another belief based off carful research.
All you do is make things up and treat people like crap because it's now considered "off" in your shitty beliefs.
Maybe YOU are a 'special snowflake' for YOUR spiritual beliefs then?

Fucking asshole. -.-
But YOU want to be.
Even though you already have read the other. Let's say I did. Is that automatically bad now? Is that considered 'special troll term here' now? Is that a special strange thing all of a sudden?
Please provide evidence.
In the multiverse, any body and shape can be possible. And through the spiritual world and your spirit, you can be anything you want it to be when you die. You create yourself through the consciousness, etc.
Uh, what?
I thought you were acting like a soul is only religious?
Though I kind of am religious too but still.
Neither do you.
Of course I don't either. But you can still have faith, and try to prove it, like any one else, and hang on to the 'faith belief'.
An actual "100% sure" belief is impossible for humans. Even this reality could be an illusion, and I say that because there was some scientific research questioning it and leading to new things involving that. And of course, we don't fully know how it works.
So if you call me "delusional", then you are clearly pretending you know everything. But you don't.
Proving, you are an asshole even more.
Has someone been watching too much "Soul Eater?" Sounds like it. Besides, this is starting to also sound like Scientology. 
Heard it, but never seen it.
Scientology? Isn't that a cult that made people kill others? I don't see how this idea leads to that.
Therians: Otherkin in denial.
Whatever buddy. Not like that makes it bad (IT'S SELF, DEPENDS) even if it's true.
Though here is something:
To also let you know: I don't even go out and claim I'm "this". I'm the type of guy of 'could be' and 'want to be'. Which I think is a very normal part of a human mind, etc.
God is more so an interpretation of whatever the bigger picture may be. I may not belive in the Abrahamic God, but it makes more sense than what you believe in.
Like I said, you still don't know.
Calling someone delusional as if you know everything is pretty illogical. And honestly makes you an ass.
I never said the body and soul were the same thing. And I never said only humans had souls.
It sounded like you were due to 'similar' issues. Never said you said that only humans had them.
Events can both be completely random or influenced by other events. The universe is not fixed or a dream world. 
But do you even know what 'dreams' are?
Some suggest that they are alternative realities. In fact, dreams feel no different, etc. and that this place here, is all limited by beliefs just like how some dreams can be, etc.
Dreams are one of my favorite topics. :)
And for events, that could still be by a belief system in a way. Like dreams.
Did you make that up?
"Intelligence is Human" is made up. Try telling that to an alien in space with similar culture.

"A complex enough brain? Yes."
Humans happen to have a complex enough brain, while another species on another planet can have a very similar thing.
Shift? Is this more new-agey terminology?  
Your rude behavior toward "new-age" is very immature because you clearly don't know anything.
Maybe your stuff is some 'old-age' bullshit?
Either way, by shift, I meant that some animals can do stuff we animals can't.
That's why I said 'shift'.
Besides, do you even know what 'new age' means?
Depends on what you mean.
The things I have are not proven wrong.
Well you said you can believe whatever you want?
I mean you were making fun of me and saying something considered 'crazy' and you knew that, which you posted to make fun of me as if my belief somehow was "stupid" for the idiotic belief of "normal" or whatever the heck that is.
That is not science, it is all just a bunch of pseudoscience.
Actually it is. If it's not, then neither is that old age crap.
It's called 'theory' based off scientific experiments. And the articles did say 'science'. Are you going to decide now that they aren't?
I bet you don't know what science is. And yet, it's still an interesting theory that CAN make sense.
All completely unrelated things.
How is it unrelated?
Multiverse for example means anything is possible and possibly real; sonic is in at least one.. sadly.
Weird: Getting it off to naked kids or pretending to marry cartoon horses.
Normal: None of that shit.
That's only a belief of your limited beliefs and delusionary.
If I do believe it's real, then 'normal' applies to humans who have a natural ability of something.
You want to know what's a natural ability? Being different; experiencing freely, etc.
Your idea is based off popular delusional groups that bashes something different from one group to another.
Face it, "Normal" and "Weird" are just beliefs people made up to hurt others, etc.
I've noticed you always supplement the word "fact" with "belief"
Well the things I believe in, are more supported by evidence.
It's already proven that "normal", etc. is clearly just a mindset belief of others based off strange things.
Same with you
Maybe it's because my side has more support. Though I'll admit, it's impossible to believe in something 100% in this body, (Unless this whole other experiment) maybe?
It's called faith, and theory basing.

I wouldn't care if you believed in the limited version, but you attacked me for what I wanted to express for myself.
New drinking game:
Every time wwwarea says "belief:" take a drink.
Every time he says "soul:" take two drinks...
Really mature: *sarcasm*
Clearly showing you don't know shit about science, etc.
Rollin around at the speed of sound!
Got places to go gotta follow my rainbow!Can't stick around, have to keep moving on
Guess what lies ahead, only one way to find out!
 Heaven = Anything the soul always wanted.
I know you are making fun of me because of your limited belief that something is "odd" because people seem to think it's "bullshit" but that's not evidence of anything.
Did I ever say it was?
Considering the way you make fun of the sonic thing, you kinda do.
At least they have undergone years of testing rather than being pulled out of someone's ass like all the New Age shit. 
And how is it shit? All I see is an argument that changes life, and they make good points actually.
Just becuase you find it "shit" doesn't make your 'old age' crap true automatically.
It's an argument of our current belief, and seeing you say "NO NO, I CAN"TZ STNAZ NEW CRITICIZN LALLALA *Takes blue pill", shows that you can't take any new criticism.………
Again, New Age Pseudoscientific bullshit.
Actually it's a normal scientific argument that questions the current belief.
It's nothing special actually accept to the current belief that's also not 100% concrete.
You are one reason why I get afraid when people say "new age bullshit" when it's just some whiners with no good point.
Forced limited beliefs like that is what created limited beliefs on all people maybe.
I'm glad the truth is spreading thanks to the Internet.
You believe in pseudoscience, which thrives on popularity alone. 
The articles actually make a good point though. And by popularity you mean that the belief by experts and observation is popular, then that's actually one fair point to excuse.
And it's not based off "pseudoscience" science.
 There was a man who did not find killing a million people to be disturbing. His name was Adolf Hitler. People find things disturbing for a good reason.
That's a different thing.
The cat thing doesn't hurt anyone and is harmless (Unless you hurt yourself with it. And no, you are not always hurting yourself if you do that)

It is scientific fact.
"A scientific theory"
And because there is a lot of evidence that it doesn't really work like that.
In the 'matrix', we are believed that it's like that, and we created it. That's another theory though, but still saying.
Even if that stuff was "not" based off science, it's still a good argument that could be used in science later.
Matter is a fact. Atoms exist, particles exist, molecules exist. All of which have been observed, studied, etc.
No, it's still a theory because when we try to zoom close, we always see a space, etc.
Matter isn't fully explained.

(You really should watch the science video. Proving that it's not explained.)
Yeah, I covered The Law Of Psychological Tricks earlier. 
The book of FunnelVortex said so.
Sorry but there is a lot of proof for it still.
Just because you find it bullshit, doesn't debunk all that, and your suggestion kills curiosity.
There are some things I believe in that may or may not be true. And I do not force my opinions on to others, that is more like what you have done to my friend for over a year.
But you say "LoA" is bullshit" and use that as an argument. That's pretty much what you are doing.
What I do, is basing off experiments. I kinda do argue it because not only there exist evidence for it, but I've even had experiences myself.
Because they ARE Special Snowflakes.
Your first quote:
"You are honestly citing a tumblr user? No shit there is no disorder called Special Snowflake Syndrome!"

Now you say it exist now?
Either way, just because you want it exist doesn't make it real (term wise). It's nothing but an idiotic term made up by 4chan idiotic. Basing off Internet terms like that does NOT help your argument.
It already sounds worse than the over-used "wolfaboo" claim.
And depending on places like "tumblr" as a "therefor" makes you an even more idiot.

Are you a 4chan 12 year-old?

Here, let me make up a new term for you: "Special grey sonic flaky".
Stupid? Nothing is different with "Special snowflake" which is a shitty term to consider normal people as "weird" or "bad".
You seemed so sure earlier.
It's possible to choose in some terms. For you, it's easy for you to ignore me and stop attacking a way of someone lives, and their faith.
But you don't, it's so easy for you to let go of me and never mention me again.
You seem to have made it all up.
As if you don't make anything up.
And I don't think I did anyway.
I have not ripped on you for all your numerous typos and grammar/structure errors so far, so do not rip on one little mistake of mine. Speaking of that, the wording here was so ridiculous I had a hard time reacting to this. 
Then don't attack me for expressing and explaining why I believe in the spiritual world, heaven, etc. and spiritual theories, etc. Because while we all don't know, it's a possibility.
And clearly, Matter isn't fully explained, and evidence suggest that's it's all an illusion.

Did you know that you are not 'seeing' anything? You are only seeing in your brain and your 'eyes' are your tools that absorb 'information'.
It's actually pretty wacky, but if you actually think about it. It's really crazy! (for our current beliefs).
New Agers vary, but wwwarea is of the more dumb end of the spectrum.
Oh so you DO admit your unproven beliefs are "true" over me, and that my believes are somehow "not" true because you said so.
Fundamentalists are.
Probably. Depends though.
But religion it's self isn't.
It is idiotic because it has no moral, scientific, spiritual, or practical basis. No kind of basis really. It's all stuff people made up to feel good about themselves because they have no life.
Scientifically, "moral" is clearly subjective.
It does have science, it's based off a lot of ideas which connect with science, and observations.
It does have to do with spirituality, you don't have a right to dictate that it's not.
And LoA, and other things were practiced a lot.
Not only basis, but even more.
Nah, that's not true. Even if it's "made up", it could end up being true due to all the evidence.
I do not even know what you just said.
Being open minded with spirituality, science, etc. Leads to more possibilities, etc. And the stuff I defend, is one of them.
Even the spiritual world has to have limits. Otherwise it could get quite... scary.
And what the hell makes you think that it 'must' have limits?
What is wrong with you?
Your subjective beliefs of "weird", etc. DOES NOT make it true to everyone and the spiritual world.
I will say it but, your belief of that is very wrong. Clearly you are basing that off your biased self involving people you think is "weird".

God your very delusional.
You mean pseudoscience bullshit?
It's no pseudoscience bullshit. Considering that articles I sent, does talk about science, real observations, etc.
They are ideas (Like everything is) but based off supporting evidence.
Evidence is the number 1 source to attempt to prove something.
I am pro science. But I am anti pseudoscience.
It's actually the other way around with the word "science" and "pseudoscience" from you.
Yet, religion is based off 'pseudo' (It means no science right?), are you against religious people you fucking asshole?
Oh and spirituality it's self isn't based off 'science'.
But both can use science for it, including that other spiritual theory I have.
Also I have stated some New Agers are cool and rational. But you are clearly of the more rabid, irrational type.
Because I am a free thinker who is smarter to realize and connect to things?
I am not rabid, it's called being a free thinker and trying to attached with sense under the theories, etc.
You are just making things up out of your own head.
Says every rabid New Ager ever.
Not a good argument. Just because I am a "new age" in your eyes, doesn't mean I'm wrong.

That was the end of this one, guys. As you can see, wwwarea has a very poor grasp on science and spirituality alike.
You clearly couldn't prove that actually.
I'll stick with paganism.
Whatever that means, but I'll still stick with going down the rabbit hole, with science, etc.


FunnelVortex has no real credibility to anything.
Anything he thinks as "new age" somehow means "bullshit" in his eyes but can't really prove that.
New age people do have a lot of good evidnece, etc. But that person doesn't use credibility involving it.
He only says that because of what others think and that's it. Oh and since my beliefs violate his possible religion.

Basicly pretends he knows spirituality and that it should have "limits" for the non-scientific beliefs of "weird" and "normal", etc.

And thinks I'm "crazy" for having faith for what's actually possible, etc.

Let's see. If the multiverse is real: That means every fiction is real.
If the spiritual world is real; meaning; heart desire, similar to heaven; it can be anything it wants.
If souls and spirits are real, it could be anything it wants to be on it's self. Such as a form of shape in the spirit. Not so sure? Funnel doesn't either.

If heaven is real; obviously it means anything that fits with desires, etc.

And if that's wrong then where the heck is your proof for that?
No. It's because you said so and doesn't want it.

Because of all the evidence, the scientific theories, etc.
(Hell a theory based off ideas and such can end up being true because it still effects this 'reality'.)
I have a limitless mind.
Which Funnel attacks and calls me "insane", "loony", "rabid", etc. When it's actually called Open Minded.

If I had a mind like Funnel, I actually would need to believe things that were already proven more false, that isn't proven true, etc. And that would limit my mind, making me more dumb, and not open for curiosity.

My links:
Some of these science theories are probably what this so-called 'new age' people use. Theories based off science stuff.
It's a bit sad that our (or some) old age belief of scientists isn't as open to accept the possibility that the 'mind/soul' creates the universe similar to the black hole thing.
But it's very strong evidence if you used the idea, created a theory based off that, etc. Especially thanks to the observations of experiencing it. e.g. Law of Attraction results.

If it's not, well, your 'spirituality' is as much of the same, in fact. Probably less open.

Oh, this is interesting:


"No, don't be silly! Delusional!!! Your spirituality don't count, mine does. You are rabid, mine isn't. Man I love being a bigot."

And of course, these cyberbullies think they are "right"about me:
Clearly Funnel couldn't prove anything actually and I do not have a "poor" view, etc.

None of you can understand it however, and I bet all of you ignores the links JUST because you find it 'new age'.
And while you ignore them, you failed to disprove them, failed to give sources, etc.

Just fuck off, and leave me alone, because all you are doing is forcing your limited delusional beliefs on others. That's the hard code truth, and the other one is that you write this stuff because you hate me.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Small Thing - Wow
More proof of the snapshots thing.

REM's history here.

Of course, REM did reply to my last commentary (which was all based off something he started), I will work on that.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Dreams - Why are they so Effected?

I have indeed talked about dreams before, based off my own experiences as a gamer and such.

I always wondered about dreams, and I always believed that dreams take place in another area outside of the physical body.

I have had dreams where I've seen similar outside later. Lot's of the times, it's not exact; some can barely be exact and some can be more close.

More Effects

I've had more dreams (duh), and I now noticed more predictions kinda came to pass.
Now please note, as I said, these are all based off my own life. I like to share my own experiences as a very "different" person.

Banned Account
I remember on a forbidden website, I had a fight about someone, and I one time I was trying to get someone banned due to problems.
At one day, when I went to bed, I had this dream where my account has gotten banned.
But when I woke up, I was wrong, but the other person I've fight has gotten banned.

It's as if I was the person in my dream, like how you go outside of your body and transfer yourself (soul) to another body.

If I could remember, "I" (the person) had a panic and some anxiety in the dream.

Or this was a future of when my wwwarea account got banned months later. idk.

Future Fights with Jett
Well first not all readers know that that name "Jett" is. But it's a person who's been bothering me and talking crap behind my back, and expecting people to not listen to me.

Anyway, in this dream. Something was wrong with the profile of this guy, and a fight happened in the dream. Unclear now of what it was.

One day, he became some hater of something, and had something going on in his favorite gallery and possibly his own. Then we fight.

Movie Predictions
This is one of the most interesting things recently.
A while back ago, I think I've had dreams about the forth movie involving a series called 'Alpha and Omega', and some might of matched.. Even Lilly (Probably).

NOW the most very shocking prediction clearly matched something at least general.
It wasn't 100% a match, but let me explain the fact that in that dream, the wolves escaped in a vehicle from some people, and before, it took place by some man-made structure which I thought was some kind of abandoned office or something.

What happened in the movie??
There was a part of a movie where the wolves found this man made structure, and after a while there, the wolves and a human escaped in a vehicle. From some people.
In my dream, Humphrey drove probably. Sadly in the movie he didn't but the lady wondered if Humphrey wanted to drive...
Not only that the general thing did happen, but even the vehicle looked similar to the one in my dream (Or it was a vehicle near it, not too sure).
Not only that, but it was the same general time: Day. Even the color environment was the same.

Not only that, but for the fifth movie, I think I seen a river, forest, and a waterfall in that same dream (before the structure part of my dream?)
And of course, the plot talked about a 'waterfall', and a 'creek'.

I do remember talking about a dream about Lilly and the hopes that the wolves will meet humans and be nice. In the fifth movie, it finally happened (With just one though). However in the dream, I saw Lilly and Lilly wasn't in it. But that hope and wishing of the human thing worked..

The dreams happened months before the movie. And I'm NOT making this up.


So it's like you must trust your dreams sometimes because they connect with many results.

So why does dreams effect reality so much?

Well, has anyone heard the idea of the theory that 'YOU' create your own reality?
I believed I talked something like that in my other dream article.

Well, after studying, I figured that there is a state you need to be in, to help effect your reality faster.
It's.. IT'S.... theta.
Because the more calm your physical brain is, the more deeper you go to the being that always creates reality.
Theta is one of the most effected things that links to two forbidden powers:
Forbidden 2. Gaining information
Forbidden 1. Creating Reality
It is said that we already create it, but depending on beliefs, being in beta can be slow, but the more deeper you go from Beta, to Delta, you effect it faster.
Also, why do I say 'Forbidden'? Because I guess it's something the governments don't want people to hear. Or even the main media.

So the reason why dreams really seem to effect a lot is because when you are having a dream, you are in the theta state.

It's a theory. It's also said that 'beliefs' create reality. Try to get rid of limiting beliefs, and be open with your dreams more, and see what happens now. Not sure if that's a good suggestion.

So anyway, I have heard very shocking stories about this 'Theta' state.
Let me link to some, to what I believe connects with this idea:
Talks about theta.

There was also other info suggesting that being in the 'theta' state can really help you get outside information by using a certain technique that I don't feel comfortable sharing for personal reasons.

A link to subconscious:


Well, I think I'm done writing today. The idea of 'Theta' isn't very popular at this time.. Sometimes due to all the trouble I went through with terrible people I've seen through the Internet, I'm sometimes glad that it's not.. As long if I am in that unpopular area... :)

The idea of being awake and theta is also unpopular probably. Everyone gets into this state when they sleep, but being aware and still being in this state, can be rare.
There does exist ways to do it.
Look it up yourself because I am afraid to tell how for a reason.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Realism Doesn't Mean Better

 Inspired by a "Little" Personal Journey I've Had
This focuses on one example of a major problem.

If they go more closer, or don't bring back all the elements from the first movie, then I hope they get rid of Lilly, and maybe the other two..

I've been browsing some huge hypocrisy and claims that I've seen no evidence on around a movie called Alpha and Omega, and the worst part was that it was some fan, or fans.

I been one of the guys serving feedback by wanting the next sequel to bring back some of the styles from the first movie, then some other guy completely attacked me by claiming that "Your bias" (Whatever it was) and then act as if "realism" is better as if the guy thinks that he or she wasn't bias. Obviously the other guy who claim bias was bias, and since the first movie was all about anthropomorphism, it would be bad and unfair to the fans to change it to something it's not.

Worse was that he or she blamed the style for haters (Yes, actually respecting the bias reviewers) and blamed that it was the "style's fault" for haters.

How much non-sense can this get? This message was so bad as it was a deep negative energy effect on me and makes me wants to hate critics more.. Now let's analyze this whole thing and teach that critique isn't supposed to be bias.


First: Critics and users can be extremely bias in there so-called "critique".
Second: The main unfair hatred towards this movie doesn't look like it's because of the animation, more like the plot and the lack of things.
Third: Calling an anthropomorphic movie a flaw because it has anthropomorphism in it is like calling an anime movie a flaw because it has anime.
Forth: Like the third, you cannot bring out a "style", or any other "style/art purpose" in critique, otherwise, what is critique?
Fifth: This movie is not supposed to imitate realism, it's supposed to be a cartoon/mix, the animation was meant to be like that, etc.. I could of also swear that Crest Animation Studios said this themselves. However, I am not so sure. Anyway, calling that a flaw, is the same thing as the "Third:" reason.

As I've said, even if this movie got attacked by some people because they didn't like the animation style, then I will also need to let people know that many other styles got attacked too by just some people and some selfish non-critics (What's the difference?)
  1. It's also gotten attacked for the Art Style/Design of the characters
  2. It's also gotten attacked just because it was a love story
  3. It's also gotten attacked because it has wolves in it
  4. It's also gotten attacked because it was a furry movie
  5. It's also gotten attacked because they hate the jokes
  6. It's also gotten attacked because the characters 'didn't have enough'

I also like to note that many people hates furries just because they are different. So this as a furry movie would probably get bashed by some bullies just because it's furry.

I was so offended (Not that way) how that user just decided to blame the amazing parts of that movie just because haters hated it. The user also hates the style, so I'm guessing the user is extremely selfish.


What is Realism?

From what I can study, realism is about taking away all the new creative ideas, and it's hyper generic, even though some movies with "realism" can be indeed good. (Is SciFi Realism?)

But what does it mean to take out the "less" realism in Alpha and Omega?
Getting rid of all anthropomorphism, including the effects that does indeed effect the story (log riding, certain objections, certain love scenes, no dancing, etc.) From what I can see, since adding anthropomorphism means more, all I can see is a huge downgrade as it takes all the other creative stuff away. Furry/Anthropomorphism effects is not a flaw, as it's another style in art, and in the end, it offers much more creative ideas.. Getting rid of that prevents that, and that's not a good thing.

Not only it means taking out all the human characteristics, it's also about getting rid of the art style/designs of the characters, and getting rid of personality.
Yes, even in the sequels, they still have human characteristics. The way they have personality, and the way they express there faces still counts as "human-characteristics" I think.

"Real Wolves"
Real wolves don't have "games", "tree climbing", "human expressions/personality", "holiday expressions", "rock paper scissors", "dancing", "log riding", "certain objections", etc.. Also, they don't have a "alternative language" to English.

What "real wolves" do is basically limited stuff: Run, Walk, Eat, Make Noises, Hunt, Sleep, Howl, and some more. That's it.

If Alpha and Omega was turned into that, it would indeed ruin what made the first movie and some effects of the sequels great. Yes, the sequels still had anthropomorphism, but not as much as the first.

Everything would just be the exact same but in different locations maybe. Though even in real life, there is some luck, but very limited luck, and a different kind of brain.

Turning Alpha and Omega into "Realism":
 My God, stop ruining Alpha and Omega.


In the end, that website is indeed sloppy. Well, actually it's an area inside the website, not the whole place.
I see members being rude to the guy who types a lot, and when I be careful and learn, I have to say, the active members of that area/group is actually being rude, even though I have seen other people "attack an opinion" as well.. I see the person re-criticizing that, and sadly some members are probably going to act as if the criticizer is the bad guy.
I see the guy trying to explain, then another, no wait the same member, goes in, and refuses to understand that person (once more) and comment like an ass.

I did try to explain and may have did some "too far" messages but at least I can understand that I'm not the only one who criticize another opinion, unlike whoever did post hypocritical crap like the bias idea that "realism" is "better".
Yet that person thinks that "getting rid of Lilly" is unfair but "getting rid of the main theme of the movie" isn't.

What the flying god damn f**k is wrong with people?
Let's change Alpha and Omega into something it's not! But they better not get rid of my favorite characters.
Seriously, ^^^^^^ is extremely bigoted.

Why can't everyone be happy and respect other people's styles that may get added into the future by some company? It's very selfish to take it away from others.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Another Reason Why "Trolling" is Cyberbullying and Deadly

Well I don't know what the best thing I can say.. Trolling for fun in video games sometimes probably isn't that serious, but there are some trolling and other kinds of hatred that is.
It's not just some trolling, I think it's mainly any kind of hatred.

I was browsing around a website called DeviantArt and noticed this:
Note: This guy is pretty hypocritical about Animals Rights and other things but some stuff is not hypocritical I think.
And the claim of "offensive doesn't exist" is also not true either, I believe anything that hurts others is offensive.

If you read the info under it, you may find it shocking.. It's something similar as to what I warn. Maybe even exactly as examples.

What's this?
Remember when I yelled out that something was connected with suicide?
There is your god damn proof!

Hatred of any kind, will always be a problem, and always will be.
Also, by the way, Tuxxy is probably unaware that what he has been doing may be connected with this. Are you liking your own image Tuxxy?

Anyway, anyone who said negative speech (Mainly hatred of any kind) doesn't hurt anyone is wrong.
I have gotten a lot of anxiety because my own personality that's part of me has been struck. When I was threaten for what I liked, and others, I got anxiety.
All my fears and worries often comes true I think. It's a living hell.
Also, for anyone's information, "anxiety" is physical pain and trying to ruin someone's reputation (e.g. Trying to turn it all a joke based off bias feelings) is even more pain. Not just "anxiety" but can cause a lot of other destruction in real life.

I hate this world.
There are many reasons as to why I'm kind of a misanthropic and this is one of them.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Consent and Permission - The Only Moral Thing

Intellectual Property doesn't count because it's an illusion.

This is sort of (almost) the same as the Golden Rule.

Usually I have a sense of this a lot. Of course, nobody is perfect, forgiveness is very important and needed to also not violate this.

Anyway, sadly, the USA, and a lot of other countries are not only for this, in fact, if they go for other things, then there are problems.

I believe that if someone in a person's home consents and the other person's agreed, then it's none of our business.. The same goes for solo privacy such as the right to do whatever you want with your body; hurt it, move any way you want, etc, etc. Technically, I believe people have (or should) the right to even damage it. Including suicide. Because of this simple "moral" factor, I have to believe in the right to suicide, and other (possibly) dangerous acts of your own. When you are alone, you own your own body, and for the Golden Rule, you cannot prevent the freedom's of someone Else's body. It's not property to someone Else's but yours.

The Lost Balance
The Golden Rule and the idea of "Consent and Permission" is very simple. When you are somehow originated to this idea or you accept it later on, you may discover a balance, and in this balance, there is a line that if it's crossed, then the whole thing collapses.

I might of discovered something shocking but it may be a theory though; which could be untrue or not all the time.

The "theory" is that if there is any form of another thing except the Consent and Permission, then Consent and Permission is violated! The Golden Rule gets violated.

Example: If it's illegal to, say, flip your own self off whether it's illegal based off prejudice morons or "not", then you are prevented from the natural right to do whatever you want with your own body, therefor; someone violates your natural right to your own body. Freedom if violated.

Another Example: Say two people consent and agreed to do something, but however, what they do was illegal (whether based on prejudice or "not" of course) and was stopped and probably punished. What the two people did was not violate consent and permission, so there was actually no issue in freedom it's self. However, when they were prevented off of a whole different group (or one person), then they violated there freedom of consent. It interfered with what they were agreeing to do! Therefor; The natural right to freedom (part of the Golden Rule) is violated!

This is the problem if there is more than just "Consent and Permission" laws, because if so, then the high law of the world gets violated.
That's probably why the Golden Rule is consider "Gold" because it's like the main ruler. So it must make sense.


If I ever wanted to live on a good world with a society. This is all we would have at least probably. People have every single right to do whatever they want with there bodies, including the right to have freedom with another as long if the person accepts.. If there is consent of a living person, then it's none of the government's business or any other person's business. Our world would have no taboos, or no other "moral idea".. It would only be based off that very freedom. Even people have the right to consent into acts that may still be taboo here.
Would the world have a government? Probably not, I believe there is a better way.

Heck, as a deep thinker, I don't scientifically believe that "morally" exist; no such thing as Right or Wrong. However, I just get feelings for something that may be consider "morally".

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Originality Isn't Real

I remember writing all the time about how Originality was nothing but an overused lie.

Every idea that exist in this world, has always came from another.

What is Original?
To be purely original, you must make something out of something that no-one has seen before and guess what? That isn't even possible. Not even in the mind! In fact, even if you try to think of "nothing", you will probably picture a complete dark image, or a complete white image, and guess what? That isn't original either!

Everything we used, is made of something we already had. Like for instance: this post I made isn't purely original, it's made up of pixels that people already used. It's also made up of existing symbols, and so are the words on this blog.

Even this idea here, obviously not original. However, I love to spread the word into my own words!

You want to know the most "unoriginal" thing ever used on the Internet? Here is a picture of it:
Look around you, nothing is original! Haha!!
Psst, maybe I should Copyright the pixel, now no one can make anything for the Internet... Nah, just kidding, but doing so would prove that Copyright laws steal creative rights of others.

We all copy, every single second. Not only we always copy ideas, but even physical nature does too.
It's perfectly natural, we do it all the time.

It's possible to combine stuff and form it to something "new" as a result, but yet, that doesn't make it original and it's not anything different than when you create very similar results. While it's kind of possible to create "new" results, I see nothing wrong with making exact results either.
Yet, you need to have similar results to create cultures, gens, etc.

Everyone is always desiring to wanting to use something they love from somewhere else, so they can combine them into there own new stories. Also, this is why we have fans making new works of existing things, say Fan Fiction for example. Yet, everyone always makes a "Fan Fiction" of something. Public Domain or "not".

We always Copy, Transform, and Combine.
One of my personal favorites is this amazing video.
Edit: Another one of my favorites is this too. Edit done

Originality ≠ Creativity

CC - No-Derivatives Attribution
None of this can be modified, including deleting part of it when republishing it.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Maybe This Universe is All a Dream

It was said that everything is created by thoughts, and by beliefs.

When Dreams Effect Reality
NOTE: This is based off my own personality often too. Some might think this is "weird" even though everyone is normal for who they are.

Diddy Kong Racing

Some of my dreams seem to look as if they have predicted some kind of "Future", but what if I was creating it with the power of dreams?

So long ago, I had a dream about Diddy Kong Racing DS, in my dream, there were new areas (While I only had some possible flaws). One was set to be an area behind the Wizpig rock face, in the main Hub world. In that area, there seemed to be some kind of small area with grass, a small pond, a giant door, and a small yellow bridge. The area was small, and there was a yellow bridge over the water, leading right to a door, a big door.

In the other part of the same dream, there was some snow valley, with water, and a strange hole in the wall (Might of been a picture frame forming a hole) and I might of thought it was some kind of race area, but more of a special race.

In one other part, I could of swear I was in a completely different kind of Dragon Forest lobby, with a river with water falls, with doors leading to each course.

Perhaps years after having the dream, one of my friends showed me a video that was hard to find of an early version of Diddy Kong Racing for the N64. I have a feeling I might of see the video so long ago before the dream, but I don't remember, if so, then this could be why I had them, but I must be wrong...

 Matching very well... And in my dream, I could of known I saw small pathways (2 ways?) but it never shown expect for the map.

 This area... But with no painting/hole on the wall. I did say special race right? Your racing Taz or whatever his name is. As for the hole on the wall, according to a theory about this extended Hub area, there was a cave going through here, somewhere behind the wall I think.

Sadly, there was no footage of the third area, but there was a lost beta map found about a lost race map that had a river leading to an area with waterfalls, but it may have not matched that well.

Alpha and Omega 2

I remember having a dream that there was a trailer to a movie "Alpha and Omega 2".
In the movie, Kate was black colored, and I had no idea why. Later in the same dream, something was very wrong with there models, they were much more blocky, like they had downgraded the graphics!

 I had to use the range, because the second movie came out somewhere at the end of 2013, giving me different results... But before it came out, somewhere, I got these results before it did. It was a fan-made video. I sadly may have seen this before I dreamed about a "black Kate".
When the movie actually came out, the quality was down-graded! Somewhat similar to a downgrade I saw in the dream, or was the blocky models the "pups", they were more blocky.


I may have had more dreams that effected the future, but it's a little tricky to remember.

When The Awake Effects Reality

New Super Mario Bros U

When I used to be a Brony, I remember visualizing Mario secretly finding an exit on the New Super Mario Bros U game, at the secret world.

In the secret world, I imagine it as Equestria, colorful, etc. As some fan, I think I might of made it feel like some sort of "creepy"pasta story or something...

Anyway, many days have passed since that and then Nintendo announced a more colorful world, for Luigi to explore. Only thing mainly is that the world map was the same.
Also, the same level (Or near it) there was a strange path leading upwards (I secretly imagin the secret exit as taking a hidden pipe very high somewhere before I noticed this) but led no-where...
Anyway, Nintendo announced a new adventure sort of for Luigi! And the levels had colorful, new graphics, etc. Isn't that similar?

Meh, this isn't that good of an example I think.
Perhaps from a theory: "If I didn't have limit beliefs about "Intellectual Property" and possibly other, it could of been more matching, to a point that it really was the Equestria world."

That Bloody Rainbow Dash
There were times where I played this "strange" game, where She appears randomly on the Internet. She now does, a lot. Like even the focus is secretly on her somehow...

I remember when I was a brony, I actually liked Her and had a thing for her (I won't say it because of some dumb bigots complaining, and for my own safe reasons), and when I randomly searched her on Deviant Art, I got a "support ____ or be _____??" or something, and yeah, it was a match of what my "thing" was.. Wow.

Anyway to this day as a EX-Brony, She still appears randomly everywhere now. Even when I'm very far away on the Internet, looking up interesting topics about Lucid Dreaming.. "Weird" huh? I did say something like "Even though I am not interested, I allow it still", and I guess I got my results.

I'm guessing this has something to do with the theory of "Thoughts Create Reality". Though, I question that a lot on why a lot of stuff is less matching, if true?

I remember getting interested into what "Holophonic" sounds were, and there was a really good video:
And then really close to that day (I think it might of been the day after), we went to a barber shop, though it wasn't for me, it was for someone else... But isn't it interesting how I had no idea we were going to one and I had watched a video about one right before we went?

I think the reason why it worked well more was because this video creates "illusions" of sounds, making you visualize things much more real than ever!

But of course, it doesn't work all the time. I never went to it again after going to the video again, it probably depends on the "beliefs" about reality.

Besides, I can't remember if I ever showed someone the video before we went, maybe someone got an idea.


I think I had other awaken visuals and things has matched.

Sadly, I think the reason why there are mixed results is depending on the beliefs. The idea that beliefs create reality. It's a very interesting theory, and there are a lot of shocking results.

Often, with wild theories, dreams often become very interesting to me.


Perhaps, this is all a dream, a very limited dream.. When people dream, they get pretty much the same experiences in dreams. Sometimes you will have more possibilties, sometimes, less.
Sometimes when I lucid dream, I can't seem to do everything, probably because of how I'm believing in the dream. Like if dreams, are just parallel realities or something, then maybe if one were to altered there believes in this world, the same thing could happen like in possibly, other dreams.

Note: I'm not too sure of what I reported is the way I actually did. I just try to remember. Yet, these results may not (personality) be that good except for the Diddy Kong Racing and maybe Alpha and Omega 2 one.
I might of had more shocking results but it's hard to remember clearly I think.

Here is an interesting article:

CC - 3.0 Attribution only
Link is required according to the info from the Creative Commons website